Miami Bike Trail Map

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BISCAYNE ISLAND SAN MARCO ISLAND SAN MARINO ISLAND DILIDO ISLAND RIVO ALTO ISLAND BELLE ISLAND SUNSET ISLANDS STAR ISLAND HIBISCUS ISLAND PALM ISLAND LUMMUS ISLAND DODGE ISLAND WATSON ISLAND FISHER ISLAND MacArthur Causeway Venetian Causeway B is ca yn e Bl v d Cr an do n Bl vd Co lli ns A ve W as hi ng to n Av e O ce an D r W est Ave A lton Rd M eridian Ave Jam es Ave Alton Rd 11th 10th 4th St 22nd 28th St Dad e B lvd Pr ai rie A ve N. Ba y R d Michigan Ave M er id ia n Av e 17th St Bayshore Dr 13th St 4th St SE 2 nd A ve SW 3r d A ve S. M iam i A ve Bri cke ll A ve Bri cke ll A ve Brickell Key Dr S. M iam i A ve S. B ays ho re Dr SW 22nd SW 17th SW 22nd St SW 12th Ave SW 8th St SW 11th St SW 13th St SW 15th Brickell Bay Dr Br ic ke ll Av e SE 1 st SW 1 st SW 10th SW 13th SW 1 6t h A v e SW 26th Rd SW 32nd SW 26th SE 8th SE 1 4t h SW 1 1 th SW 1s t A ve Grand M ain H w y SW 27th SW 32nd SW 37th Royal Palm Ave Devon Rd Coral Way Biltmore Way De So to Blv d SW 42nd Ave SW 57th Ave Hardee Rd Po nc e d e L eo n B lvd SW 40th Sunset Dr SW 80th St N. Kendall Dr O ld C ut le r R d O ld C ut le r R d Snapper Creek Dr Cocoplum Rd SW 42nd G ranada Blvd Dix ie Hw y SW 57th Ave Edgewater Dr SW 37th Ave Blue Rd Sa n A m ar o D r SW 100th St G ra n ad a Bl vd Ha rbo r D r Mashta Dr N Baysh o r e D r 20th Ter 21st St Biscayne Blvd N E 2nd Ave M id to w n Bl vd NE 15th St C ra n d on B lv d Espanola Way SE 2nd S Biscayne Blvd Sa n N M iam i Ave 41st St 38th St Bicentennial Park Bayside Marketplace A.A. Arena Port of Miami Children’s Museum Bayfront Park Mary Brickell Village Brickell Rail Station Little Havana Rickenbacker Causew ay Vizcaya Madonna’s House (3029 Brickell) Vizcaya Rail Station Best Lemonade Stand Kennedy Park CocoWalk Miami City Hall The Barnacle State Park Peacock Park Lowe Art Museum Cartagena Plaza University Rail Station Sunset Plaza Mall Matheson Hammock Beach Fruit Stand Fairchild Tropical Garden Venetian Pool Miracle Mile Collins Park Bayshore Golf Course LINCOLN ROAD M ALL Art Deco Welcome Center Lummus Park South Pointe Park & Pier Nikki Beach Miami Beach Marina Flamingo Park Virginia Park Crandon Park Fossil Reef Overlook Crandon Marina Biscayne Nature Center Yacht Club & Marina Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park Cape Florida Lighthouse & Museum Brickell Key Monty’s Holocaust Memorial Botanical Gardens Miami Ink University of Miami take Old Cutler Rd south to access the Everglades & Key West take North Bay Rd north to explore the lux mansions of North Beach MIAMI BEACH SOUTH BEACH MIAMI VIRGINIA KEY VILLAGE OF KEY BISCAYNE CORAL GABLES MAP NOT TO SCALE Atlantic Ocean Biscayne Bay (bi ke tra il u nd er bri dg e, ac ce ss to tra in sta tio n) (bike trail under railway between Dixie & Ponce de Leon) (trail goes under bridge at Causeway) (to Vizcaya: go through gate near Seaquarium sign) 41 195 395 41 1 1 95 1 195 305-604-0001 South Beach: 10th & collinS Downtown MiaMi: BaySiDe Market CAPE FLORIDA LIGHTHOUSE Ride one-way across the Venetian Causeway and drop off at either Bike and Roll location. © 2000-2011 Bike and Roll LLC SEAQUARIUM MATHESON HAMMOCK SOUTH BEACH VIZCAYA VENETIAN POOL BIKE SOUTH BEACH, MIAMI & THE