5 Concerns You Must Address Prior to Hiring a Plumbing Company

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5 Concerns You Must Address Prior to Hiring a Plumbing Company No one likes having to deal with a plumbing issues within their home or business, which is why it’s so crucial to have a plumbing company ready to go when things get messy. But of course plumbing is a service that is never exactly equal in terms of business entities, and you’ll want to ensure that you’re working with a plumbing provider that is reputable and experienced. We’re very lucky to have partnered up with the highly esteemed Beehive Plumbing based out of Salt Lake City, Utah to help us compile this list of 5 concerns that you should think about when choosing your next plumber. By going through this list you’ll obtain a much more thorough understanding as to what goes into a plumbing company, and more importantly what differentiates the good companies from the rest of your local industry! 1. Licenses The requirement of having a valid license is something that should always be one of your first and foremost concerns when it comes to verifying whether or not a plumber is worth your time or not. There are always going to be some rotten apples out there who will advertise their plumbing services without proper licenses, so be on the look out for these guys be asking for verifications! This means asking to literally see a physical license when you meet them. Don’t be fooled by the amateurs out there, because unlicensed plumbers aren’t required to follow a set of standards that can protect you from low-quality work! 2. Costs It’s crucial that you ensure that your prospective plumber provides a concrete estimate to any and all associated costs to your home improvement project or repair job. You should make sure they’re not just giving you a base cost that could potentially raise exponentially, so ensuring that the plumber’s quote is for the full costs is important. You should also know if they’re going to charge you a flat rate or by the hour, and sometimes plumbers will charge both! You need to ask about these rates upfront to avoid being charged a lot more than you originally anticipated! 3. Companies vs. Individuals You’re going to more than likely come across the dilemma of choosing a plumbing company with an array of plumbers, or a singular plumbing professional who works on their own. When you go with a company, you should ask who exactly will end up coming into your home or business. Sometimes companies will send some people to get a quote and others to do the actual work, so in this case you’ll want to know the overall qualifications of the person doing the work prior to their arrival. 4. Messes! You should know who’s responsibility it is to clean up any messes within the work area, because this is something that sometimes gets pushed underneath the rug in negotiations. This is an important question to ask plumbers because you’ll not want to work with someone who isn’t willing to clean up after themselves! You should also know if they’ll charge you a cleaning fee or some sorts, because that could help you decide whether or not it’s worth your time! 5. Guarantees You should always have your plumbing work completely warranted or guaranteed, so just in case something goes wrong right after the job is done you’ll know you won’t have to pay anything extra. Sometimes your toilet will be “fixed” only to need repairs a week later, so make sure you don’t have to pay extra in this situation! There are a lot of issues you’ll need to be aware of when choosing a plumbing company or plumbing contractor, and if you have any further questions feel free to reach out to the experts at Beehive Plumbing for more information!


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