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Steampunk is a fictional alternative history, set in England during the Victorian or Edwardian period. In this fantasy universe, the world is steam powered; there are no gas powered vehicles or electric devices. Instead, transportation is dominated by giant airships, locomotives and ships. These vehicles are built with wood and steel, and are held together by over-sized rivets and elaborate support structures. Steampunk Clothing Steampunk is as much about heavy-duty machinery and brass fitted gadgets as it is about the fashion and clothing worn by its people. Steampunk fashion takes directly from the 19th century Victorian style of dress wear. Women wear lavish dresses heavily decorated with frills, lace and ribbons. Corsets, lingerie and other undergarments are also prominently featured in this dress style. Women's accessories like handbags and parasols are also common elements in steampunk fashion. Steampunk Clothing For Men Men wear Edwardian and Victorian style clothes, often with canes, top hats and other items suitable for the era. Especially important are gadgets from the steampunk universe. These devices, such as pocket watches, optical devices and brass goggles, are some of the most sought after fashion elements of the steampunk style. Lately, modding various modern devices, such as laptop computers and imitation firearms, have become a popular pastime for fans of this genre. Steampunk costumes have become frequent attire at cosplay events worldwide. Fans of the genre dress up in Victorian era clothing and augment them with steampunk inspired details. Gothic highlights and Freudian death-wish overtones are also common features implemented within the steampunk look. Crosses, bats, coffins and skulls define the Gothic Lolita genre that is set in the same time period as steampunk fashion. Genre crossing details are a common sight at cosplay events, and steampunk borrows heavily from all fashion styles of the Victorian era. Steampunk Movies, Anime and Manga Steampunk has been portrayed in works of fiction such as novels, movies, manga and anime. As steampunk gains recognition as a rightful fashion trend with staying power and cultural influence, elements of the style have moved from cosplay otaku events to showrooms and boutiques. From heavy brass goggles to beautiful Victorian dresses, Steampunk clothing is here to stay. Visit for more on steampunk Steampunk Clothing Steampunk Googles & Glasses Steampunk Pocket Watch Steampunk Bags & Backpacks Steampunk Leggings Steampunk Corset Steampunk Earrings Steampunk Bracelet Steampunk Jewelry Steampunk Necklace Steampunk Watches Steampunk Wrist Watch Steampunk Belts Steampunk Purse Steampunk Rings Steampunk Masks Steampunk Backpacks Steampunk Plus Size Steampunk Eyewear Steampunk Sunglasses Steampunk Mini Hats Steampunk Vests Steampunk Gloves All Men's Steampunk All Women's Steampunk - Retro style shop offers the best selection of steampunk clothing and accessories for men, women, and kids.


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