LED Vanity Mirror With Lights

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www.ledmyplace.com LED VANITY MIRROR Features of The Best-Selling LED Vanity Mirrors Vanity Mirrors are renowned for high quality reflection. They are very different from the common traditional mirrors we regularly use. The vanity mirrors are assembled with superior quality LED lights which remove all the dark spots that occur in the reflection. Adding a Vanity Mirror with lights to your bathroom, will make it look stylish and classy. Product Features  Supreme Quality: Vanity Mirror with lights are the finest quality of mirrors available in the market today. The high quality LED lights display the most accurate reflection of the object.  High CRI: CRI of an LED Vanity Mirror is over 90. This is why the mirrors can precisely discriminate colors making objects appear clearly as if it is under natural light.  Excellent Color Temperature: These mirrors have the ability to change the temperature of any color ranging from 3000K to 6000K. By operating the power switch as per your need, you can do make-up under numerous levels of color glow.  Incredible CCT Remembrance: These bathroom lighted mirrors have a CCT Remembrance feature, which remembers your last color temperature setting. This is a unique color-contrasting technique which comes in handy for make-up artists. www.ledmyplace.com  In-built Defogger: These vanity mirrors can wipe off the fog on its own. The in-built defogger is a special feature which saves time.  Long Lasting: Vanity Mirror with lights can last for more than 50,000 hours. So, you need very low maintenance and no replacement all throughout its lifespan.  Water-Resistant and UL Approved Driver: They are waterproof and also have a UL approved internal driver from Meanwell. This helps to power up the LEDs for overload protection, unlike any ordinary mirror light.  Eco-friendly: This mirror with LED lights doesn't contain any harmful chemicals, such as mercury or lead. It is environment friendly and ETL certified. Benefits Energy Efficient Affordable ETL certified Long Lasting High Quality Water Resistant Inbuilt Defogger Environment friendly www.ledmyplace.com Applications Vanity mirrors are used for make-up, dressing and other grooming requirements, to be used mainly in bathrooms. Warranty They have a 30 days return policy and 5 years of warranty. www.ledmyplace.com Thank You info@ledmyplace.com | 888-972-6211

Features Of LED Vanity Mirrors

Supreme Quality

High CRI

Excellent Color Temperature

Incredible CCT Remembrance

In-built Defogger

Long Lasting





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