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over 150 Biers. over 30 countries. Welcome to our world of beautiful Bier! If you are offering a selection of over 150 brands of Bier, you have to believe Bier is beautiful and we do! Our robust selection is comprised of Biers from Europe's most esteemed and traditional breweries and from North American craft and mainstream domestic producers. In addition to our core lineup, we also have several rotating taps and a host of innovative, small-batch Biers brewed on-site to continuously bring you new and exciting products, including taps dedicated to showcasing local breweries. For us, Bier is a work of art and a labour of love and it's our passion. From brewing to storing to pouring and pairing, we're proud of the level of detail we take in each step to serve you beautiful Bier. We serve it at just the right temperature, in just the right glass, and pour it exactly the way it was meant to be poured. Paired with our from-scratch menu and guided by our knowledgeable staff, it's a journey that begins with great Bier and ends in an unforgettable culinary experience. We also proudly serve a selection of hand-crafted cocktails and new and old world wines, which can be found after the Bier list in this menu (naturally!). PrOst to all that makes Bier Beautiful! i NFLD 06.16 Prud'homme Beer Certificationis a multi-level Beer Sommelier program. All of our staff are level 1 certified and can guide your Bier and food pairing journey with us. ~ All of our knowledgeable team members are Prud'homme Beer Certified ~ Bier is beautiful. We're pleased to present our selection of draught, bottles and cans from around the world. You can learn more about each Bier by following the page references next to each selection. DRAUGHT BIER BRANDS PAGE 7 Affligem Blond Abbey Ale 12 Alexander Keith's IPA 1 Blackhorse Lager 1 Budweiser Lager 1 Coors Light Lager 6 Creemore Lot #9 Pilsner 7 Delirium Tremens Ale 20 Duchesse De Bourgogne Flemish Red-Style Ale 16 Erdinger Dunkel Weissbier 16 Erdinger Weissbier 15 Frli Strawberry Wheat Ale 10 Garrison Hop Yard American Pale Ale 12 Goose Island IPA 14 Guinness Stout 15 Hoegaarden White Ale 5 Hop City Barking Squirrel Amber Lager 7 Leffe Blond Abbey Ale 10 MicroBrasserie Charlevoix Flacatoune Ale PAGE 5 Mill Street 100th Meridian Organic Amber Lager 15 Mill Street Belgian Wit 14 Mill Street Cobblestone Stout 1 Mill Street Original Organic Lager 10 Mill Street Tankhouse Ale 12 Mill Street West Coast Style IPA 2 Molson Canadian Lager 2 Moosehead Lager 21 Mort Subite Kriek Lambic 12 Muskoka Detour ISA 12 Muskoka Mad Tom IPA 1 Quidi Vidi Iceberg Lager 5 Sam Adams Boston Lager 2 Sapporo Lager 2 Sleeman Original Draught Lager 2 Stella Artois Lager 20 Stiegl Grapefruit Radler 1 Stiegl Lager 15 Unibroue Blanche de Chambly Witbier 16 Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier CAMEO TapS Cameo [kah-mee-oh] I noun: a brief appearance or role True to definition, we have several taps that frequently rotate to showcase seasonal international, Canadian and local brews, including a tap dedicated to Quidi Vidi Biers. Why do we rotate? Because Bier monogamy is overrated. Do inquire what delicious liquids we're pouring and pairing. MILL STREET BREWPUB TAPS Our Brewmaster proudly brews numerous small-batch Biers on site. Tap in to the brewpub menu for our latest pours. Like what you try? Don't forget to take home a growler of your favourite from the retail shop. Applicable taxes extra. ABV percentages may change without notice. ii Biers in RED text are easy drinking, low alcohol Biers with less than 4.5% ABV. BIER INDEX. BIER FLIGHTS. NFLD 06.16 PAGE 12 Alexander Keith's Light Ale 4 Baltika 7 Lager 5 Bavaria 86 Red 14 Belhaven Black Scottish Stout 3 Bitburger Premium Lager 3 Blue Star Lager 2 Bud Light Lager 13 Central City Red Racer IPA 12 Central City Red Racer ISA 19 Chimay Blue Trappist Ale 19 Chimay Red Trappist Ale 19 Chimay White Trappist Ale 3 Coors Banquet Lager 3 Corona Extra Lager 21 Crabbie's Original Ginger Beer 6 Czechvar Original Pilsner 9 Delirium Nocturnum Ale 2 Dos Equis Lager 7 Duvel Ale 3 Estrella Damm Lager 4 Faxe Extra Strong Lager 3 Faxe Lager 14 Gahan Iron Bridge Brown Ale 11 Garrison Hop Yard American Pale Ale 16 Garrison Raspberry Wheat Ale 10 Garrison Tall Ship Amber Ale 11 Goose Island Honker's Ale 3 Harp Lager 3 Heineken Lager 13 Hop City Hopbot IPA 6 Hop City Polly Want A Pilsner 13 Hops & Robbers Extra Delicious IPA 7 India Beer Ale 11 Innis & Gunn Original Ale 3 Jockey Club Lager 8 Kilkenny Cream Ale 11 King Goblin Ale 16 Knig Ludwig Weissbier 5 Krombacher Pilsner 15 Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc Witbier 4 Kronenbourg 1664 Lager 18 La Trappe Tripel Trappist Ale 5 Les Trois Mousquetaires Kellerbier 4 Les Trois Mousquetaires Maibock 21 Lindemans Framboise Lambic 3 Lucky Buddha Lager 3 Lvivske 1715 Lager 11 McEwan's Scotch Ale 21 Melville's Ginger Beer 2 Michelob Ultra Low Carb Lager 13 MicroBrasserie Charlevoix Dominus Vobiscum IPA 8 MicroBrasserie Charlevoix Dominus Vobiscum Saison PAGE 14 MicroBrasserie Charlevoix La Vache Folle Imperial Milk Stout 5 Miller Lite 3 Modelo Especial Lager 9 Mons Abbey Dubbel Ale 7 Moosehead Boundary Ale 8 Muskoka Cream Ale 4 NZ Pure Lager 10 Old Speckled Hen Amber Ale 19 Orval Trappist Ale 4 Peroni Lager 5 Pilsner Urquell 11 Propeller ESB 12 Quidi Vidi British IPA 8 Quidi Vidi Eric's Cream Ale 3 Quidi Vidi Iceberg Lager 2 Quidi Vidi Light Lager 3 Red Stripe Lager 17 Rekorderlig Strawberry Lime Cider 19 Rochefort 10 Trappist Ale 19 Rochefort 8 Trappist Ale 8 Saison Dupont 13 Sam Adams Rebel Rouser Double IPA 5 Side Launch Dark Lager 4 Singha Thai Lager 17 Sir Perry Pear Cider 2 Sleeman 2.0 Clear Lager 10 Smithwick's Ale 3 Sol Lager 17 Somersby Apple Cider 17 Somersby Blackberry Cider 16 St. Ambroise Apricot Wheat Ale 14 St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout 10 St. Ambroise Pale Ale 6 Steam Whistle Pilsner 2 Stella Lgre Lager 17 Strongbow British Dry Cider 4 Super Bock Blonde Lager 4 Tiger Lager 2 Tusker Premium Lager 9 Unibroue La Fin du Monde Ale 12 