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tedxman Event Report - Tedx Manchester Event Event Report - Tedx Manchester Event Trending Words #tedxman, -, talk, social, rt, good, @huey, more, up, really, now, i'm, bbc, people, don't Event Participants Gotta whip myself into productive mode soon. Had a lazy but fruitful day, great inspirations from #TEDxMan talks, good night world. 03-Oct-09 01:44 | guphotography @huey Great presentation. W pocket camcorders getting better& kids knowing what looks good, what happens next? #tedxman (via @ThreeFourNine) 03-Oct-09 01:24 | herbkim @TEDxMan wasn't that bad after all. first presentations were pretty boring, but it got better. loved the twitterfall on the big screen! haha 03-Oct-09 00:40 | andrachira @misscroissant any time! #tedxman was ok but friday afternoon isn't my best time.... 03-Oct-09 00:33 | adrianslatcher Ended up having a more than expected political night. No food 4 24 hrs means a bit spaced out. Next stop stoke :0 tedXman good night 02-Oct-09 23:16 | foodiesarah @herbkim @toodrew @cubicgarden well done for today. North alliance for #tedxman . 02-Oct-09 23:08 | adew #tedxman Would have done all this at the time but I was tweeting via triangular indentations in wet clay tablets. Appless, quite literally 02-Oct-09 21:55 | seanxsmith @foodiesarah Really interesting #tedxman talk you did. Wanted to tell you about this http://www.bespokeproject.org/ 02-Oct-09 21:50 | seanxsmith @groovegenerator I'm glad you didn't say stimulated! #tedxman 02-Oct-09 21:38 | doggyb really enjoyed #huey and #mysticmobile 's talks at #tedxman it was great to see #ThreeFourNine #Joeturner #lukewillets and #chrisBoardman 02-Oct-09 21:36 | organised @huey Enjoyed yr bit at #tedxman. What phones did u give out? And are you any relation to Mike Garry? 02-Oct-09 21:34 | seanxsmith @RebeccaWho hiya, were you at #tedxman ? 02-Oct-09 21:25 | organised #tedxman well done @toodrew & @ThinkingDigital. And hello to @laurenkjones, @clairetennant, @Kate_Butler and @StardotGarf 02-Oct-09 21:03 | seanxsmith In the light of all my mates being at #tedxman I'm discovering the wonders of the cabin in #lpl olde worlde craziness 02-Oct-09 21:00 | katielips Watching Fringe. After JJ Abrams talk today I'm seeing 'black boxes' everywhere! #tedxman 02-Oct-09 20:58 | JamieClouting #tedxman .. @doggyb on guys who don't fit in with the gaydar stereotype and the dry&hilarious games geek-cum-philosopher @MysticMobile 02-Oct-09 20:55 | seanxsmith Been running to and fro bossing nice people around at #tedxman today. Really enjoyed @huey where can i find the film? 02-Oct-09 20:53 | nicolarowlands #tedxman Particularly interesting contributions from @foodiesarah on community journalism, @huey on 'unprofessional' mobile moviemaking .. 02-Oct-09 20:51 | seanxsmith Loooong day. Relished talks at #tedxman and #bbc manc. Always nice to be front stage & in the spotlight. More please (#ecomm next) :-) 02-Oct-09 20:50 | mazphd #tedxman JJ Abrams & Alain de Botton on vid, beautiful&huge BBC soundstage with fantastically uncomfortable chairs (after a couple of hours) 02-Oct-09 20:47 | seanxsmith Tech Train Tour[tm] is heading back to Liverpool, anybody around to meet up? #TEDxMAN was a good event, some interesting talks. 02-Oct-09 20:44 | mcknut #TEDxMAN was thoroughly enjoyable with interesting, occasionally infuriating ideas and thoughts from speakers and audience alike 02-Oct-09 20:40 | seanxsmith @CheShA are you cut or uncut? Or half cut? ;) #tedxman 02-Oct-09 20:23 | francesbell @doggyb I think we got the crowd motivated #tedxman 02-Oct-09 20:10 | groovegenerator just got in from #TEDxMan twas pretty good 02-Oct-09 20:01 | timmo2k oh also, I hear I am the first #tedx presenter to mention #BDSM in my talk! #tedxman 02-Oct-09 20:00 | doggyb RT @foodiesarah being interviewed at #tedxman http://twitpic.com/jyh6a 02-Oct-09 19:59 | doggyb really enjoyed #tedxman today - completely knackered now though, #ir10 here I come! 02-Oct-09 19:52 | doggyb Wandering how many #tedxman people are still at the palace? Might head back up 02-Oct-09 19:29 | sc_r #TEDxman what's with the palace hotel bar smelling of raw sewage?? (via @squaccs) 02-Oct-09 19:20 | herbkim @huey Great presentation, with pocket camcorders getting better and kids knowing what looks good, what happens next? #tedxman 02-Oct-09 19:19 | ThreeFourNine Had a great time at #tedxman with @joeturner @ianwareing @organised @chrisBoardman and @Lukewilletts, safe journey back! 02-Oct-09 19:16 | ThreeFourNine Follow on drinks at Rain Bar not Briton's Protection #tedxman 02-Oct-09 19:15 | groovegenerator @DavidCRoberts I don't think they all will be. Talks were mixed but some good ones. Look at #tedxman 02-Oct-09 19:10 | francesbell Not content with #tedxman I've been top & tailing today with @guardiantw podcasts catchup on commute! W00t! 02-Oct-09 19:07 | simon_alexander @RebeccaWho Don't feel too left out the wifi was wonky so didn't get tweet half as much as I wanted #tedxman 02-Oct-09 18:56 | ThreeFourNine Wine is poured, pizza on way. Another box emptied. good to catch up with @franticuk @amcewen @mcknut and @mikenolan at #tedxman 02-Oct-09 18:54 | m8nd1 Wishing I'd booked a day of work to go to #tedxman. Although probably easier and cheaper to watch some sessions online. 02-Oct-09 18:50 | jimmoran Back in Yorkshire after #tedxman - some really good thought provoking stuff. Paul Coulton gets top marks. Time for curry now 02-Oct-09 18:48 | ianjgreen @MysticMobile Loved your talk at #tedxman 02-Oct-09 18:44 | francesbell Stressed out at #tedxman because my phone wont tweet (it's really old) and I felt left out. 02-Oct-09 18:42 | RebeccaWho @mofgimmers - highlight of #tedxman oh, and @huey and @mysticmobile were alright too... 02-Oct-09 18:41 | RebeccaWho #TEDxman what's with the palace hotel bar smelling of raw sewage?? 02-Oct-09 18:39 | squaccs Drinking beer with the #tedxman crew in the Palace Hotel. Unfortunately, free drinks ran out before I got there 02-Oct-09 18:37 | johnpopham Wish I'd been at #tedxman but was working instead. 02-Oct-09 18:33 | _richardg ... as his Gaydar profile didn't say. #TEDxMan 02-Oct-09 18:32 | CheShA Oh, and I think it's fair to say that @doggyb is not in the closet. Although I'm intrigued as to whether he's 'cut' or 'uncut'... #TEDxMan 02-Oct-09 18:31 | CheShA Glass of wine on an empty tummy, feeling a bit tipsy, chips might be a good idea. #tedxman 02-Oct-09 18:24 | leanda ... directly referencing @Mofgimmers's /unforgivable/ behaviour as an example of a "Ludinous activity transcending into full play"! #TEDxMan 02-Oct-09 18:18 | CheShA Had fun at #tedxman today, bumped into a few peeps I knew. Couldn't stay for drinks unfortunately. 02-Oct-09 18:17 | monicatailor The final part was a fascinating talk by @MysticMobile which would have stood up as a highlight of the day even without... #TEDxMan 02-Oct-09 18:15 | CheShA Also really enjoyed @huey's talk, particularly considering he was a late draft. Really well presented and thought provoking. #TEDxMan 02-Oct-09 18:11 | CheShA ... I was too busy trying to catch the eye of a certain Dr Hotness, who seemed to appear out of nowhere. #tedxman 02-Oct-09 18:09 | CheShA ... a) ironically, I was struggling with a massive case of "disconnection anxiety" as my phone battery had just run out and b)... #tedxman 02-Oct-09 18:07 | CheShA Fantastic second half of #TEDxMan, excellent talk by @mazphd although I couldn't really concentrate on what she was saying because... 02-Oct-09 17:59 | CheShA Wicked, mean old @mofgimmers #TEDxMan http://twitpic.com/jz5j1 02-Oct-09 17:58 | CheShA #tedxman was really interesting. Now to the bar. Interestingly, I think I was the only one who didn't bring a mobile :-) 02-Oct-09 17:45 | kamaelian free drinks have run out, two people in front of me :( #tedxman 02-Oct-09 17:41 | degsy Just done my vox pops for the bbc after #tedxman. Now heading to the bar 02-Oct-09 17:40 | amcewen Great finish to @tedxman by @mysticmobile. Now dashing to man ox road station. Good event btw @adew and @cubicgarden. 