The Intersection Between Social Media and Live Streaming

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/StreamHash /StreamHash The Intersection Between Social Media and Live Streaming Social media has changed the face of communication, having ballooned in opportunity in recent years. It has changed the way we consume information, interact with friends and seek entertainment. Amazingly, it has successfully straddled the fine line between business and personal consumption, having catered to both markets equally well. Social media has become a universal ecosystem, bridging cultural chasms, geographical distances and virtual business markets. Among the many new phenomena this digital dawn has fuelled, the most recent and possibly the most interesting one yet, is live streaming. An Overview of Live Streaming Live streaming is a process wherein a broadcaster captures live video content over a camera and uses a high-speed internet connection to transfer the stream to various end points in real-time. Live streaming has typically seen application in sports broadcasts, lifestyle and fashion events and political demonstrations. Of late, however, it has gained immense /StreamHash /StreamHash traction on an array of digital platforms, thanks to a handful of high-quality yet pocket-friendly turnkey technologies that have emerged in the market. StreamNow, one such framework that has been labelled one of the best live streaming software of 2017, has been embraced by a host of upcoming social engagement platforms. This comes fresh on the heels of bigger players in social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, having reserved live streams as part of their digital portfolio. The Symbiosis Between Live Streaming and Social Media /StreamHash /StreamHash Live stream software has served to transform traditional content sharing by allowing users to connect instantly and in real-time. It has brought the social media community closer and made platforms more intimate and personal. If you scratch the surface of this new trend, you’ll see that live streaming and social media are really two sides of the same coin. While one works to maintain a community, the other provides a platform to its members. Together, the two tools are making communication swifter, easier and bidirectional. Applications of Live Streaming x Social Media Social media presents a variety of situations in which live streaming fits as an ideal tool. Regardless of whether you use social platforms for business or pleasure, live streaming has become a ubiquitous promotional vehicle. Here’s a spotlight on its uses. Customer Engagement for Business Social media is an excellent promotional driver because it empowers users to casually engage with you as well as other users without being hard-sold a brand. Encourage your users to use a singular hashtag for their posts in order to to create a thread of promotional messages that your live stream /StreamHash /StreamHash can profit from. Another way you can use social media live streams for your business is by organising free giveaways, contests and offers. Live Sports Matches Watching a live sports match can fire up a unique energy that only comes with instant viewership. Twitter has seen a rise in the number of live sports streams and interactions of late, with influencers and celebrities getting in on the action through the comments tab. There are several video production applications you could use to broadcast a professional sports stream to your audience. After picking one, pair it with StreamNow to give your users a seamless viewing experience. /StreamHash /StreamHash Local Events There are myriad local events that happen in every neighbourhood which do not get accounted for under mainstream live broadcasts. Conventions, graduations, Little League games, high school basketball matches and festivals, for instance, are never provisioned for. Social media has played a big role in spotlighting these oft-forgotten occasions, empowering moms and dads, brothers, sisters and friends to capture special moments for their close circle through live streams. This way, geographical shackles are shattered and people across the world are instantly united through a single platform. User Feedback If you’re a business with a brand page, count yourself lucky, because your loyal fan base will likely fuel your live stream. The comments section, available to users, is an effective tool that floats thoughts and user feedback across a stream. Pick a video production tool like vMix Social to sift out which comments you’d like to show. Plus, feed off the comments that users post. Use them as reference points during your live stream by addressing doubts and answering questions. User Loyalty /StreamHash /StreamHash In an age where social media and digital forums have turned into a cluttered maze of content, attention spans of users have dwindled. Live streaming adds another layer of interaction with users, aside from the image and video posts that are typically posted on social media pages. Another bonus that live streaming holds is the fact that users can express their views on a stream while viewing it. Create a theme around your live stream to ensure that maximum users are cued in. Benefits of Social Media Live Streams Social media platforms across the board have launched live video streaming software on their platforms, to encourage users to engage more and better. /StreamHash /StreamHash Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have all integrated a live streaming feature on to their main interfaces. There are several merits to this: • Live streams