Waterloo Traditional IPA 10 Wychwood Hobgoblin Red Ale 14 Young's Double Chocolate Stout 4 ywiec Lager GLUTEN-FREE BIER BRANDS 4 Daura Damm Gluten-Free Lager 13 Glutenberg IPA 6 Mongozo Gluten-Free Pilsner non-alcoholic bier brands 22 Beck's Lager 22 Budweiser Prohibition Brew 22 Erdinger Alkoholfrei Weissbier BOTTLE & can BIER BRANDS iii Biers in RED text are easy drinking, low alcohol Biers with less than 4.5% ABV. Applicable taxes extra. ABV percentages may change without notice. iv On the Lager Side (6 x 7 oz.) $24 1 Stella Artois Lager 5% ABV (SEE PAGE 2) 2 Sapporo Lager 5% ABV (SEE PAGE 2) 3 Stiegl Lager 4.9% ABV (SEE PAGE 1) 4 Mill Street 100th Meridian Organic Amber Lager 5% ABV (SEE PAGE 5) 5 Quidi Vidi Iceberg Lager 4.5% ABV (SEE PAGE 1) 6 Mill Street Original Organic Lager 4.2% ABV (SEE PAGE 1) North American Craft (6 x 7 oz.) $24 1 Hop City Barking Squirrel Amber Lager 5% ABV (SEE PAGE 5) 2 Goose Island IPA 5.9% ABV (SEE PAGE 12) 3 Mill Street Tankhouse Ale 5.2% ABV (SEE PAGE 10) 4 Creemore Lot #9 Pilsner 4.7% ABV (SEE PAGE 6) 5 Muskoka Detour ISA 4.3% ABV (SEE PAGE 12) 6 Mill Street Cobblestone Stout 4.2% ABV (SEE PAGE 14) The S'wheat Trail (6 x 7 oz.) $24 1 Erdinger Weissbier 5.3% ABV (SEE PAGE 16) 2 Unibroue Blanche de Chambly Witbier 5% ABV (SEE PAGE 15) 3 Frli Strawberry Wheat Ale 4.1% ABV (SEE PAGE 15) 4 Erdinger Dunkel Weissbier 5.6% ABV (SEE PAGE 16) 5 Mill Street Belgian Wit 5% ABV (SEE PAGE 15) 6 Hoegaarden White Ale 5% ABV (SEE PAGE 15) Don't Worry Be Hoppy (6 x 7 oz.) $24 1 Hop City Barking Squirrel Amber Lager 5% ABV (SEE PAGE 5) 2 Goose Island IPA 5% ABV (SEE PAGE 12) 3 Muskoka Detour ISA 4.3% ABV (SEE PAGE 12) 4 Muskoka Mad Tom IPA 6.4% ABV (SEE PAGE 12) 5 Mill Street West Coast Style IPA 6.6% ABV (SEE PAGE 12) 6 Creemore Lot #9 Pilsner 4.7% ABV (SEE PAGE 6) BIER FLIGHTS. From beginner to expert, we've lined up a selection of Bier flights to guide you to finding your Beautiful Bier. v Applicable taxes extra. ABV percentages may change without notice. Hand-crafted cocktails CIDER Mojito Seasonal cider, strawberry coulis and fresh mint. | 7 OZ. | $9 Bier Markt Sangria Frli strawberry wheat ale, passion fruit juice, red wine and fresh citrus juice. | 6 OZ. | $10 Margarita Sauza Hornitos Black Barrel Aejo Tequila, Cointreau, house-made cane syrup and fresh lime juice. | 1.5 OZ. | $12 Old Fashioned Devil's Cut bourbon, Angostura bitters, Demerara sugar and fresh orange. | 2 OZ. | $12 Negroni Tanqueray gin, Campari, Martini & Rossi sweet vermouth and fresh orange. | 2.5 OZ. | $9 Mojito Flor de Caa, Aejo Clasico 5 Year Old, fresh lime, fresh mint, house-made cane syrup and soda. | 1.5 OZ. | $9 Boulevardier Devil's Cut bourbon, Campari, Martini & Rossi sweet vermouth and fresh orange. | 2.5 OZ. | $10 Aperol Spritz Aperol, fresh citrus, Villa Sandi prosecco and soda. | 3 OZ. | $11 Moscow Mule Smirnoff vodka, fresh lime and Fever Tree ginger beer. | 1.5 OZ. | $9 Charcuterie Caesar Caesar, meet meat. We've released a barnyard on our classic Caesar to force traditional and non-traditional elements to reconcile: TRADITIONAL: Smirnoff vodka, Mott's Clamato juice, savoury spices. NON-TRADITIONAL: 10-spice rim and an artisanal charcuterie skewer: house-candied bacon, spicy calabrese sausage, smoked Gouda wedge & Markt pickle. | 1 OZ. | $9 Applicable taxes extra. ABV percentages may change without notice. vi COCKTAILS. BOOZE.WINE LIST.BOOZE A SELECTION OF OUR FINEST. VODKA 1 OZ Smirnoff $6 Iceberg $6.5 Ketel One $6.75 Grey Goose $8.5 GIN 1 OZ Tanqueray $6 Tanqueray No. Ten $8 Hendrick's $8 RUM 1 OZ Bacardi Superior $6 Screech $6 Flor de Caa Aejo Clasico 5 Year Old $6.5 Havana Club Aejo $6.5 Appleton V/X $7 El Dorado 12 Year Old $7 Lamb's Navy $7 Tequila 1 OZ Cuervo Especial $6 Sauza Hornitos Black Barrel Aejo $7.5 Patron Aejo $14 Canadian Whisky 1 OZ Seagram's 83 $6 Candian Club Chairman's Select 100% Rye $6.5 Wiser's Deluxe $7 Forty Creek Barrel Select $7 Crown Royal $7 Pike Creek Double Barreled $8 Bourbon 1 OZ Jim Beam Devil's Cut $7 Maker's Mark 46 $8 Woodford Reserve $8.5 Basil Hayden $8.75 Irish Whiskey 1 OZ Jameson $6.5 Kilbeggan $7 Single Malt Scotch Whisky 1 OZ Balvenie Doublewood 12 yr. $12 Dalwhinnie 15 yr. $12 Oban 14 yr. $16 Blended Scotch Whisky 1 OZ Johnnie Walker Red Label $6.5 Johnnie Walker Black Label $8.5 Cognac 1 OZ Henessy VS $10 Henessy VSOP $14 vii Applicable taxes extra. ABV percentages may change without notice. Wine list. 5 OZ. 8 OZ. 750 ML white GLASS GLASS BOTTLE White Zinfandel, E&J Gallo, California, USA 2014 $7.75 $11.75 $35 Chardonnay, Beaulieu Coastal Estates, California, USA 2015 $9 $13.5 $38 Pinot Grigio, Gabbiano di Castello, Italy 2013 $9 $13.5 $38 Dry Riesling, Inniskillin, Ontario VQA, Canada 2014 $9.25 $14.25 $41 Sauvignon Blanc, Santa Rita 120, Chile 2013 $9.25 $14.25 $41 Chardonnay, Sterling Vintner's Collection, California, USA 2013 $9.75 $14.75 $44 WHITE BY THE BOTTLE Pinot Grigio, Santa Margherita, Alto-Adige, Italy 2014 $54 Sauvignon Blanc, Oyster Bay, Marlborough, New Zealand 2013 $56 Chardonnay, Charles Smith Eve, Washington, USA 2014 $64 5 OZ. 8 OZ. 750 ML red GLASS GLASS BOTTLE Merlot, Penfolds Rawsons Retreat, Australia 2014 $8.5 $13 $35 Cabernet Sauvignon, Concha y Toro Casillero del Diablo, Chile 2015 $9.25 $14.25 $41 Pinot Noir, Mirassou, California, USA 2013 $10 $15 $45 Shiraz, Saltram Maker's Table, Barossa Valley, Australia 2014 $10 $15 $45 Valpolicella Classico DOC, Bolla, Italy 2012 $10.5 $15.5 $46 Malbec, Trapiche Broquel, Mendoza, Argentina 2014 $11.5 $16.5 $50 Cabernet Sauvignon, Chateau St. Jean, Sonoma Valley, USA 2011 $13.5 $19.5 $56 RED BY THE BOTTLE Merlot, Sterling Vintner's Collection, Napa Valley, California, USA 2012 $44 Tempranillo, Campo Viejo, Rioja, Spain 2013 $49 Zinfandel, Ravenswood Vintners Blend, Lodi, California, USA 2012 $53 Cabernet Sauvignon, Liberty School, Paso Robles, California, USA 2011 $57 Chianti Classico, Santa Margherita, Tuscany, Italy 2012 $59 Shiraz, Mitolo Jester, McLaren Vale, Australia 2013 $63 Pinot Noir, Cloudline, Oregon, USA 2012 $67 5 OZ. 750 ML bubbles GLASS BOTTLE Prosecco, Villa Sandi, La