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One Stop Customer Service Solutions Organizations are waking to the fact that superior customer service is important to their business and if you deliver excellent customer experiences, customer will be satisfied, be loyal and increase their share with your organization. According to a recent survey by Bain and company, “80% of companies believe they are doing an outstanding job in delivering excellent experiences, but just 8% of their customers agree”. In other words, either companies don’t know what their customers want, or don’t know how to deliver it. Customer service is the front-line of the relationship, and in most cases the agents retain command and control of how that interaction flows. Traditionally customer service has always been in close contact with customer, in fact they are the first point of contact for many organizations. Customer Service have always been the recipients of multiple requests from myriad sources: business stakeholders within the organization expect them to deliver customer data, insights, and information derived from those interactions, customers expect them to deliver against their needs, wants, and desires, and management expect them to always deliver more with ever-dwindling resources. Customers want a simpler; better, faster model for Customer Service that will allow them to interact through any channel, in their preferred manner of behavior, to complete their jobs. Organizations want to deliver simpler, faster, better Customer Service solutions to reduce the costs and bother of running customer service. To ensure that interaction becomes simpler and faster for both the customer and the agent with minimum disruption to the business operations, the customer service manager needs to keep three critical aspects of delivering customer service solutions: Business Demands – The Customer Service Manager should remain focused on how to deliver the best possible solution depending on business requirements and challenges– not an easy task in complex enterprises with highly charged political and economical considerations. Resources – Delivering on demand is simple with unlimited resources (budget, time, technology, channels, governance support, etc.), but this is never the case in any organization. With limited set of resources available to the Customer Service Manager it is virtually impossible for him to deliver a balanced experience for organization and customers. Employees – While technologies are replaceable, employees are not so easy to replace – at least not properly trained and with adequate talents. Carefully considering the needs and demands of the employees, and countering those with the business demands and available resources is how a Customer Service solution is created. Apart from Agent desktop service, customers can access web self service that provides them with the capability to search for information as per their convenience and their relevance. The use of web self services has expanded manifold as customers prefer to use this option rather than use the agent helpdesks. It has also been largely beneficial for businesses as they save on hiring costs and leverage customer service experience by providing a complete control to the customer. Learn more about :- customer service chat & Knowledge management

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