Learning, Creativity and Career

Jan 11, 2020 | Publisher: Sirius-C Media | Category: Self-Help |  | Collection: Leadership and Career | Views: 7 | Likes: 2

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‘Learning, Creativity and Career: A Roadmap’ is a guide for speed-learning and high creative output. The essay is written by one of those who developed his own speed-learning techniques as early as in high-school and who today, in his sixties, learns x-times faster than in his younger years.

For language learning, there is namely no need to learn grammar nor vocabulary, but languages can be learnt in the way a child picks up their mother tongue: by learning passively and intuitively, one step at a time, one lesson a day.

The article also reveals the secrets of creativity and spontaneity, and how learning can be made fruitful for one’s career in any sector of employment, and at any age.

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Peter Fritz Walter
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While having a doctoral degree in law, and was trained as an international lawyer, my interest is focused upon the humanities, education, holistic science, philosophy, and the propagation of a systemic, holistic and ecological worldview.

In October 1998 I established Sirius-C Media Galaxy LLC in Delaware, USA, which functions as my company for publishing and media production.

From 2018 I specialized on producing life-improving media and web presences for self-development.


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