Gioiosa, Friuli, Italy $9 $44 Champagne, Veuve Clicquot Brut, Champagne, France $195 The following pages are dedicated to enriching your knowledge of Bier styles, terms and our product offering to help guide your selection. To guide your Bier journey and tell the story of our products, there are style and brewery histories, facts and tasting notes included in each section. Within each style category, our Biers are organized by their alcohol by volume content (ABV). We proudly serve 7 gluten-free brands and 3 non-alcoholic Biers. Gluten-free brands can be found in their appropriate style categories, and non-alcoholic Biers are located at the end of the menu. Our Bier Bible 1 Applicable taxes extra. ABV percentages may change without notice. Coors Light Lager 4.2% ABV | CoLorAdo, USA | 18 oZ. drAUght | $7.26 In 1978, this brewery was established in the rocky mountains because of its excellent water source. Mill Street original organic Lager 4.2% ABV | toronto, ontArio | 18 oZ. drAUght | $8.13 Ontario's first certified and Canada's bestselling Organic Bier! This was the first Bier brewed by Mill Street in Toronto's historic distillery district back in 2002. Mill Street was the first brewery in more than 100 years to brew in East Toronto. Organic Lager offers a light, crisp and refreshing flavour with a clean finish. Quidi Vidi iceberg Lager 4.5% ABV | St. John'S, newfoUndLAnd | 18 oZ. drAUght | $8.41 They say that "water makes the Bier." This is why the Quidi Vidi brewery uses water harvested from Newfoundland's icebergs, which are thought to be one of the world's purest water sources. Stiegl Lager 4.9% ABV | AUStriA | 17 oZ. drAUght | $9.51 The Bier of Salzburg since 1492. Stiegl means little steps and draws its name from the steps that lead to the river in Salzburg that the brewery was built next to. Blackhorse Lager 5% ABV | St. John'S, newfoUndLAnd | 18 oZ. drAUght | $7.52 Proudly brewed only in Newfoundland and Labrador. Budweiser Lager 5% ABV | MiSSoUri, USA | 18 oZ. drAUght | $7.26 Adolphus Busch emigrated from Germany and married Elizabeth Anheuser whose father had a small brewery in St. Louis, Missouri. The union laid the foundation for today's largest global brewer starting with the launch of Budweiser in 1876. LAGERS. The word Lager comes from the German "Lagern," which means to store. In the early days of Lager brewing, many brewers would store their Bier through the summer in the caves of the Bavarian Alps. These caves were cooled with blocks of ice taken from frozen lakes in the winter months. The long maturation over the summer let the yeast settle to the bottom and left the Bier with a cleaner taste and paler colour than other Biers of the time. These Bavarian Lagers were much darker than the golden Lagers that dominate the market today. These dark brown or black Lagers, known as Dunkel or Dunkles, are still produced in Bavaria today. Today, Lagers come in all shapes and sizes, from crisp, golden Pilsners to dark, roasted Dunkels. BLONDE LAGERS. in the early 19th century, Bavarian brewers began experimenting with brewing techniques that involved storing their Biers in cold Bier cellars for prolonged periods, using bottom-fermenting yeast. After an initial fermentation, the Bier would be given a second lagering period at a low temperature, and then would be stored in refrigerated Bier cellars. they could be kept for a few weeks or several months, during which time the drink would mellow and clear. on tap on tap on tap on tap on tap on tap Applicable taxes extra. ABV percentages may change without notice. 2 Michelob Ultra Low Carb Lager 4% ABV | MiSSoUri, USA 341 ML BottLe | $7.52 Demand for light Biers has been common since the 1970's, and this light Bier exceeds demands and expectations. Low in carbs and calories, Michelob Ultra doesn't disappoint those searching for this style. Quidi Vidi Light Lager 4% ABV | St. John'S, newfoUndLAnd 341 ML BottLe | $6 The design and location of the plant are deeply connected to the local roots of its founders. The newly reconstructed building, formerly the Cabot Seafood Plant, sits surrounded by granite cliffs at the mouth of the harbour in Quidi Vidi Village. Sleeman Clear 2.0 Lager 4% ABV | gUeLph, ontArio 341 ML BottLe | $6.65 From 1933 until 1988, Sleeman did not brew any Bier. At that time, John Sleeman decided to embrace his family history and rebuild the legacy of the Sleeman Brewing Company. Stella Artois Lgre Lager 4% ABV | BeLgiUM 330 ML BottLe | $8.13 A light Bier 645 years in the making. Imported from the Artois Brewery in Leuven, Belgium. Bud Light Lager 4.2% ABV | MiSSSoUri, USA 341 ML BottLe | $6 Launched in 1982, Bud Light was originally named Budweiser Light. It was brewed with the same demanding commitments to quality and freshness. In 1987, the name was changed to Bud Light and sales took offthe same year it started brewing in Canada. tusker premium Lager 4.2% ABV | KenyA 500 ML BottLe | $14.61 Dating back to 1922, this Bier was named after one of the brewery founders who was killed in an elephant hunting accident. dos equis Lager 4.5% ABV | MexiCo 355 ML BottLe | $8.13 Made popular in North America with its "Most interesting man in the world" campaign, this Bier has a long brewing history dating back to 1897. Molson Canadian Lager 5% ABV | MontreAL, QUeBeC | 18 oZ. drAUght | $7.26 From Canada's oldest brewer, Molson Canadian is the world's only Bier that contains the name of its nation within its brand name. Molson Canadian took three years to perfect and was first delivered to the market place on Monday, November 2nd, 1959 in a clear bottle. Moosehead Lager 5% ABV | SAint John, new BrUnSwiCK | 18 oZ. drAUght | $7.52 The Moosehead brewery was originally named the Army & Navy Brewery after its most loyal customers of the time. Sleeman original draught Lager 5% ABV | gUeLph, ontArio | 18 oZ. drAUght | $8.13 Sleeman has a notorious history and in 1933, their brokering deals with bootleggers like Al Capone caught up with them and lost them their brewing license. Sapporo Lager 5% ABV | JApAn | 18 oZ. drAUght | $8.41 The flagship brand of Japan's oldest