Importance Of Congruence In Business

Jan 5, 2011 | Publisher: salesboss | Category: Business & Jobs |     “The  Importance  Of  Congruence  In  Business”   by  Jon  Daniels  -­‐       At  this  time  of  year,  making  new  years  resolutions  is  normal  for  many  people,   including  business  owners.  This  year,  however,  this  trend  has  somewhat  annoyed   me.   Many  business  owners  are  making  resolutions  on  how  to  improve  their  business   performances,  no  problem  there.  At  the  same  time  they  are  also  telling  the  world   that  business  is  not  good  at  the  moment,  again  it  is  good  to  admit  where  things  are   not  working.   What  does  alarm  me  however  is  that  these  businesses  that  are  suffering  from  a  lack   of  clients  and  cash  flow  are  business  coaches  or  so-­‐called  marketing  experts.   If  you  are  selling  a  service  promising  more  leads  or  customers  then  you  need  to  be   walking  your  own  talk.   It  is  not  right  to  sit  and  admit  to  struggling  to  pay  the  mortgage  and  have  no  new   clients  yet  at  same  time  claim  expert  status,  giving  out  advice  to  other  business   owners  on  what  they  should  be  doing  when  it  clearly  is  not  working  for  them  in  the   first  place.   Where  is  the  value  in  the  offer  from  a  business  that  cannot  practice  what  it  teaches?   This  is  just  so  incongruent  to  me  and  from  a  sales  perspective  completely  turns  me   off  from  working  with  that  particular  business.   It  reminds  me  of  an  experience  when  I  first  qualified  as  a  life  coach  and  believed  I   was  capable  of  coaching  anyone.  I  felt  I  could  be  a  jack-­‐of-­‐all-­‐trades  and  sell  to   everyone  and  anyone.   It  was  this  approach,  however,  that  led  to  my  first  business  being  an  epic  failure.   You  see,  I  am  overweight  yet  I  was  trying  to  sell  weight  loss  programs.   Who  on  earth  was  ever  going  to  buy  a  weight-­‐loss  coaching  program  from  a  fat  life   coach?  It  was  massively  incongruent,  as  not  only  was  I  not  following  my  own  advice   on  how  to  lose  weight;  I  was  also  disrespecting  the  coaching  industry.   And  this  wasn't  my  first  experience  of  incongruence  in  my  career.     The  reason  I  had  gone  down  the  self-­‐employed  route  was  I  had  lost  interest  in  my   corporate  career.  The  values  expected  of  me  for  the  company  I  worked  were  no   longer  aligned  to  the  values  and  purpose  that  had  matured  in  me  as  I  had  developed   in  the  career.   I  spent  18  months  reconnecting  with  myself,  really  living  the  congruent  lifestyle.   During  this  time  I  met  my  now  wife  and  engaged  in  a  long  and  happy  relationship.   At  the  same  time  I  started  my  new  business,  again  as  a  coach,  but  this  time  in  a   market  when  I  was  passionate  and  had  a  lot  of  experience.  That  was  working  in   sales.   In  my  corporate  career  I  had  closed  over  £300m  of  deals.  I  had  developed  high   performing  sales  teams,  taking  nervous  new  starters  with  a  fear  of  selling  and   turning  them  in  to  commission  earning  machines.  And  I  did  both  of  these  things   consistently  to  an  award-­‐winning  level.   So  am  I  congruent  at  coaching  people  on  selling  skills?   Absolutely.  I  know  full  where  the  value  I  can  add  to  any  business  owner  or   entrepreneur  to  help  them  close  more  deals  and  get  more  clients.   I  walk  my  own  talk.  I  can  share  my  unique  experiences  and  war  stories  with  my   clients.  I  know  how  to  sell.  I  know  how  to  help  other  people  to  sell  more.  I  am  not   sitting  here  stressing  about  where  my  next  client  is  going  to  come  from  or  how  to   pay  the  bills  next  month.   This  is  why  congruence  is  so  important  in  business.   Any  business  owner  or  entrepreneur,  including  you,  can  improve  their  selling  skills   and  OBLITERATE  your  fear  of  selling  forever.       Get  Your  Free  Report       To  get  your  free  copy  of  "5  Ways  To  Obliterate  Your  Fear  Of  Selling"  CLICK  HERE       About  The  Author       Jon  Daniels  Jr  has  gone  from  bar  work,  to  telesales  to  selling  multi-­‐million  pound   corporate  deals  in  face-­‐to-­‐face  negotiations.  He  helps  business  owners  and   entrepreneurs  to  OBLITERATE  their  fear  of  selling.    Find  out  how  you  can  use  the   exact  selling  skills  he  uses  to  close  deals  by  visiting         Keywords:     Congruence  in  business,  incongruence  in  business,  life  coach,  corporate  career,   business  owner,  entrepreneur       Author  Profile         Jon  Daniels  Jr  helps  business  owners  and  entrepreneurs  to  OBLITERATE  their  fear  of   selling.  Having  started  his  career  in  a  cocktail  bar  selling  expensive  £18  per  shot   Hennessy  Paradis  cognac,  he  moved  on  to  an  impressive  career  in  both  telesales  and   face  to  face  selling  with  the  UK  commercial  energy  industry  winning  awards  from   business  leaders  such  as  Sir  Roy  Gardener.  His  current  career  sales  value  totals  over   £300m  in  revenue…and  it  is  still  growing.       Currently  Jon  is  working  with  business  owners  and  entrepreneurs  to  help  them  to   get  more  clients  and  make  more  cash  using  this  trademark  Sales  Boss  Method.  Visit   his  site  for  more  details.      

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Jon Daniels Jr helps business owners and entrepreneurs to OBLITERATE their fear of selling. Having started his career in a cocktail bar selling expensive £18 per shot Hennessy Paradis cognac, he moved on to an impressive career in both telesales and face to face selling with the UK commercial energy industry winning awards from business leaders such as Sir Roy Gardener. His current career sales value totals over £300m in revenue…and it is still growing. Currently Jon is working with business owners and entrepreneurs to help them to get more clients and make more cash using this trademark Sales Boss Method. Visit his site for more details.


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