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undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedABOUT : Skybox helps museums to redefine the visitor’s experience and engagement by combining visual graphics, VR/AR technology and the magic of storytelling to create immersive animations that bring museums' galleries to life. CONTACTS: Skybox B Y   L U I G I D ' I N T R O N O & J A N G B E L C H E ABOUT: Free Love Apparel is a year round LGBTQ+ & Pride e-commerce store that donates 15% of our profits back to LGBTQ+ Non-Profits. We cater to all members of our community and provide unique LGBTQ+ apparel, accessories and merchandise, from backpacks and blankets to underwear and umbrellas. CONTACT: B Y N I C K T E F F T F ree Love Appare l ABOUT: Global Source Kitchen is a vegan food startup, currently providing event catering, food delivery service and dining club events. We plan to become a household name, providing entirely plant-based food on the go. CONTACTS: ABOUT: Homely Energy is a smart heating company that is integrating variable electricity pricing (octopus agile tariff) with electric heating technologies, such as heat pumps. System allows customers to make ~30% savings without reducing their comfort. This is achieved by shifting the use of heat pumps to periods where electricity is cheaper. CONTACTS: Homely Energy Ltd B Y H A R R I S O N K E R S E Y & S T A N L E Y S A N D S B Y I G N A S B O L S A K O V A S & K A R O L I S P E T R U S K E V I C I U S G l o b a l S o u r c e K i t c h e n ABOUT: MissKick is a clothing brand specifically for female footballers, where a percentage of everything they sell goes towards supporting girls grassroots football initiatives. Their aim is to empower all girls in football to be proud of the sport they play, as well as creating more opportunities for girls in football. CONTACT: ABOUT: Studifuel is a healthy lifestyle subscription box designed to make it easier for students to eat healthier and get enough of the nutrients they need to keep their body and mind on top form. Their boxes contain healthy snacks, herbal teas, vitamins and nutritious recipes and are delivered monthly. CONTACT: Stud i fue l B Y G R A C E V E L L A B Y S A M B I R C H M i s s K i c k ABOUT: Omnis is an automated marketing chatbot using artificial intelligent and natural language processing to help companies engage in digital markets and communities they would otherwise not have access to. CONTACT: B Y W I L L I A M M U R C H - S E A G E Omnis Interact ive L td VAMO ABOUT: VAMO creates low cost and reusable video laryngoscopes. The tool is 3D-printed using high strength engineering material. It is equipped with a high-resolution digital camera that can be connected to any smartphone or tablet, giving the user the ability to capture quality video and photographic imagery during the intubation procedure. CONTACTS: B Y M A G D A L I N I P A P A N A O U M & O R E S T I S T R I A N T O P O U L O S ABOUT: Revolutioneyes is a purpose-built cane finder, assisting visually impaired people to find their canes. It is a 3D printed product which attaches to the top of a cane. Once activated the application sends a Bluetooth signal to the cane creating a audio feedback making it quick and easy to find. CONTACT: REVOLUTIONEYES PEERA ABOUT: Peera allows organisations to build working and in-demand blockchain applications through a process which puts the users at the heart of the development process from design all the way to end-product. CONTACTS: B Y N A T H A N D A N E & L E W I S L A D I N B Y A L I I S M A L Pro ject BLUE ABOUT: Projekt BLU provides an Arduino-based platform allowing anyone to turn their familiar gaming controllers into universal remote controls for DIY projects. The retrofit circuit board provides a variety of wireless connection types and can be installed easily at home using our detailed user-friendly instructions. CONTACTS: B Y T U E G E N E U M A N N & R A G H A V V A S H I S H T H A Increw ABOUT: Increw is a recruitment platform and advisory service that supports startups and SMEs in the recruitment of young student and graduate talent by facilitating connections that last. We operate our own digital job board and advice early stage businesses how to run effective, cost efficient, end-to-end recruitment campaigns. CONTACTS: B Y R O B E R T B U C U R & M A T Y A S S Z E G I adagIO ChoiMan Company ABOUT: The ChoiMan Company is an aspiring artist management agency for young talented artists, providing services that make the dream of having their music heard by the world. In order to achieve that, we create concert opportunities and provide promotional services across our social media portfolio. CONTACT: B Y M I C H A E L C H O I ABOUT: adagIO is a subscription-based AI smartphone app with audio recognition that provides progress tracking and monitoring capabilities for students and teachers. Teachers can upload audio files for pupils to practised, then adagIO enables students to record their practice sessions and analyses their work receiving feedback on the quality of their performances. CONTACT: B Y R O D O S T H E N I S C H A R A L A M P O U S NOTES undefinedundefined

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