brewery, founded in 1876. Stella Artois Lager 5% ABV | BeLgiUM | 14 oZ. drAUght | $7.83 Tracing its roots back to 1366 in Leuven, the Den Hoorn family laid the foundation for Sebastian Artois, who became the master brewer in 1708. bottles & cans on tap on tap on tap on tap on tap LAgerS. Modelo especial Lager 4.5% ABV | MexiCo 355 ML BottLe | $8.13 Modelo Especial is a Pilsner- style Lager whose original recipe was first brewed in Mexico in 1925. Over 50,000 bottles of Bier were served at the Modelo brewery's grand opening celebration. Quidi Vidi iceberg Lager 4.5% ABV | St. John'S, newfoUndLAnd 341 ML BottLe | $8.13 They say that "water makes the Bier." This is why the Quidi Vidi brewery uses water harvested from Newfoundland's icebergs, which are thought to be one of the world's purest water sources. Sol Lager 4.5% ABV | MexiCo 330 ML BottLe | $8.78 Originally called "El Sol" this Bier was created in 1899 and is claimed to be Mexico's first Bier. Corona extra Lager 4.6% ABV | MexiCo 330 ML BottLe | $7.52 First brewed in 1925 by Grupo Modelo, Corona is famous for its iconic bottle. In 1940, the brewer was the first to print the label directly on the bottle. estrella damm Lager 4.6% ABV | SpAin 500 ML CAn | $11.61 Founded in 1876, this is the oldest Bier brand in Spain. Estrella means "star" in both Spanish and Catalan. red Stripe Lager 4.7% ABV | JAMAiCA 330 ML BottLe | $8.13 With roots dating back to 1928 in Kingston, Jamaica, Red Stripe has long embodied the rich history of Jamaica: its spirit, rhythm and people. Bitburger premium Lager 4.8% ABV | gerMAny 500 ML CAn | $11.61 This brewery was founded in 1817 and after almost 200 years is still operated by the founding family. Lucky Buddha Lager 4.8% ABV | ChinA 330 ML BottLe | $9.26 Launched in 2005, this enlightened Bier is brewed and botted at Thousand Island Lake in China. Blue Star Lager 5% ABV | St. John'S, newfoUndLAnd 341 ML BottLe | $6 This brew is known for being one of the traditional five Newfoundland brands of Bier and has a dedicated following. Coors Banquet Lager 5% ABV | CoLorAdo, USA 473 ML CAn | $11.61 In 1952, Bill Coors was the first to invent a refrigerated truck that could transport Coors Banquet across the Western United States. faxe Lager 5% ABV | denMArK 500 ML CAn | $11.61 Established in 1901 in the town of Faxe in Denmark, the brewery was opened by Nikoline and Conrad Nielsen. harp Lager 5% ABV | ireLAnd 500 ML CAn | $11.61 First produced in 1960 by the same company that owns Guinness, this Irish lager filled a gap in the changing Bier marketplace in Britain and Ireland. heineken Lager 5% ABV | netherLAndS 330 ML BottLe | $8.13 Heineken was the first European Bier to be imported into the USA after prohibition ended in 1933. Jockey Club Lager 5% ABV | St. John'S, newfoUndLAnd 341 ML BottLe | $6 The label says it best: "An honest and uncomplicated brew." This Bier is a staple in the landscape of the Bier industry in Newfoundland. Lvivske 1715 Lager 5% ABV | UKrAine 500 ML BottLe | $11.61 Originally brewed by the Ukrainian Monks of Lviv in 1715. 3 Applicable taxes extra. ABV percentages may change without notice. Applicable taxes extra. ABV percentages may change without notice. 4 nZ pure Lager 5% ABV | new ZeALAnd 440 ML CAn | $10.17 This new class of premium New Zealand Lager is made with a specially selected yeast that has no additives or preservatives. Singha thai Lager 5% ABV | thAiLAnd 330 ML BottLe | $9.26 The official Bier of Thailand, Singha is named after a powerful mythological lion found in ancient Hindu and Thai stories. tiger Lager 5% ABV | SingApore 500 ML CAn | $11.61 Brewed since 1931, Tiger leads today's Bier industry with more than 200 quality checks during its 500-hour brewing process. peroni Lager 5.1% ABV | itALy 330 ML BottLe | $8.13 Francisco Peroni left the family pasta business to become a brewer in the 1800s and later launched his namesake Bier in 1863. Kronenbourg 1664 Lager 5.2% ABV | frAnCe 330 ML BottLe | $8.13 Kronenbourg is France's largest brewery and was founded in 1664 as its name suggests. Baltika 7 Lager 5.4% ABV | rUSSiA 500 ML BottLe | $10.17 Brewed since 1900 in St. Petersburg by Baltika. Today, they brew more than 30 brands of Bier. daura damm gluten-free Lager 5.4% ABV | SpAin 330 ML BottLe | $10.17 The Damm brewery is the oldest brewery in Spain and is noted as a pioneer in the art of brewing gluten-free Bier. Zywiec Lager 5.5% ABV | poLAnd 500 ML BottLe | $9.26 Brewed by Poland's most famous brewery, which was founded by the Habsburg family in 1856. Super Bock Blonde Lager 5.8% ABV | portUgAL 330 ML BottLe | $6.65 "Bock" is a strong Lager of German origin. This style of Bier was first seen in the 14th century in the German town of Einbeck. Historically, this Bier style was created for special occasions or religious holidays like Christmas or Lent. Les trois Mousquetaires Maibock 6.8% ABV | BroSSArd, QUeBeC 750 ML BottLe | $24.52 Founded in 2004, this brewery expanded from two to fifteen styles of Bier by 2008. Its owners focus on German styles with Quebec ingredients, including Quebec malts. faxe extra Strong Lager 10% ABV | denMArK 500 ML CAn | $12.52 Don't let this easy drinking Lager deceive you. It's smooth and sessionable, but will creep up on you quickly at 10 % ABV. 5 Applicable taxes extra. ABV percentages may change without notice. dark LAGER. Before the invention of modern kilning techniques all Biers were dark even Lagers. these traditional Biers have been replaced in many parts of the world with their more modern cousins, Blonde or Amber Lagers, but still have a significant place in the hearts of many Bier drinkers in the Czech republic and germany. this classic style is also enjoying a renaissance in the hands of many north American craft brewers. these Biers are easy drinking and refined, with a slightly sweet, roasted nuttiness. Can Side Launch dark Lager 5.3% ABV | CoLLingwood, ontArio | 473 ML CAn | $10.17 Side Launch brewery opened in Collingwood, Ontario, in May 2014. This dark Lager is a traditional Munich-style bottom-fermented dark Bier. Les trois Mousquetaires Kellerbier 5.5% ABV | BroSSArd, QUeBeC 750 ML BottLe | $24.51 Inspired by the Biers poured directly from cellars in barbarian Franconia. Bavaria 86 7.9% ABV | netherLAndS 500 ML CAn | $11.61 Passionate about their Biers, the "Manifesto" for this brewery was drawn up on June 8th, 1986. In it, they promised to always brew Bier with excellent taste, quality, character and originality. amber LAGERS. the Amber Lager was first introduced around 1840 in Vienna Austria by Anton dreher, the renowned brewer of the Schwechat Brewery. he lightly roasted a new type of malt in his kilns and was rewarded with an elegantly reddish new Bier style that came to be known as Vienna Lager. this technique was soon adopted by his friend and fellow brewer gabriel Sedelmayr Jr. of the Spaten Brewery in Munich, giving birth to the Mrzen or 'March Bier' style. in modern times, Amber Lagers are brewed all over the world, by brewers following the blueprint of this classic style to create wonderfully sophisticated Biers full of toasted bread and caramel notes. Sam Adams Boston Lager 4.9% ABV | MASSAChUSettS, USA | 18 oZ. drAUght | $8.13 This Go To Beer started it all. It helped lead the American Bier revolution, reviving a passion for full-bodied brews that are robust and rich with character. hop City Barking Squirrel Amber Lager 5% ABV | BrAMpton, ontArio | 18 oZ. drAUght | 8.13 Brewed by the Hop City Brewing Company, this was the brewery's flagship Bier that was originally brewed in their brewmaster's kitchen. Mill Street 100th Meridian organic Amber Lager 5% ABV | toronto, ontArio | 18 oZ. drAUght | $8.13 An American-style 100% organic craft Lager, brewed entirely from ingredients west of the 100th Meridian. Mill Street's brewmaster, Joel Manning, met the farmers that grow the organic barley in the Great Plains of Canada. BOTTLE & CAN on tap on tap on tap Applicable taxes extra. ABV percentages may change without notice. 6 on tap PILSNERs. the town of plzen in Bohemia has been making Bier since the 1200s and, in 1842, the Bavarian brewer Josef groll travelled there and tested a new Lager recipe. groll's new brewing techniques produced the very first golden, clear Bier in europe. this drink became known as pilsner, which means "from plze" in german. the town began producing this golden Bier on a large scale, with enormous cellars cut into rock for the lagering process. Miller Lite 4.2% ABV | wiSConSin, USA 473 ML CAn | $11.61 Known originally as a "diet Bier", Miller Lite was the first light Bier to enter the market back in 1967. It was also North America's first Pilsner. pilsner Urquell 4.4% ABV | CZeCh repUBLiC 500 ML CAn | $11.61 Pilsner, named after its original bithplace, Pilsen, and Urquell. In Czech, this translates to: "the ancient source." It has been brewed since 1842 and was the first ever pale Pilsner in the world. Krombacher pilsner 4.8% ABV | gerMAny 500 ML CAn | $11.61 The most consumed Pilsner in Germany, Krombacher was founded in 1803. A family-run buisness, the success of this Bier is often attributed to the pure mountain spring water used to produce it. Czechvar original pilsner 5% ABV | CZeCh repUBLiC 500 ML CAn | $11.61 Known as "Budvar" in the Czech Republic, Czechvar is a combination of two words Czech and Pivovarthe latter meaning "brewery." This Czech brewery was established in 1785. hop City polly want a pilsner 5% ABV | BrAMpton, ontArio 473 ML CAn | $12.52 Brewed by the Hop City Brewing Company, this Pilsner is the newest addition to the quirky, creative and well crafted lineup of Biers from this Brampton- based brewery. Mongozo gluten-free pilsner 5% ABV | BeLgiUM 330 ML BottLe | $10.17 The word Mongozo means "cheers!" in the language of the Chokwe people of Africa. Steam whistle pilsner 5% ABV | toronto, ontArio 341 ML BottLe | $8.13 At the historic "Roundhouse," which is the former home of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company, Steam Whistle has done one thing really well since opening in the year 2000. Creemore Lot #9 pilsner 4.7% ABV | CreeMore, ontArio | 18 oZ. drAUght | $8.13 Created to pay homage to the founders of the brewery and named after the pieces of land it all started with: "Lot 9." BOTTLEs & CanS on tap AMBer LAgerS. dArK LAgerS. piLSnerS. 7 Applicable taxes extra. ABV percentages may change without notice. india Beer Ale 5% ABV | St. John'S, newfoUndLAnd 341 ML BottLe | $8.13 Known as one of the "original five" Biers in the province of Newfoundland, this recipe has been around since the 1960s and has a very loyal following. Moosehead Boundary Ale 5.3% ABV | SAint John, new BrUnSwiCK 341 ML BottLe | $7.52 Produced by the Moosehead brewing company, this Bier was inspired by traditional English Pale Ales. duvel Ale 8.5% ABV | BeLgiUM 330 ML BottLe | $12.52 The name for this Bier comes from the local Flemish dialect, after a brewery worker proclaimed it "A devil of a Bier." ALES. Although the first incident of fermentation is lost to the pages of history, our favourite tale of Bier's beginnings is as follows: After baking bread, a young woman got caught in a rainstorm and abandoned her loaf of bread to the elements. When the woman returned after the storm, she found the bread soaked in water. After tasting the water-soaked bread, a mild sense of "happiness" came over her and the rest is brewing history. One of the two main families of Bier, Ales have been around much longer than their Lager counterparts. Ales are fermented with a top-fermenting yeast strain that usually performs well at warmer temperatures. This made Ale ideal for brewing in the days before refrigeration. Ales tend to be more complex and bolder than Lagers, and are credited with starting the craft Bier movement. BLOND ALES. Blond Ale is a wide category that encompasses both easy drinking moderate-alcohol Biers, and big bold high-alcohol brews. Many Blond Ales were brewed to compete with pilsners and other Lagers, while the higher ABV Biers were often also alternatives to gin, which was heavily taxed in Belgium. these Biers are as varied as the brewers that produce them. Leffe Blond Abbey Ale 6.6% ABV | BeLgiUM | 14 oZ. drAUght | $7.83 From one of Belgium's most highly regarded Abbey breweries, its recipe, now rich with nearly 800 years of brewing tradition, dates back to 1240. Affligem Blond Abbey Ale 6.8% ABV | BeLgiUM | 9 oZ. drAUght | $7.83 This Bier originated in the oldest Abbey in Flanders, dating back to 1074. More than a millenium later, the tradition continues with the monks still responsible for production. delirium tremens Ale 8.5% ABV | BeLgiUM | 12 oZ. drAUght | $10.49 A new dawn arose for the Huyghe Brewery in 1989 with the arrival of this Ale, whose name is Latin for "Trembling Madness." The "Brotherhood of the Pink Elephant" now promotes this Bier on the global stage. BOTTLEs on tap on tap on tap Applicable taxes extra. ABV percentages may change without notice. 