Chocolate Terrine Recipe

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Chocolate Terrine Recipe By IBPA S. No Ingredients Quantity Quantity 1 Dark chocolate 188 Gm 2 Egg 150 Gm 3 Orange essence 1 Tsp 4 Cocoa powder (optional for garnish) 10 Gm No of portions: 5 x 70 gm slice Method: Melt chocolate over bain marie. Separate eggs. Whisk egg whites until they form soft peaks. Add the orange essence to the chocolate and beat in. The chocolate will become very thick. Beat the yolks into the chocolate, one or two at a time, until well blended. Beat the egg whites into the chocolate mixture. Use a stiff whip to beat them in. Do not try to fold them in gently, as the mixture is too stiff. In order to create the necessary smooth texture, force the mixture through a sieve to remove lumps of unblended chocolate or egg. Pour some of the chocolate into the prepared pan(s) to fill them about halfway. Rap the pans on the bench sharply to remove air bubbles. Fill with the remaining chocolate, and again remove air bubbles. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Unmold onto a platter. Dust the top and sides lightly with cocoa powder. Slice about 14 in. (6 mm) thick using a sharp, thin-bladed knife dipped into hot water and wiped dry before each slice. Serve smallportions, as this dessert is very rich. Chef's tips: It is necessary to whip the egg whites before beginning to mix the chocolate because once you add the first liquid to the chocolate; you must continue the procedure without interruption Contact Balendra Singh Call us on:- +91 9953997844 +91 9953997844

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