02-Oct-09 17:36 | specialized #tedxman have you seen the queue? I am at the Cornerhouse 02-Oct-09 17:35 | iainbe http://twitpic.com/jz20l queue for a free drink at #tedxman 02-Oct-09 17:35 | mckjerral in queue for my free drink... #tedxman 02-Oct-09 17:35 | degsy All done. Good job TEDsters. #tedxman 02-Oct-09 17:34 | mistersnappy @robsteranium or perhaps all the best innovators, communicators and ideas people have now flocked to the digital industry? #tedxman 02-Oct-09 17:33 | Global5ocialite @MysticMobile easily the funniest talk at #TEDxMan Much enjoyed. Social Capital is for Bridging, Bonding, Grooming & Gossip 02-Oct-09 17:24 | realfreshtv Big props to #tedxman @cubicgarden @toodrew @drewtoo @julianlstar @marialstar @herbkim et al too many to screentype 02-Oct-09 17:24 | davemee there ends a great day, see everyone at the bar #tedxman 02-Oct-09 17:23 | toodrew @mysticmobile great talk at #tedxman - how gaming can change the world. People #ff him - fascinating guy. 02-Oct-09 17:22 | KatePickering @ mysticmobile it's been a real pleasure #tedxman 02-Oct-09 17:21 | iainbe I'm packing up laptop now - great day from #tedxman. hope the organisers get some praise and looking forward to chat with drink. ;-) 02-Oct-09 17:20 | foodiesarah Gutted to miss the end of Paul Coulton at #tedxman - was getting extremely interesting 02-Oct-09 17:20 | StardotGarf Wonder if the speakers get annoyed with the audience not watching as they're too busy tweeting #tedxman 02-Oct-09 17:20 | sapnarella Hey #tedxman, Paul Coulton is great - where can we watch and share talk online? 02-Oct-09 17:19 | KatePickering We're going into overtime at #tedxman 02-Oct-09 17:19 | cubicgarden ifart and pull my finger apps in a legal battle! lol here @ #tedxman 02-Oct-09 17:18 | foodiesarah Regarding touching people's phones, I tried 'Bump' app for iPhone for first time yesterday. It didn't work. #tedxman #appfail 02-Oct-09 17:18 | sc_r @mofgimmers you just got a mention from a speaker at #tedxman re: goats 02-Oct-09 17:16 | mckjerral Goats? #tedxman 02-Oct-09 17:16 | mistersnappy RT @daveverwer: RT @foodiesarah: low tech cameras less intrusive so allows camerawoman to get closer and produce more candid shots #tedxman 02-Oct-09 17:15 | biangbiangadong #tedxman apparently 27 phones are made every second, but 30 get reported nicked (via @davemee) 02-Oct-09 17:15 | cubicgarden broadcasting. Regeneration. Journalism. Social media.cbbc.gaydar.mobile phone and play.all at #tedxman (via @adew) 02-Oct-09 17:14 | cubicgarden RT @foodiesarah: low tech cameras less intrusive so allows camerawoman to get closer and produce more candid shots #tedxman 02-Oct-09 17:14 | daveverwer #tedxman portmanteaus "crapplications" 02-Oct-09 17:14 | davemee Not for the first time at a conference, the best talk is by someone parachuted in last minute @huey #tedxman (not over yet mind :-) ) 02-Oct-09 17:14 | sfrater @adew I started reading that as a web address - mobile.gaydar.cbbc.bbc.co.uk - hahaha no, It's going well I think! :D #tedxman 02-Oct-09 17:13 | tdobson Finally a new attitude to social networking at #tedxman 02-Oct-09 17:12 | devolute RT @mercedesccs: Paul Coulton on mobile games as meme generators at #tedxman they saved best till last 02-Oct-09 17:12 | KatePickering Almost all the #tedxman sessions have been good. Will leave with food for thought. Laptop battery dying tho 02-Oct-09 17:12 | louisebolotin the only ideas worth spreading digital?#tedxman via @Global5ocialite You can represent anything digitally, given enough rez @TonyChurnside 02-Oct-09 17:11 | cubicgarden RT @nickycast: Per second: Four babies are born, also 27 mobile phones produced. Enter the world of the cyborg. #tedxman 02-Oct-09 17:11 | Rd0n @herbkim are you timing paul's talk? i am off duty ;) #tedxman 02-Oct-09 17:10 | FuturEverything broadcasting. Regeneration. Journalism. Social media.cbbc.gaydar.mobile phone and play.all at #tedxman 02-Oct-09 17:09 | adew Are the only ideas worth spreading digital? #tedxman via @Global5ocialite You can represent anything digitally, given enough resolution. 