8 FARMHOUSE / Saison AleS. there are a number of stories about where the farmhouse/Saison style came from, many claiming that Saisons originated with the farmhouse brewers of Southern Belgium. these Biers come from a time when farmhands were frequently given a daily ration of Bier to help them through the day's hard labour. dry, spicy, and refreshing, this formerly obscure classic style has recently attained a surge of popularity in north America and is now produced by many brewers in the United States and Canada. BOTTLES MicroBrasserie Charlevoix dominus Vobiscum Saison 6% ABV | ChArLeVoix, QUeBeC | 750 ML BottLe | $32 The Saison Bier style was historically a Pale Ale brewed in the fall or winter months and stored for drinking in the summer months. Saison dupont 6.5% ABV | BeLgiUM | 330 ML BottLe | $16.04 Dating back to a working farm in 1759, Belgium's Brasserie Dupont brews this Farmhouse Ale that has become an international favourite. CREAM ALES. the Cream Ale is originally said to be an "American style of Bier," but during prohibition in the USA, Canadian brewers began experimenting with this Bier style. Canadian brewers adjusted and refined the style and post-prohibition it became quite popular in both the American and Canadian markets. this unique brew can be made with either an Ale or Lager yeast and often goes through cold-conditioning or lagering to create a cleaner and less fruity flavor. Can & BOTTLEs Kilkenny Cream Ale 4.5% ABV | ireLAnd | 500 ML CAn | $11.61 Kilkenny has friends in high places. Now brewed by Guinness in Ireland, it originated at Ireland's oldest brewery, Smithwick's. The Bier is older than some countries, with a heritage dating back to the 14th century. For a long time, Dubliner Pub in Washington, D.C. was the only place in the United States that carried it. Muskoka Cream Ale 5% ABV | BrACeBridge, ontArio | 341 ML BottLe | $8.13 This flagship Bier has been a signature brand of the Muskoka brewery since 1996. This gold-medal winning Cream Ale is the "quintessential taste of cottage country." Quidi Vidi eric's Cream Ale 5% ABV | St. John'S, newfoUndLAnd | 341 ML BottLe | $8.13 Quidi Vidi Brewing Company Limited (QV) was established in 1996. QV is a Newfoundland-based independent brewing company focused on producing world-class quality Biers for the mainstream, specialty, and now premium segments of the Bier market. BLond ALeS. CreAM ALeS.fArMhoUSe/SAiSon. 9 Applicable taxes extra. ABV percentages may change without notice. STRONG DARK ALES. this is a broad designation assigned to a group of robust, high ABV Biers ranging from 6.5% to 11%. Most Biers in this style are produced in Belgium or in craft breweries in north America. Many of the Biers represented in this category are brewed in the classic Belgian style and hail from some of the most acclaimed abbeys, monasteries and historic breweries in the world! these Biers are bold and complex and often showcase aromas of dark fruit. BOTTLEs delerium nocturnum Ale 8.5% ABV | BeLgiUM | 330 ML BottLe | $14.61 Delirium Nocturnum translates from Latin as "Night Madness," emphasizing the "darkness" of this Belgian Strong Ale. Unibroue La fin du Monde Ale 9% ABV | ChAMBLy, QUeBeC | 341 ML BottLe | $8.13 La Fin du Monde was developed through 18 months of research on a unique strain of yeast originating from Europe. It is brewed in honor of the intrepid European explorers who believed they had reached the "end of the world" when they discovered North America, "the new world". This tripel-style golden Ale recreates the style of Bier originally developed in the Middle Ages by Trappist monks for special occasions and, as such, it was the first of its kind to be brewed in North America. Dubbel. Mons Abbey dubbel Ale 8.5% ABV | BeLgiUM | 750 ML BottLe | $28.04 The name Mons was inspired by its namesake city in Belgium where brewmaster Jean-Louis Marcoux was born. Applicable taxes extra. ABV percentages may change without notice. 10 Pale/Amber/Red Ales. Like many Bier styles, pale Ale resulted from an innovation in brewing technology. the brewers in Burton-on-trent in england were looking for a way to produce a more consistent and paler Bier. the kilns of the time used wood, which was difficult to control and often resulted in dark roasted or even scorched barley. they found that coke, a processed form of coal that burns hot and steady, gave them the desired effect a clear, amber or copper-coloured Ale. Mill Street tankhouse Ale 5.2% ABV | toronto, ontArio | 18 oZ. drAUght | 40 iBU | $8.13 A Mill Street original, earning its name from the historic Distillery District building in which it was first brewed, "Tankhouse #3." It was built in 1879 as a storage building for bulk spirits waiting to be put into barrels. garrison hop yard American pale Ale 5.5% ABV | hALifAx, noVA SCotiA | 15 oZ. drAUght | 40 iBU | $9.25 East Coast barley meets West Coast hops in this bi-coastal American Pale Ale with citrusy, floral aromas and a crisp, dry finish. MicroBrasserie Charlevoix flacatoune Ale 7% ABV | ChArLeVoix, QUeBeC | 12 oZ. drAUght | 22 iBU | $7.26 Located along the North Shore of the St. Lawrence River in Baie-Saint-Paul, MicroBrasserie Charlevoix has been brewing imaginative Biers since 1998. BOTTLES & CANS Smithwick's Ale 4.5% ABV | ireLAnd 500 ML CAn | $11.61 Founded in 1710 and brewed in Kilkenny, Ireland, this