Web Development Retainer Template

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By signing this agreement, ____________________ (“Client”) has retained ____________________ (“Developer”) to proceed with website management services starting on ________________, and agrees to the terms and conditions as set forth in this Agreement. During this period, Developer agrees to devote up to _______ hours per month towards front-end web design work. Work will be performed at the offices of Developer. Work will normally occur between the hours of 9 to 5 weekdays. Payment for these services will be to Developer at the discounted rate of $___________ per month and will be made for the following month no later than the 30th day of each month that this agreement is in force. Invoices will be submitted monthly. Developer services in addition to hours per month will be made available by the Developer at the rate of $_____ per hour and will be billed separately. Description of Developer Services:  For quick repairs, changes  Feature debugging  Technical assistance  General website upkeep The results of any and all work performed by the Developer for Client, including original creative work, will remain the property of the Client. Client may use this material in any way deemed appropriate. The work may be showcased as a case study or screenshot in the Developer's portfolio. This agreement may be terminated on ____ days’ written notice by either Service Provider or Client. In case of termination, Service Provider shall make a reasonable attempt to finish work in progress. _________________________ _______________ (Developer) Date _________________________ _______________ (Client) Date _________________________ (Company Name)

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