02-Oct-09 17:09 | TonyChurnside #tedxman apparently 27 phones are made every second, but 30 get reported nicked 02-Oct-09 17:08 | davemee Am not a gamer but Coulter's talk is fascinating stuff so far #tedxman 02-Oct-09 17:08 | louisebolotin #TedxMan Was the Wii the first "Pre-Raphaelite Gaming" revolution of our time? 02-Oct-09 17:08 | Rd0n #tedxman I'm all up for doing fun better and more easily 02-Oct-09 17:08 | iainbe @huey where can we watch the rest of your movie? #tedxman Very very interesting talk :) I come from a young person PoV there as well :) 02-Oct-09 17:08 | tdobson #tedxman results: half of the sesions were good. I'll be back next time. 02-Oct-09 17:07 | jexner He just said "paradigm shift" - marketing talk. just lost my respect even if he did make some good points. #tedxman 02-Oct-09 17:06 | tdobson Per second: Four babies are born, also 27 mobile phones produced. Enter the world of the cyborg. #tedxman 02-Oct-09 17:06 | nickycast @huey spot on! many thanks for great talk at #tedxman 02-Oct-09 17:06 | adew Paul coulton at #tedxman is right, games biz is insular and self obsessed... why tho? 02-Oct-09 17:06 | davemee Paul Coulton on mobile games as meme generators at #tedxman they saved best till last 02-Oct-09 17:06 | mercedesccs 4 babies born every second and yet 27 mobile phones created! #tedxman (via @KatePickering) 02-Oct-09 17:06 | cubicgarden paul coulton: "games have become divorced from play" #TEDxMan 02-Oct-09 17:06 | Imran @KatePickering 4 babies and 27 phones? Imagine the microwavey fun you could have! #tedxman 02-Oct-09 17:05 | suitov rants by gamers when anything new comes along - games have become disolved from play. no longer intrinsically linked - coulter #tedxman 02-Oct-09 17:05 | foodiesarah Hugh Garry's tall at #TEDxMan was awesome. Highlight of the day. @huey how can I see your film? 02-Oct-09 17:04 | daveverwer 4 babies are born every second, 27 mobile phones are made every second #tedxman 02-Oct-09 17:04 | bashtoni Wicked! I've seen Paul Coulton speak at Over The Air - he's great. Can't wait to hear what's new. #tedxman 02-Oct-09 17:04 | saintsal 4 babies born every second and yet 27 mobile phones created! #tedxman 02-Oct-09 17:04 | KatePickering I like the cut of Paul Coulton's jib at #tedxman - more interesting stuff out of Lancaster - one to watch...? 02-Oct-09 17:02 | coralgrainger @tdobson So like I said, its not all for everyone but theres gems in those talks #tedxman 02-Oct-09 17:02 | cubicgarden #tedxman Hugh Garry from Radio 1 is an interesting guy with good ideas. Shame the DJs on that station aren't like him. 02-Oct-09 17:02 | Thoughtful_ final speaker ( you have to feel for that) is Paul Coulton from Lancs Uni at #tedxman talking about mobile games as social info appliances 02-Oct-09 17:01 | foodiesarah Final #tedxman speaker Paul Coulton from Nokia on phone gaming and its trends 02-Oct-09 17:00 | louisebolotin RT @samscam @huey/beeb should sack the producers and give the teenagers the job... They will have your arses in the end after all! #tedxman 02-Oct-09 17:00 | tdobson Just spotted some of @russelldavies' work in the row in front of me here at #tedxman 02-Oct-09 17:00 | amcewen @huey's talk is awesome#tedxman 02-Oct-09 16:58 | cubicgarden Want to watch the rest of @huey 's film now #tedxman 02-Oct-09 16:58 | ClaireTennant Are the only ideas worth spreading digital ones? #tedxman (via @Global5ocialite) perhaps social media focus is product of the venue 02-Oct-09 16:57 | robsteranium I think @huey has got it spot on! :) Really interesting talk! #tedxman 02-Oct-09 16:57 | tdobson low tech cameras less intrusive so allows camerawoman to get closer and produce more candid shots #tedxman lesson for journos there too 02-Oct-09 16:56 | foodiesarah @huey talking about making great stories about festivals using