Red Ale was origanally brewed to compete in the first ever Kilkenny Bier Festival. garrison tall Ship Amber Ale 5% ABV | hALifAx, noVA SCotiA 341 ML BottLe | $8.13 Brewed with East Coat adventure, craft, pride and independence, this Bier delivers on true refreshment with an easy-going style. Drop anchor, hoist a glass and launch into one! old Speckled hen Amber Ale 5% ABV | engLAnd 500 ML CAn | $11.61 Designed to be a celebration Bier of the 50th anniversary of MG cars in England, this is an iconic Bier in the UK. St. Amboise pale Ale 5% ABV | MontreAL, QUeBeC 473 ML CAn | $11.61 This is the Bier that put the McAuslan Brewery on the map in the craft brewing industry in Canada back in 1989. wychwood hobgoblin red Ale 5.2% ABV | engLAnd 500 ML BottLe | $11.61 In 1996, Hobgoblin was the first Bier in the UK to have a pictorial front label on their Bier. The brewery's unique and quirky labels appealed to a younger drinker and gave the brand great recognition. on tap on tap on tap Strong dArK ALeS. pALe/AMBer/red ALeS. dUBBeL. 11 Applicable taxes extra. ABV percentages may change without notice. garrison hop yard American pale Ale 5.3% ABV | hALifAx, noVA SCotiA 341 ML BottLe | $8.13 Brewing only all-natural and preservative-free Ales, the Garrison brewery was established in 1997 and is a pillar in the craft Bier industry in Halifax. innis & gunn original Ale 6.6% ABV | SCotLAnd 330 ML BottLe | $10.17 This amazing Ale is thanks to a whisky producer who enlisted the Brewer in an effort to season his spirits with the flavour of a hearty Bier. King goblin Ale 6.6% ABV | engLAnd 500 ML BottLe | $11.61 The Wychwood Brewery is tucked away in the town of Witney, in the heart of the Cotswolds that is famous for its bread, blankets and Bier. Brewing has taken place for centuries here and King Goblin, one of its treasured Biers, is brewed only on a Full Lunar Moon. Mcewan's Scotch Ale 8% ABV | SCotLAnd 330 ML BottLe | $8.13 Founded in Edinburgh in 1856 by William McEwan, the brewery was the largest single-ownership brewery in the UK by 1889, producing two million barrels per year. Today, McEwan's is known as Scotland's best known and loved Bier. ESB stands for extra Special Bitter and is a style of traditional British Ale. Although the word bitter appears in the name, eSBs are usually very well-balanced and not particularly bitter. BOTTLE & can goose island honker's Ale 4.3% ABV | iLLinoiS, USA | 473 ML CAn | 30 iBU | $11.61 During a trip to Europe, founder John Hall was impressed with the local Bier. Upon coming home to Chicago he had the inspiration needed to become a craft Bier pioneer. propeller eSB 5% ABV | hALifAx, noVA SCotiA | 341 ML BottLe | 30 iBU | $7.52 The Propeller Brewing Company was opened in 1997 after founder John Allen changed careers from prop master in the film industry to brewer. Applicable taxes extra. ABV percentages may change without notice. 12 Alexander Keith's Light Ale 4% ABV | hALifAx, noVA SCotiA 341 ML BottLe | $6 Brewed perfectly to reflect a time-honoured tradition, this true light Ale is an extension of the Keith's family. Central City red racer iSA 4% ABV | SUrrey, BC 473 ML CAn | 40 iBU | $11.61 This brewery is known for "being the best, not the biggest" and has a cult-like following for their Red Racer Biers. Quidi Vidi British ipA 5% ABV | St. John'S, newfoUndLAnd 341 ML BottLe | 40 iBU | $6.65 The design and location of the plant are deeply connected to the local roots of its founders. The newly reconstructed building, formerly the Cabot Seafood Plant, sits surrounded by granite cliffs at the mouth of the harbour in Quidi Vidi Village. waterloo traditional ipA 5.2% ABV | wAterLoo, ontArio 473 ML CAn | 35 iBU | $11.61 Ontario's original craft brewery. INDIA PALE ALES. in order to provide Bier to British soldiers stationed in Bombay, india, in the late 1700s, the brewer george hodgson decided to create a Bier to weather the sea voyage. george increased the hop (a natural preservative) content in the pale Ale, which he knew would help the Bier in transit. he also understood the impact of increased alcohol as a preservative and brewed his Bier accordingly to accommodate the long journey. iBUs (international Bittering Units) are also used to describe these Biers. this scale is based on the bitterness of Bier upon completion of aging and ranges from 0 to 100. Muskoka detour iSA 4.3% ABV | BrACeBridge, ontArio | 38 iBU | 15 oZ. drAUght | $9.82 Brewing since 1996, Muskoka Brewery takes a left turn from the traditional IPA with this "India Session Ale." This style is meant to have the flavour of an American-style IPA but at a more "sessionable" ABV. Alexander Keith's ipA 5% ABV | hALifAx, noVA SCotiA | 17 iBU | 18 oZ. drAUght | $7.83 When Alexander Keith was 17, his father sent him to his uncle's in Northern England to learn the art of brewing. Five years later, in 1817, he emigrated from Scotland to Nova Scotia and in 1820 he founded the Keith's Brewery in Halifax. goose island ipA 5.9% ABV | iLLinoiS, USA | 55 iBU | 18 oZ. drAUght | $8.13 Goose Island founder, John Hall, opened the Clynourn Brewpub in Lincoln Park in Chicago, Illinois in 1988. It remains in its same location today. Goose Island proudly uses an interesting array of hops, including a unique lot from Elk Mountain Farms, a 1700-acre hop heaven in Idaho. Muskoka Mad tom ipA 6.4% ABV | BrACeBridge, ontArio | 64 iBU | 15 oZ. drAUght | $9.82 From a brewery nestled in the heart of Muskoka and inspired by the cottage country campfire stories of Tom Thompson, a treasured artist whose death is a mysteryhis body was found in a canoe and buried before an investigation. Mill Street west Coast Style ipA 6.6% ABV | toronto, ontArio | 87 iBU | 18 oZ. drAUght | $8.13 This brand new brew is made with three different types of hops and has a true-to-style tropical fruitiness that will keep you coming back for more. bottles & cans on tap on tap on tap on tap on tap eSB. indiA pALe ALeS. 13 Applicable taxes extra. ABV percentages may change without notice. glutenberg ipA 5.7% ABV | MontreAL, QUeBeC 473 ML CAn | 70 iBU | $12.52 With the goal to brew a