Cloud Washing and Intimate Learnings of running SaaS tech Startups

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+ EuroCloud Manchester Cloud Business Meetup Manoj Ranaweera 8th April 2014 @BakerTilly Cloud Washing Business Matters for Cloud Businesses Cloud: Blood, Sweat & Tears Personal perspective on the growth and state of the SaaS market Intimate learnings from running tech startups + Cloud Washing! n  First we had: n  SaaS, PaaS and IaaS n  Now everything is Cloud n  The …aaS + Cloud Computing Market Size n  Gartner: $131 bn in 2013 n  Upward trend & it’s big n  Manchester & North West: n  ANS Group (£44m > £100m) n  UK Fast (£19m) n  Outsourcery (£4m) n  IESA (£111m) n  Northern Tech Awards (£1bn) n  SaaS investors n  21,000 Angel List + My SaaS Adventures n  2004 to 2006 n  Timing + Knowledge n  Partner issues n  Trialed Customers n  Since 2007 n  Over 150,000+ Users from 200+ countries n  1 million+ prospects have discovered 50,000 professionals and businesses through Documents n  2,300 tech entrepreneurs, investors & deal makers n  Over 100 tech events n  Sold Northern Tech Awards to Investment Bank + Idea to Revenues – the SaaS Way! n  Salesforce generated $5m revenues in first 12 months spending $25 m in marketing & sales + 8 Underlying Software Trends n  The proliferation of quick-to-market SaaS products n  Simple and single function purposeful software n  Higher regard for design and user experience n  Programmatic interactions through APIs n  User-defined functionality, e.g. mobile handset n  Continuous drive of trying out new and better software n  Greater investment of IT by CMO n  Difficulty in controlling non-authorised software usage + LiveStax – the new Kid in town (sadly I’m not the father) n  Enterprise Application Platform-as-a-Service (aPaaS) n  Incubated by Causeway Technologies n  Framework + disposable Apps + Collaboration + Personalised n  Problem n  Information is scattered in many software applications n  Not personalised n  Need specialist help n  And the… Software Efficiency Drift.. + Software Efficiency Drift n  Life of existing software investments can be greatly extended by surfacing information via easy-to-build disposable Apps Efficiency Drift Recovered & improved outcome Efficiency Gain E ff ic ie nc y Time Actual outcome Expected outcome Addition of LiveStax + What is LiveStax? LiveStax surface the RIGHT Information to the RIGHT Employee to do the RIGHT Job at the RIGHT Time, via easy to build Apps, Pages and Spaces, which surface information and functionality from legacy, on-premise and SaaS software, reducing employee frustrations and improving business productivity, whilst giving back control of IT to CIO. + Lessons learned n  Technology is continually improving n  Get positioning right (right segment) n  Capital is not just for the start n  Hire the best n  Build fast – scale fast – not just the product n  Alone no longer works n  Get distribution sorted + Enjoy the ride! For LiveStax: Anything else: +44 7769734491 @manojranaweera

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