mobiles -great stuff! #tedxman 02-Oct-09 16:56 | doggyb "Young people really do think editorially before the hit record" #tedxman 02-Oct-09 16:56 | MikeNolan #tedxman @huey / beeb should sack the producers and give the teenagers the job... They will have your arses in the end after all! 02-Oct-09 16:56 | samscam RT @julianlstar: #tedxman @huey says that mobile phones are doing for filmmaking what advent of 35mm did for photography at beginning of C20 02-Oct-09 16:55 | louisebolotin #tedxman FYI Rio has won the 2016 Olympic bid 02-Oct-09 16:55 | noveltyshoe #tedxman FYI Ryo has won the 2016 Olympic bid 02-Oct-09 16:55 | noveltyshoe @huey film reminds me of the 90's wedding trend where disposable cameras were given to guests. Without the printing at #boots #tedxman 02-Oct-09 16:54 | stevieflow #tedxman @huey saying that mobile phones are doing for film making what the advent of 35mm did for photography at the beginning of C20 02-Oct-09 16:53 | julianlstar #tedxman @huey 's festival film captures feel and atmos of festivals perfectly. Hopefully find full version online? 02-Oct-09 16:53 | ncrossland The problem I have with those sorts of film isn't the video quality, it's the shaky camerawork that gives me motion sickness #tedxman 02-Oct-09 16:52 | amcewen RT @Rd0n #TEDxMan "The pixel is the icon of the first decade of the 21st century" perfect @huey 02-Oct-09 16:50 | ncrossland RT louisebolotin "#tedxman has gone all musical and decided to play us a Bob Marley video instead of giving us a speaker!..." best bit IMO 02-Oct-09 16:50 | portonovo2mcr @pokebook And the etiquette of Pokebook? It's a nuanced environment and the customs that have sprung up can intimidate newcomers. #tedxman 02-Oct-09 16:50 | suitov #tedxman @huey showing his film Shoot the Summer. Reminds me of the All Tomorrow's Parties film shown at the @liverpoolphil for #ANDFestival 02-Oct-09 16:50 | amcewen Nice film from festivals by @huey #tedxman 02-Oct-09 16:49 | MikeNolanLive Pokebook does these high videos too - check out our new viral marketing video at pokebook.co.uk or you're not cool! #tedxman 02-Oct-09 16:49 | pokebook Has anyone looked at the social impact of Pokebook and how it changes the way children watch TV #tedxman 02-Oct-09 16:47 | pokebook http://twitpic.com/jyvat - Hugh garry at #TEDxMan 02-Oct-09 16:47 | jadeanson #tedxman it's the ultimate Dogme 95 movie 02-Oct-09 16:47 | iainbe the #tedxman audience now seeing the film @huey made by distributing mobiles around festivals 02-Oct-09 16:46 | foodiesarah "Renameless" @huey coins first portmanteau of #tedxman 02-Oct-09 16:45 | davemee Great to see @huey talking at #tedxman without the visual crutch of PowerPoint. It makes for a much freer and engaging delivery 02-Oct-09 16:44 | julianlstar #TEDxMan "The pixel is the icon of the first decade of the 21st century" perfect @huey 02-Oct-09 16:44 | Rd0n Hugh Garry trying to get #tedxman audience on side by throwing Shaun Ryder's name into his speech. Hmmmm 02-Oct-09 16:43 | louisebolotin I think I might like @huey s talk at #tedxman - we shall see. Will investigate his blog 02-Oct-09 16:43 | coralgrainger Gaydar ain't got nothing on Pokebook - you can't even poke all your friends on Gaydar! Checkout pokebook.co.uk now! #tedxman 02-Oct-09 16:43 | pokebook now Radio1s @huey at #tedxman talking without powerpoint and the bet of the £5 for an anti-beeb rant/question is back on wi @groovegenerator 02-Oct-09 16:41 | foodiesarah #TedXman As Kate says: The trousers are distracting me. 02-Oct-09 16:41 | overthewire not sure whether or not I'll get to #currybeer - drinks in the palace theatre next...... #tedxman] 02-Oct-09 16:41 | tdobson Are the only ideas worth spreading digital ones? #tedxman 02-Oct-09 16:40 | Global5ocialite Discussing possibilities for another BarCamp Liverpool/Greater Merseyside/West Lancashire during the break at #tedxman 02-Oct-09 16:40 | MikeNolan Another fiver up for grabs - same bet as last time #tedxman #welovethebbc 02-Oct-09 16:40 | groovegenerator #tedxman next is Hugh Gary from Radio 1. @groovegenerator's fiver may yet be safe... 02-Oct-09 16:39 | louisebolotin @cubicgarden I dont mind! I'm inspired most by things that frustrate me! #tedxman 02-Oct-09 16:38 | tdobson #tedxman demands @cubicgarden gabba remix 02-Oct-09 16:38 | davemee Happy there's no accordion that instrument does my nut in #tedxman 02-Oct-09 16:38 | simon_alexander #tedxman has gone all musical and decided to play us a Bob Marley video instead of giving us a speaker! Cool Friday stuff 02-Oct-09 16:37 | louisebolotin we're all getting One Love'd up here at #tedxman group hugs all round ;-) 02-Oct-09 16:37 | foodiesarah #tedxman is this a song about social networking or gaydar or something? 02-Oct-09 16:37 | davemee RT @louisgeorgiou #tedxman that speaker had hot tights! 02-Oct-09 16:37 | steverg Pity I don't have any helium with me can't join in with ' let's get together' at #tedxman 02-Oct-09 16:37 | chrissyhammond #tedxman that's entertainment 02-Oct-09 16:36 | iainbe Much better use of video sessions at tedx! Bring the fun in :) #tedxman 02-Oct-09 16:36 | alisonmealey Always up for a bit of Bob. Nice one TED #tedxman 02-Oct-09 16:35 | mistersnappy Final session of TEDxManchester beginning:#tedxman http://yfrog.com/5n28001188j 02-Oct-09 16:33 | bobop #tedxman that speaker had hot tights! 02-Oct-09 16:33 | louisgeorgiou @adrianslatcher @JamieClouting @davemee sorry had to dash back to work, let me know about the rest #tedxman, drink at some point? 02-Oct-09 16:33 | misscroissant Tedxman. This is a most excellent conference. Brain is bleeding. 02-Oct-09 16:31 | sphey1 @Global5ocialite if I was doing a talk at #tedxman it would be to remind everyone that the brave new world needs ubiquitous broadband. #ftth 02-Oct-09 16:31 | cyberdoyle @devolute No, Facebook is doomed to obscurity. Pokebook.co.uk is where it's at. #tedxman 02-Oct-09 16:29 | suitov Just lost the game! #tedxman 02-Oct-09 16:29 | AlanDalby Think son of prof starkey from robot wars is here. Coolest part of #tedxman so far 02-Oct-09 16:29 | mckjerral Has anyone heard of Facebook? I predict it will really catch on #tedxman 02-Oct-09 16:27 | devolute What would your TED talk be on? Feel like Alain de Botton stole mine, only did it better. Damn envy. #tedxman 02-Oct-09 16:26 | Global5ocialite #tedxman Freudian slip typo from the last talk. Should be analysed! 02-Oct-09 16:23 | Thoughtful_ Vanity: going back to the auditorium so you can see your tweets on a bigger screen #tedxman 02-Oct-09 16:21 | jexner #tedxman A bit too much talk on social networking. Does it have to be analised so much? 02-Oct-09 16:19 | Thoughtful_ Plugged in and ready for the final session before drinkies! #tedxman 02-Oct-09 16:19 | mistersnappy Can you tell a speaker they are better on twitter than live? Or is that rude? #tedxman 02-Oct-09 16:16 | jexner The problem with tweeting from #tedxman is that you started getting followed by bots. Now have child businsses on my tail. Pointless 02-Oct-09 16:14 | louisebolotin And gutted to have missed #tedxman and the brilliance of @mancamerata! 02-Oct-09 16:14 | creativeconcern RT @innovationmcr #tedxman Marc Goodchild -next area innovation on children BBC is the interface -take cues fm wii &iPhone 02-Oct-09 16:14 | TM_at_MBS At #tedxman having a discussion as to whether Twitter is shit. Nik will hate this post... 02-Oct-09 16:14 | rdepom #tedxman Interesting talk from Ben Light on 'commoditisation of difference'. Which boxes have I ticked to warrant so much gay porn spam??? 02-Oct-09 16:06 | laurenkjones Search.twitter rss feed only sends a fraction of #tedxman tweets to Dipity and Yahoo Pipes. Can't work out if problem is the feed or me. 02-Oct-09 16:03 | alisongow Ben Light highlights the Gone To Facebook community that moves beyond niche to allow broader networking. #TEDxMan 02-Oct-09 16:02 | nickycast TEDx has just gone a bit...um...off the point. Case studies are for illustrating a point. What was the