ISLANDS! VIZCAYA, COCONUT GROVE & CORAL GABLES Vizcaya is a beautiful Italian Renaissance-style villa surrounded by 10 acres of tranquil gardens, shoreline, mangrove swamps, and tropical forest. Completed in 1920, Vizcaya has been the setting for many movies, social events, weddings, and photo shoots (and is next door to Madonna’s house). From Vizcaya you have the option to return by train (part-way) to Mary Brickell Village, or you can continue riding south to Coconut Grove, a lovely village with Banyan trees, chic boutiques, trendy cafes, and the famous CocoWalk outdoor mall. Past the Grove is a beautiful ride to the Fairchild Tropical Gardens – make sure to visit Matheson Hammock Beach, often called “paradise beach”. Return via train from the University of Miami Rail Station. If you are looking for a challenging ride, continue south on Old Cutler Road to the Everglades. THE VENETIAN ISLANDS Ride across six beautiful islands and enjoy one of the most scenic roadways in America. Built in 1913, the Venetian Islands are home to grand residences in picturesque settings. The bike-friendly road connects Miami Beach with the mainland and offers spectacular views of Biscayne Bay. The Venetian Causeway is a popular spot for jogging, biking, and boating. MIAMI DESIGN DISTRICT The Miami Design District is a fascinating neighborhood with over 130 art galleries, showrooms, stores, antique dealers, restaurants, bars, and gardens. Exploring the Design District is a journey of place, emotion, and imagination! Discover something amazing around every corner — a captivating piece of art, an exotic meal, or a piece of furniture you never knew you had to have. 18 blocks of world-class fun! LITTLE HAVANA Little Havana is the social, cultural, and political center for many Cuban Americans. To get a taste of the Cuban lifestyle, visit one of the many authentic Cuban restaurants, the El Credito Cigar Factory, Domino Park, and St. John Bosco Catholic Church. If you are lucky and happen to be in town during the Call Ocho (8th Street) festival, you will enjoy a spectacular Cuban Carnival – you and one million friends will enjoy an amazing celebration. Make sure you practice your Merengue and Salsa steps. SOUTH BEACH Day or night, glamorous South Beach is always exciting, and the best way to see it all is on a bike! Ride along the beachfront trail and enjoy America’s Riviera, filled with amazing beaches, beautiful people, great food, and culture at every turn. Experience the world- famous Art Deco architecture along Ocean Drive, take a peek at Versace’s Mediterranean mansion, visit Espanola Way, shop until you drop on Collins Avenue and at Lincoln Road Mall, visit the Bass Art Museum, Holocaust Memorial, and Botanical Gardens … or just relax and watch the sunset at South Point Pier. RIDING TIPS We provide free helmets, locks, and maps. For your safety, please wear a helmet while riding. Remember to bring your camera, sunscreen, water and a snack. In the event that you get lost or have a problem with a bike, call us at 305-604-0001. Please ride safely and obey the rules of the road at all times. Enjoy! METRORAIL If you ride toward the University of Miami and want a more leisurely return, you can take your bike on Metrorail and ride back to Vizcaya or Brickell Village. $2 