How to remove the bad odor from your washing machine

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in your washing machine Why it smells? What you need? How to get rid of that smell? 1. Trapped clothes in rubber rims 2. Setting the washing machine only on cold temperature 3. Using too much detergent 1. Vinegar 2. Bleach 3.Washer deodorizer 1. Always stay the door open after putting out the clothes 2. Wipe and dry the drum and rubber rims with a cloth 3. Use special deodorized at least twice a year 4. Baking soda 4. Turn on the washing machine on short program and add a cup of white vinegar 5. If vinegar don't work, put 3 cups of bleach and turn on the washer with hottest water, but to avoid damage of your clothes after that, make it with white laundry 6. Leave a cup with baking soda inside, it will absorb bad smells

Everyone know how awful can be the smell in the washing machine. Cleaners Leicestershire know where it comes from and how to get rid of it.

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