point? #tedxman 02-Oct-09 16:01 | sapnarella RT @herbkim: It's gone all TEDxSEX in here all of a sudden. Talking about AdultFriendFinder now. #TEDxMAN 02-Oct-09 16:01 | overthewire #tedxman ben light talking about gaydar and it's implications re social network future 02-Oct-09 16:01 | endac1 Do niche sites start the conversation and does it end in the mainstream? #tedxman 02-Oct-09 16:01 | ThreeFourNine Man, this asexual's suddenly glad not to be at #tedxman or I'd be looking uncomfortable and edging for the door... 02-Oct-09 16:00 | suitov #tedxman I'm going to petition to join Salford Uni's Digital Cluster Exec if the level of discussion is this good 02-Oct-09 16:00 | iainbe @devolute Web 9.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999? Catch-up! #tedxman 02-Oct-09 16:00 | robsteranium Is this thr first time BDSM has been discussed at TED? #tedxman 02-Oct-09 16:00 | anti_social Lol "tell me about adult friend finder" :P #TEDxMan 02-Oct-09 15:59 | mohsin #TedxMan @Groovegenerator now tells us about Adult Friend Finder. Comparing open Gaydar to secret Adult Friend Finder. 02-Oct-09 15:59 | overthewire It's gone all TEDxSEX in here all of a sudden. Talking about AdultFriendFinder now. #TEDxMAN 02-Oct-09 15:59 | herbkim Plenty of insights into gay online habits from Prof Light #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:59 | louisebolotin #tedxman this session just got better. The bdsm biter bit! 02-Oct-09 15:59 | iainbe Great breakdown of derterminism of technology when constructing Gaydar profiles: classification of identity moulded by constraints #TEDxMan 02-Oct-09 15:58 | nickycast So then, Gaydar is bad?? #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:57 | jonthebeef #tedxman Gaydar configuring users very sexually by default. 02-Oct-09 15:57 | overthewire RT @metaltax: #tedxman thank god Ben Light and Marc Goodchild didn't get their PowerPoints mixed up. 02-Oct-09 15:56 | herbkim 5m isn't that much on a social media site in comparison to other social networks #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:56 | ThreeFourNine #Tedxman Gaydar had 5 Million members worldwide. 02-Oct-09 15:56 | overthewire At #tedxman. Gaydar talk v.boring & confused. Conf is v. Hit&miss. Too much socialnet crap 02-Oct-09 15:56 | toyg getting a fascinating insight into gay men's attitudes via @doggyb at #tedxman and internal debate regarding gaydar's relevance 02-Oct-09 15:56 | foodiesarah Prof Ben Light: gay men more likely to use the additional features & services on their mobile phones. I did not know that! #TEDxMAN 02-Oct-09 15:55 | thinkingdigital @doggyb bringing in links with marketing ideas - deconstructing pink pound and Gaydar's categorisations and assumptions #TEDxMAN 02-Oct-09 15:55 | francesbell @tdobson @louisebolotin like I said, not every single talk be up your street but some will be. #TEDxMan is a mixed bag 02-Oct-09 15:54 | cubicgarden Riveting talk by Ben Light. Academics dig deep. #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:54 | organised #tedxman Gaydar: Talking about online identity, stereotyping, market data. 02-Oct-09 15:54 | overthewire gah laptop battery is dying... Laptop -> hibernate :( Neeed Poweeerrrrrr :( #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:53 | tdobson RT @groovegenerator Is LOLspeak a patois now? W00t! #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:53 | ThreeFourNine #tedxman never mind gaydar, gaydargirls would be an interesting study if someone wants to fund me! 02-Oct-09 15:52 | mercedesccs RT @RogerCashman: Just crashed the #tedxman event. Never heard so much bollocks talked in my life. What do these people do for a living? 