great gluten-free Bier that tasted good, this brewery opened its doors in July, 2011. Within a year, they had won gold, silver and bronze medals in the "Gluten-free Bier category" at the World Bier Cup. hops & robbers extra delicious ipA 5.7% ABV | toronto, ontArio 473 ML CAn | 50 iBU | $11.61 Co-founded by two university buddies and a friend who created labels for their playful brands. They commissioned well-known Toronto brewer Paul Dickey to develop the recipes, making these craft Biers local favourites. Central City red racer ipA 6.5% ABV | SUrrey, BC 473 ML CAn | 80 iBU | $11.61 Brewing since 2003, Central City has maintained a focus on being the best and not the biggest. Sam Adams rebel rouser double ipA 6.5% ABV | MASSAChUSetteS, U.S.A. 355 ML BottLe | 45 iBU | $10.17 Jim Koch chose to leave the brewing buisness not aware that his future career lay in the bottom of a trunk in his parent's attic. He found five generations of Bier recipies and family history hidden away in 1984 and at that time, Samuel Adams brewerey brewed its first Bier. hop City hopbot ipA 7.1% ABV | BrAMpton, ontArio 341 ML BottLe | 70 iBU | $8.13 Brewing "Craft Bier with attitude," this west coast-style Pale Ale is brewed with five different kinds of hops and packs a citrus punch. MicroBrasserie Charlevoix dominus Vobiscum Lupulus ipA 10% ABV | ChArLeVoix, QUeBeC 750 ML BottLe | 70 iBU | $32 In the heart of Baie-Saint Paul, brewers inspired by the traditional Belgian methods of brewing have been crafting "Dominus Vobiscum" specialty Biers since 1998. Applicable taxes extra. ABV percentages may change without notice. 14 STOUTS / PORTERS / BROWN ALES. the name porter was first used in the 18th century because of this style of Bier's popularity with dock and hotel porters. originally created from a blend of Brown Ale, pale Ale and "stale," or well-matured Brown Ale, porter has gone through many style and colour transitions over the years but has come to be known as a dark brown to black Bier with a nice roasted malt character. the term Stout was applied to stronger, darker versions. Stout flooded into ireland from London and Bristol when a dublin brewer named Arthur guinness decided to fashion his own interpretation by blending porter with some unmalted roasted barley, and in so doing produced a style known as dry irish Stout. guinness Stout 4.2% ABV | ireLAnd | 18 oZ. drAUght | $8.41 The world's best selling Stout has been brewed in Dublin at the St. James Gate brewery since the early 19th century. Pouring over 2 million pints a day worldwide, each with 300,000,000 tiny cascading bubbles, it is well worth the 119.5 second wait for the perfect pint. Mill Street Cobblestone Stout 4.2% ABV | toronto, ontArio. | 18 oZ. drAUght | $8.13 A favourite of the Mill Street brewmaster, Joel Manning, this Bier is a traditional Irish-style Stout, brewed with the use of a mix of flaked wheat, roasted barley and imported nugget bittering hops to dry out the finish of this Ale. This Bier pays homage to the cobblestone streets of its birth place, the Toronto Distillery District. bottles & cans Belhaven Black Scottish Stout 4.2% ABV | SCotLAnd 440 ML CAn | $11.61 This proud Scottish Stout was awarded "Best British Style" at the Hong Kong International Bier Awards in 2010. St. Ambroise oatmeal Stout 5% ABV | MontrAL, QUeBeC 473 ML CAn | $11.61 This brewery was launched in 1989 and is located in the Saint-Henri district of Montreal. The name of this brewery (McAuslan) and the name of its flagship lineup (St-Ambroise) is a hybrid of the founder's last name and the street it's located on. young's double Chocolate Stout 5% ABV | engLAnd 500 ML BottLe | $20 The Young's Ram Brewery has been continuously brewing Bier in Wandsworth since 1581, which makes it the oldest brewing site in Britain. gahan iron Bridge Brown Ale 5.3% ABV | ChArLottetown, pei 500 ML BottLe | $13.49 Established in 1997, the Prince Edward Island Brewing Co. have proven themselves to be a player in the Canadian and international craft market place. MicroBrasserie Charlevoix La Vache folle imperial Milk Stout 9% ABV | QUeBeC 500 ML BottLe | $18 This Bier presents an intense aroma of roasted malts, coffee, middly bitter chocolate and burnt caramel, balanced by its lactose content. on tap on tap StoUtS/porterS/ Brown ALeS. 15 Applicable taxes extra. ABV percentages may change without notice. WHEAT BIERS. Wheat Biers are traditionally part of the Ale family, but unlike most other Biers, they have a grain base largely made up of malted and/or unmalted wheat. Fermented with specific strains of Wheat Bier yeast, these Biers can range from pale, light and fruity, to dark, bold and spicy. WITBIERs. witbiers are usually brewed with a minimum of 30% malted wheat. the rest of the malt bill can include barley, malted and unmalted wheat. they are almost always bottle-conditioned. orange peel and coriander are staple ingredients, to which brewers often add a secret spice. frli Strawberry wheat Ale 4.1% ABV | BeLgiUM | 11 oZ. drAUght | $7.83 Frli is a unique blend of high-quality, lightly hopped Belgian White Bier and pure strawberries. hoegaarden white Ale 5% ABV | BeLgiUM | 17 oZ. drAUght | $9.25 This Bier is from a recipe that dates back to 1445 in the small village of Hoegaarden, where monks brewed it in 30 small farmhouse breweries. War disrupted this craft until it was revitalized in 1957 by a local milkman. Mill Street Belgian wit 5% ABV | toronto, ontArio | 18 oZ. drAUght | $8.13 Traditionally made with "wind malt" or air dried malt, back in the day this style was the lightest Bier of its time. "Wit" or White in Flemish, this Bier is made true to Belgian style. Unibroue Blanche de Chambly witbier 5% ABV | ChAMBLy, QUeBeC | 14 oZ. drAUght | $6.65 Introduced in the 1990s as North America's first Wheat Bier, the "White of Chambly." Unibroue uses both bottle and keg fermentation, conditioning each ale in its vessel to provide a Bier true to its style and history. bottle Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc witbier 5% ABV | frAnCe 330 ML

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