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AGREEMENT FOR PAINTING SERVICES 1. PARTIES: _______________, the owner of _________________ (“Homeowner”), hereby hires _______________, a __________________ with a principal office of ______________ ("Painter") 2. WORK TO BE DONE: Painter agrees to paint the exterior of the building locate at _________________ (“the house”) in a professional and high quality manner. Painter will strip off and existing paint that is chipping and apply two coats of new paint to the shingles and all trim. The parties intend that the entire house will be painted as stated above. The Painter will also clean any debris and remove all tools upon completion of the work. 3. TOTAL COST: In consideration of Painter’s painting the house, Homeowner will pay to Painter, the sum of $__________ as described below. 4. TIME FOR PERFORMANCE: Painter will start the job no later than _________ (“start date”) and will complete the job on or before _________ (“end date”). The parties agree that if the job is not completed by the end date, Painter will credit homeowner the sum of $________ per day from the end date until the job is actually completed. 5. SUPPLIES AND TOOLS: Homeowner shall supply, at their cost, all paint to be used on the job based on Painter’s estimate of the quantity of paint needed. Painter shall supply all labor and other equipment needed to complete the job, including sanding tools, brushes, ladders, and anything else deemed necessary by the Painter to do a high quality job. 6. SCHEDULE FOR PAYMENTS: Homeowner will pay Painter 1/3 of the amount due in paragraph 3 upon commencement painter’s commencement of the work. Homeowner will pay Painter 1/3 of the amount due upon completion of the first coat on the entire home. Homeowner will make a final payment to Painter of the balance due upon completion of the job and cleanup of the work area. 7. DISPUTE RESOLUTION: In the event Painter fails to finish the job, and fails to make progress over two (2) consecutive days beyond the end date, Homeowner can terminate this agreement with Painter and engage another Painting Company to complete the job. If the unpaid balance that was to be paid to Painter is sufficient to compensate the new Painting Company, the agreement shall terminate and the parties shall have no further obligations to each other. If the cost to complete the job exceeds the cost estimate by Painter, Painter shall reimburse Homeowner the difference paid by Homeowner. 8. WARRANTY: Painter warrants that they will perform the work in a professional and workmanlike manner. Painter further warrants that the paint will last for five years. If cracking or bubbling does occur, Painter will return and make the necessary repairs at no additional cost to Homeowner. __________________________ __________________________ Homeowner’s Signature Painter’s Signature

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