The Ultimate Honeymoon Planning Workbook Guide

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Honeymoon Planning Workbook When it comes to a honeymoon or any travel, the destination is typically determined by the type of honeymooner or traveler or by a particular and specific experience they are wishing to have. If your dream honeymoon is a tropical island then there is no point going to Paris, for example. Or on the flip side, if you can’t sit and relax all week long then there isn’t much point going to a secluded island. My point is that everyone is different and when it comes down to honeymoons and everyone’s idea of the travels vary as well. These different types of honeymooners include budget travelers luxury travelers, adventurists, and culture & history lovers. None of these types is wrong, simply different. Here is how you can plan your honeymoon and make yourselves comfortable throughout the vacation When to Look & Book? When to look and book your honeymoon holiday is an important factor to consider when looking at saving on costs on your travels. Personally I believe that when you start planning your wedding, you should also start planning your honeymoon. The honeymoon is part of the wedding budget and quotes should be done as soon as possible so you know what kind of costs you are up for. I certainly would not recommend leaving your honeymoon to the last minute. First of all, you may not be able to find accommodation in the destination of your choice and you may have to settle for a budget hotel or a different destination all together. The main reason for booking early though relates to flight prices. Airlines use a supply and demand method for booking out their flights. Fares come out around 10 months prior to departure date, although this may vary between airlines. When they release fares they have multiple fare codes with a limited number of seats available for each of the fare codes. haring The cheapest fare are the first 9 seats sold, then the 2nd cheapest fare are the following 9 seats and then again and again until all the seats are sold. The last 9 seats on the flight are the highest priced. This is why you never book airfares a few days before a flight… the chances are that most of the seats have sold and the fare is now higher. This also applies to hotels however sometimes they will release the room rates if your intended departure date is a peak period. It is still most likely better to wait until the airfares have also come out as you can then package the hotel and flight together for discounts off a travel agent. By booking early in a hotel you have a better chance of getting the best room types, especially if you want something like an overwater bungalow… something that every other guest in the hotel wants to book as well. So make sure you beat them to it by booking early. Cruises are different again, most cruise lines release a full year's worth of cruise dates and prices each year around November. I would suggest that you start thinking about where you like to go for honeymoon as soon as possible and then start looking 10 months prior to departure. haring What to Look for when Booking? When planning your honeymoon holiday there are few things to look out for when deciding on your accommodation which we will quickly go through below. If you are going to a tropical island or a hot and humid destination then check if there is air conditioning in the room. If you are hot weather inclined make sure your partner feels the same way. At the very least it’s nice to at least have a fan in the room. Is breakfast or all meals included? Depending on your plans and destination for your honeymoon getting meals included might be the way to go. This is especially so if you intend to spend the majority of the time at the hotel or resort or if it is a secluded resort, being the only accommodation available. Do note that having all meals included restricts and costs more money if you wish to eat elsewhere. If you plan to go out a lot during the day and night then getting an all meal package probably isn’t worth the cost, same goes for breakfast if you love to sleep in all morning. Do have a look at whether or not breakfast or all meal packages are available, but do book in consideration of your plans at the destination itself. Also take a look at whether or not the hotel actually has dining within its complex. Some hotels even shut down their bar and dining at 8:30 pm. Is the hotel a family orientated hotel? Families that book travel look out specifically for these types of hotels as they usually have fun facilities for kids. This means that the hotel will be noisy, particularly in the morning and daytime. Do you mind waking up to screaming kids? If you book a family friendly hotel, make sure you check if they have an adult only area or pool so that there is at least one spot in the hotel that you can go. I personally would avoid these hotels on a honeymoon altogether. When looking at the room types most honeymooners will want a nice view. Water views, mountain views or whatever view your destination has. If it has a nice view it will cost more. The room type down from this are the partial view room. This basically means that from one angle, that could simply mean that you have to turn your head left or right to see the view or perhaps it is obstructed by another building or tree or something similar. If the room type is a garden view, do note that these face away from the main views. They can still be very nice, depending on the landscaping of the hotel so it may be an option if you are looking to save costs on the accommodation. Last but not least take a look at a map that surrounds your hotel. Is there a town nearby so that you can go out for dinner and drinks or visit some of the attractions that you really want to see? These are the main things to look out for when planning your honeymoon. Just make sure you know what you want and don’t want in order to pick out the best hotel for your very special honeymoon holiday. This covers the planning your honeymoon holiday. Again, if you have recently become engaged or just married then congratulations… the fun is just beginning. Choosing your honeymoon is fun part of the wedding process and should be thought as a hard earned reward for yourself. About the author ​: Andrew Prince is the sales and marketing contact at Vacation Rental St Lucia. We provide some the finest accommodation and tours options on the island. ​ ​Contact us ​ today ……We got space for you. Share this article on ​ ​Facebook ​, ​ ​Twitter ​ if you find this article very helpful.

Honeymoon Planning - St Lucia has an authentic innate landscape of stunning palm-fringed beaches, miles of unspoiled tropical rain forest and its most noticeable landmark is an UNESCO world heritage site the magnificent twin Mountains named the Pitons.

Its the ideal place for your next perfect vacation, destination wedding or honeymoon. 
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With such well known global recognition as a leading romantic destination, it will come as no surprise that many couples choose to get marry in St Lucia, as well as honeymooning there as well.


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