fare. RIDING CHART from MIAMI BEACH from BAYSIDE Cross the Venetian Islands 5 mi 30 min 5 mi 30 min Circle South Beach 6 mi 35 min - - - - - - Jungle Island 4 mi 30 min 2.5 mi 10 min Mary Brickell Village 6.5 mi 40 min .5 mi 5 min Vizcaya 8.5 mi 50 min 3.3 mi 20 min A.C.'s Lemonade Stand 10 mi 1 hr 4.5 mi 23 min Coconut Grove 13 mi 1 hr 15 min 8.2 mi 45 min Key Biscayne Island 8 mi 45 min 3 mi 20 min Miami Seaquarium 11 mi 1 hr 5 min 6 mi 35 min Key Biscayne Lighthouse 16.5 mi 1 hr 30 min 8 mi 45 min Little Havana 8 mi 45 min 3.1 mi 21 min Miracle Mile 12.2 mi 1 hr 10 min 7.2 mi 42 min Venetian Pool 13.2 mi 1 hr 12 min 7.8 mi 45 min University of Miami 14 mi 1 hr 15 min 8.5 mi 49 min Matheson Hammock Beach 16.5 mi 1 hr 30 min 11.2 mi 1 hr 5 min Fairchild Tropical Gardens 16.3 mi 1 hr 30 min 10.9 mi 1 hr Deering Estate 21.5 mi 3 hrs 16.1 mi 2 hrs 30 min Everglades National Park 40 mi 8 hrs 29 mi 7 hrs 30 min Key West 163 mi 2 days 158 mi 2 days KEY BISCAYNE ISLAND Key Biscayne is home to some of the best beaches in South Florida, and the bike trails are a cyclist’s paradise! On the way to the island you'll ride over the Rickenbacker Causeway and enjoy stunning oceanfront views! Stop to say hi to the dolphins at the Miami Seaquarium, or visit the Fossil Reef Overlook in Crandon Park. Continue to Cape Florida State Park and roll down to the tip of Key Biscayne where a national treasure awaits: the Cape Florida Lighthouse. Don’t forget your swimsuit and camera! Boost your ride with an electric assist bike. VENETIAN POOL & MIRACLE MILE THINGS TO SEE by BIKE! ¶ Art Deco Welcome Center ¶ Ocean Drive ¶ Lummus Park ¶ Versace Mansion ¶ Flamingo Park ¶ Espanola Way ¶ Miami Ink Tattoos ¶ Lincoln Road Mall ¶ Bass Art Museum ¶ Wolfsonian Museum ¶ World Erotic Art Museum ¶ Holocaust Museum ¶ Botanical Garden ¶ South Pointe Pier & Park ¶ Miami Beach Marina ¶ Miami Beach Convention Ctr ¶ Venetian Causeway & Islands ¶ Vizcaya Gardens ¶ Madonna's House ¶ Coconut Grove ¶ CocoWalk Mall ¶ Barnacle State Park ¶ Merrick Park Mall ¶ Miracle Mile MIAMI SOUTH BEACH KEY BISCAYNE COCONUT GROVE & CORAL GABLES ¶ Bayside Marketplace ¶ Miami Design District ¶ Arsht Arts Ctr ¶ Miami Children's Museum ¶ Jungle Island ¶ Bicentennial Park ¶ American Airlines Arena ¶ Bayfront Park ¶ Miami Riverwalk ¶ Little Havana ¶ Mary Brickell Village ¶ Rickenbacker Causeway ¶ Virginia Park ¶ Miami Seaquarium ¶ Crandon Park & Marina ¶ Fossil Reef Overlook ¶ Biscayne Nature Center ¶ Yacht Club ¶ Bill Baggs State Park ¶ Cape Florida Lighthouse ¶ Venetian Pool ¶ University of Miami ¶ Lowe Art Museum ¶ Sunset Plaza Mall ¶ Matheson Hammock Park ¶ Fairchild Tropical Garden The Venetian Pool (closed Nov-Feb) is perhaps the only swimming pool in the National Register of Historic Places. Fed by underground artesian wells, the pool was once a quarry pit that was re-purposed in 1924. It boasts vine-covered loggias, shady porticos, a Spanish fountain, and cascading waterfalls that spill into a rustic lagoon with coral rock caves and palm-fringed islands. The Miracle Mile shopping district in Coral Gables offers exciting upscale shopping and dining options. You can return via train from UofM. distances/times represent one-way rides


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