reach more viewers. • They create energy and excitement for your audience. • They let you connect and engage with your audience. • They are an excellent medium for information sharing, special moments and announcements. A Guide to Launching a Live Stream on Social Media When you set out to create a live streaming campaign on social media, follow these steps and you’ll likely see the traction that you want: Step 1. Create a Social Media Presence The cornerstone of your live stream is the existence of a rock-solid social media presence. If you’re a business intending to take the live streaming route, start by working on your Facebook page. Post regular updates, drive customer engagement and establish a compelling digital brand presence across platforms. This will help you garner more followers, who in turn will power your live feeds. /StreamHash /StreamHash Step 2. Start a Campaign Your campaign need not be tied to your live stream. In fact, you can launch it ahead of time. Think of an ingenious way to entice your users onto your social media page. Run a contest or a freebie giveaway and then follow it up with a live stream to reinforce the message. Step 3. Invite an Influencer An influencer is a brilliant marketing tool. Invite someone who stands for your brand and who reflects your philosophy, to be part of your live stream. If you do find someone who is willing to appear on your stream, run an extensive campaign around it with regular howlers, updates and videos keeping your followers posted about what’s in store. Step 4. Migrate Your Campaign Once you’ve established a foothold in the social media live streaming space, give your campaign an individual identity away from social media. Here’s where StreamNow can help. By plugging this avant-garde technology into your website, you can conduct exclusively tailored live streams on your own domain name, lending your website a unique, personalised flavour. Of course, you may still want to pursue social media streams, which could act as plugs to your main website. By migrating your streams /StreamHash /StreamHash to an independent web presence, however, you can monetise it and think of introducing sponsored content. Step 5. Monetise Your Live Stream Once you have sought a software for live streaming video, think of ways that you could monetise your platform. For starters, think of generating adequate traffic to attract advertisers. You could also look at promoting sponsored products during your streams and perhaps even creating a prime advertising space along the top of your website. Examples of Branded Social Media Live Streams A variety of brands have used social media effectively to push live streams. Here are some examples: Example 1: Product Launches The Consumer Electronics Show 2016 saw General Motors become the maiden automobile company to live stream a product launch on Facebook when it unveiled its Chevy Volt EV. Taking a leaf out of Chevy’s book, Nissan launched the 2016 Maxima via live stream at an event held in New York. Frito Lay’s followed a similar strategy when it launched its Dorito’s Roulette variant. /StreamHash /StreamHash Example 2. Influencer Approach Influencers are valuable in the digital space. Nestle conducted a promotional event for its Drumstick product through a sponsored campaign that involved select Periscope users. These users, who had a significant following already, were asked to create exclusive content for the platform, that spotlighted Nestle’s brand. Example 3. Partner Streams SAP’s partner programme was highlighted through a clever social media campaign performed in collaboration with social media influencer Brian Flanzo. The campaign involved live video streams over five days, with each stream featuring a different SAP partner. The streams captured the partners’ stories and their association with SAP. Example 4. Live Events Probably the most applicable in a business context, live coverage of business events has proved to be popular among corporate bigwigs. These events have encompassed presentations, discussions, seminars, press conferences, tours, and demos. In a hat tip to Drone Week, GE launched drones powered by Periscope that offered remote guided tours. Other brands that have leveraged live event streaming are Taco Bell, Red Bull, Mountain Dew, Spotify and Dunkin Donuts. /StreamHash /StreamHash Example 5. Backstage Goings On Live streams allow users to seek inside access into a live show or concert. The Tonight Show, for example, showcased backstage footage of the show via live streaming. Target has also used live streams to offer glimpses into its design collaborations and its run-up to fashion week. DKNY and Marc Jacobs have offered similar previews. The intersection between social media and live streaming is becoming more defined as a growing number of users accept and embrace live streaming as a feature. As more and more content gets consumed in real- time, it’s finally possible to live in the moment. /StreamHash /StreamHash eBook Feedback: Website URL: email: Skype: Phone: +1- (415)-513-0273 /StreamHash /StreamHash

Social media has changed the face of communication, having ballooned in opportunity in recent years. It has changed the way we consume information, interact with friends and seek entertainment. Live streaming is a process wherein a broadcaster captures live video content over a camera and uses a high-speed internet connection to transfer the stream to various end points in real-time. So, let's know the connection between social media and live streaming. Credit : Live Streaming Software


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