Why everyone should try scuba diving

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Why everyone should try scuba diving Because it’s the best thing in the world. Not convinced yet, and then read on. 1) You will be able to breathe underwater We are definitely not made to stay underwater, but the Belize pro dive centre allows you to do exactly that. Stay underwater for an extended period of time and breathing there. 2) The feeling of zero gravity Where else do you get the feeling of zero gravity? It might not feel like that right on your first dives. The keyword is neutral buoyancy. This means to float, relative lightness. It is also one of the hardest skills in scuba diving. You will never stop perfecting your buoyancy. 3) Moving in 3 dimensions On land we are used to moving in two dimensions, you cannot just go up or down from where you stand. So, underwater, however, you can move up and down without much effort. 4) Meeting creatures you didn’t even know existed Before a blue hole snorkeling dive, the local guides will tell you what you might see in that specific area, but you will never know for sure before you’re there. There is such a huge variety in underwater creatures making it possible to encounter new ones on many of your dives. 5) Being a visitor in a different world As we do not actually belong under water, (if we did we would be much better swimmers or maybe would have gills – which would actually be neat), scuba diving allows you to be a visitor in a different world. So, if that is too much effort, you’ll have the possibility to do a “try dive” called discover scuba diving. During this, you will be able to visit the underwater world accompanied by an instructor after a short theory and skill session and learn to dive Belize.

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