Nepal Everest Base CampReview A Trip to the HighestPeak in the World

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Nepal Everest Base CampRevi I still remember the moment so emerging behind a few clouds. are 5,380mt above sea level) a spending the last 10 days hiking and gradually shutting down. I still tried to lumber on despite mountain in the world. Thought completelycaptivated my mind a reaching Nepal Everest Base C How did a person like me, most just to witness a mountain? I wo list, yes, it was there, but when bucket list dreams seems irrele saw the sublimeKhumbu Icefall our destination. Between my weariness and the found myself walking across gla ew: A Trip to the HighestPeak in the World very clearly. The wind was howling and the The air was thin (I guess this is what happe nd every step I was taking was feeling like 5 up to this point, my body was completely all these, as after all, I was en route to the t s of beer, pizza, and having a hot shower h s I shivered and trudged through the last s amp. ly a beach bum end up surviving through uldn't say that this adventure wasn't there you are that high up and cold, all of a sudde vant. Just I was about to question my life ch s from a distance, indicating that we are fina chilling cold, everything took place in a blu ciers as I reached a stack of rocks and flag sun was ns when you 0. After just exhausted allest ad tretch before -13 weather in my bucket n all your oices, and I lly close to r. And then, I s from fellow indomitable travelers who also successfully made their way to the base of the world's tallest mountain. A whirl of excitement, joy, and relief went down my spine as I joyously high-fived and hugged my partner in crime, Jack. I was taken aback by seeing the beauty of the icefalls and the unreal mountaintops of the Himalayas around me. Moreover, I was startled by the fact that a person like me or you can say that the world's biggest dolt finally made it to Nepal Everest Base Campunscarred. Let me give you a bit of a backstory, Jack and I decided that since we are leaving Asia, Let's bid adieu by doing something extraordinary. And in line with our desire to be a part of the 'Top 10 Adventure Destinations' in the World, we soon landed on Kathmandu, Nepal as I always had a strong intentto see Mount Everest, the tallest mountain on the planet - up, close and personal. Before You Go: What to Pack for Everest Trek Soon before startingyour life's most adventurous trek, you need to carry several types of equipment with you. Below is a prodigal list and according to your needs some of themyou may include or avoid. The must-have trekking gears: Trekking boots with spare laces Heavyweight gloves or mittens with an outer waterproof shell Jacket and/or down vest (optional) Wool or fleecepants/trousers Thick, warm wool hiking socks Running shoes or sandals Gaiters (also, optional) You will also need the following during the trek. Thermal tops Windcheater jacket (optional) Basic first aid kit Toiletries Water bottles Camping mattress Daypack (35-40 litres/2500-3000 cubic inches) Plastic bags Batteries, spare bulbs, and headlamp Sunglasses with UV protection T-shirts Hat or scarf or sun hat Thermal bottoms Cotton pants/trousers Best Season for Trekking The best time to witness this beauty of Nepal is September-December (Autumn) and March-May (Spring). The weather remains very pleasant during these months of the year making long walks enjoyable. You will see the rhododendron forest loaded with beautiful flowers during the month of May. The skies will be very clear allowing you to get mesmerizing views of the white Himalayan ranges. Enjoy your Everest Trek! Trekking to EBC is in every adventurer's bucket list. I hope this blog post on Nepal Everest Base Campwill help you plan your trek. Only the thought of standing at the base camp of the world's tallest peak is itself so exciting. Isn't it? You will come across so many things to enjoy and savor along the way that you may not have ever thought of. So guys don't get late! Pack your bags and witness this breathtaking adventurous trip of how it feels on being on the top of the world. I am done with my adventure. Hope you guys enjoy the EBC trek too. And yes, don't forget to share your excitement in the comment section below. I would love to read them. Have a pleasant and memorable Everest Base Camp Trek! Adieu!!!


Since Jack and I were leaving Asia, we decided to bid adieu to this place by planning a trek to the tallest mountain in the world. Know all about our EBC journey here at

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