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Wedding Transport and Hire Cars - Four Stylish Options Deciding on a wedding car to take the bride to work and take the bridal couple away from the ceremony may take some time. Unless you're lucky enough to have a collector of old cars in the family, or the groom already owns an elegant sports car, the usual choice is to hire wedding transport. Depending on your budget, you can choose a car rental weddings for the entire entourage wedding, or just rent a vehicle for each stage of the wedding: a car to carry the bride and bridesmaids to the ceremony, one for the wedding couple for the wedding reception and one to the bride and groom to " leave "after reception. So what are the possibilities for modern wedding couples looking for an elegant transportation? 1. Limousine powered by a driver This is a conventional, but very practical option. The limousines are spacious, with plenty of room for the bride and bridesmaids to stretch without crushing trains and dresses. Melbourne limousine hire services for weddings often offer some extras as part of the package, such as chilled champagne waiting for the bride and groom after the ceremony as they are transported to the reception. To make it more affordable, find the best value deals for your local limousine services. It may be cheaper to just leave the limousine at the ceremony the bride and do not expect or may be special wedding packages that make it worth using the same limousine for transportation for reception after the ceremony. 2. A Vintage car There are a special car rental services that offer vintage cars specially for weddings and special occasions. Run your wedding in a Rolls Royce or a Bentley for a classic and timeless style. Depending on the car service, they can be hired as autodidact or with a driver. If you leave the route without a driver, designate a family member as a driver for the day and use the car for all bridal transport, take the bride to the ceremony, the bride, and groom to reception and then groom. You can take your girlfriend after the reception, all for the price of a day's car hire . 3. A Sports car The groom could have put his heart away from the wedding in something sexy and fast, in which case hiring a sports car to the day is the ideal solution. Find a local car rental service that includes high-end models of a range of sports cars. If you plan to use it as a wedding between ceremony and reception, just make sure there is room for wedding dress without wrinkles. 4. Horse and carriage Perhaps it's the old-fashioned romantic types who would like a horse-drawn carriage carrying weddings. Remember, there is less space in a carriage in a limousine, so if you have more bridesmaids, you will have to find special transport to the ceremony. Before renting, you should also consider whether the wedding venue is suitable for horses, both the place and the sledding rental. Combine any transportation options from previous weddings: Maybe the bride wants to get in a limo with her bridesmaids, the bridal couple can lead to the reception style in a Bentley and then take in a slim sports car after receipt. Determine your budget for wedding transport, explore the best options in your local area and see what options are right for your budget.

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