Baby Hazel Nursery Rhymes

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The Benefits of Teaching Your Children Nursery Rhymes Probably, have a toddler or two running around creating havoc, if you are reading this article you also. If, like me, you're wondering where all the traditional nursery rhymes have gone to, I am here to remedy the situation Row Row Row Your Boat Rhyme! I assume that you remember them sung with different emphasis, in a particular way and stresses on specific key words. It's not possible to forget the airs either - impossible! So you can imagine my horror when recently, after I was wanting to entertain my youngest daughter (15 months old) with some videos on YouTube and nearly not one of these aforementioned children' songs were as I recalled! Was my recollection that is poor to attribute here? I liked to reveal my infant all the nursery rhymes that I had grown up with, as did my own mother/dad and theirs too. I had been stunned (or should that read "shocked"?) To see how poor that is disastrously the great majority of the videos that are online were. I mean they were extremely horrible! At best, some were truly laugh out loud, but for all of the wrong reasons(!) and at worst some were downright chilling and perhaps not even appropriate for young kids. Perhaps the ratio of good:inferior quality was around 1:40! Additionally I found that all of the YouTube nursery rhyme videos had incredibly long intros - 20, 30 or even more seconds of pre-ambling before actually commencing the primary theme, content, promotions along with other immaterial content. I most likely do not need to tell you beloved parent, that even only 20 seconds can seems like an amazingly long time when you've a somewhat uninterested and wriggling baby on your lap! Not only are animations and the websites primarily of a really lousy quality the particular songs and lyrics as the first language of the vocalist/firm was frequently not actually English themselves were quite frequently wrong. Where had all the actual nursery rhymes gone I wondered? There was very little online resources that mirrored my childhood memories. It's important that we do not lose our tunes that are traditional to the unrelenting technological changes that allow anyone to upload any material they like to the net. I urge you to take a look at a number of the nursery rhyme videos on your own to see how horrible they've become. You cringe at others and will laugh at some but you also will feel the despair of your childhood memories becoming lost after the first laughter has died down. More information you can find at The amount of perspectives a video has received or where it appears in the search results sadly doesn't give any indication of quality. So, how to find the items that is good and ignore the poor? Go to YouTube (not Google) to search Use the nursery rhyme's complete name - i.e. "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" is preferable to "Twinkle Twinkle" and use speech marks around title. Adding the word "British" or "English" can actually help Click search alternatives and under "Characteristics" (far right) click High definition. Inspired by having less quality nursery rhyme videos accessible and without any previous experience, I assembled a team of people: myself, husband and 2 daughters(!), to come up having a solution. It was great pleasure (also pricey!) and at times it was very nerve-racking project managing a remote team of animators, but we are extremely happy with the final result. Our hope and vision will be to create more of the traditional nursery rhyme animations and upload them all to YouTube so that they become a free resource for one and all. Our Facebook Page.


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