02-Oct-09 15:52 | ManojRanaweera #tedxman thank god Ben Light and Marc Goodchild didn't get their PowerPoints mixed up. 02-Oct-09 15:52 | metaltax quote from Benlight "The village people category" rofl! #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:51 | cubicgarden He may be talking about Gaydar, but he's not talking a pile of crap and name dropping twitter and bebo and facebook every second! #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:51 | tdobson Ben Light discussing gay networking online, eg Gaydar #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:49 | louisebolotin prof light has been studying gaydar which means he can show us pix of men with rippling torsos at #tedxman there's worse ways to spend a Fri 02-Oct-09 15:49 | foodiesarah #tedxman We're watching GayDar. I feel very un six-packed all of a sudden. 02-Oct-09 15:49 | overthewire @francesbell @doggyb Young people probably know more about Sex than he does! haha #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:48 | tdobson @francesbell @doggyb LOL! Don't be warping the young people now ;) BTW really quite jealous - #TEDxMAN looks great fun! 02-Oct-09 15:48 | suchprettyeyes RT @mercedesccs: #tedxman oh cool a talk on gaydar. There was actually an intake of breath from the audience 02-Oct-09 15:48 | herbkim Okay - the £5 note is on the bar in The Palace Hotel #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:47 | groovegenerator #tedxman bbc to lead open-source project natal? (#rumourmongering) 02-Oct-09 15:47 | davemee #tedxman oh cool a talk on gaydar. There was actually an intake of breath from the audience 02-Oct-09 15:47 | mercedesccs #tedxman prof Ben Light now talking about sex and social media. Interest has immediately rocketed 02-Oct-09 15:47 | louisebolotin @doggyb looking a bit worried that there some young people in audience - promising to tone down the sex ;) #TEDxMAN 02-Oct-09 15:46 | francesbell RT @groovegenerator: Is LOLspeak a patois now? W00t! #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:45 | louisebolotin Lots of traditional media perspective, even web reps purpose seems be to support TV. Be interesting to hear from a diff platform... #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:45 | KatePickering prof ben light from salford uni up next at #tedxman he promises sex which is a bit worrying given the location and 350 audience 02-Oct-09 15:44 | foodiesarah so from childrens to the more adult themes, #tedxman is certainly different from the usual conference you go to, right? 02-Oct-09 15:44 | cubicgarden #tedxman commodification - word of the day 02-Oct-09 15:44 | metaltax #tedxman Marc Goodchild -next area innovation on childrens bbc is the interface - ie not keyboards not mice (?) take cues from wii &iPhone 02-Oct-09 15:44 | innovationmcr @richardsmedley well perhaps but if you watch #tedxman its a bit scary! :P 02-Oct-09 15:44 | tdobson Cbeebies looking at alt. interfaces like webcams vs keyboards. Young kids are pre-literate so why make them deal with qwerty? #tedxman #ux 02-Oct-09 15:42 | saintsal Glad I'm not at #tedxman and instead eating cake and reading everyone's tweets at how bad it is.. not 1 good or interesting comment yet! 02-Oct-09 15:42 | instruct #tedxman Goodchild: qwerty keyboard bad, have to learn to type. Bollocks, I've managed for 31 years as a hack without typing lessons 02-Oct-09 15:42 | louisebolotin There are THREE ways to of getting something done: Pay someone to do it, do it yourself or forbid your children from doing it... #tedxman :P 02-Oct-09 15:42 | tdobson Is LOLspeak a patois now? W00t! #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:42 | groovegenerator Gotta go to client meeting, will keep a track on #tedxman via Twitter 02-Oct-09 15:42 | Jenniferogrady #tedxman club penguin? Sounds like somethin i gotta join. I wonder if u get a membership card? 02-Oct-09 15:40 | st_eve_mcqueen Marc goodchild from BBC kids @#tedxman - great insights into kids use of media and how they expect interactivity 02-Oct-09 15:40 | endac1 #tedxman Mark Goodchild: Little people (kids) don't have big wallets... 02-Oct-09 15:40 | overthewire First good question, first real 'ideas' based answer. Well done. Innovation in user interface for kids. #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:40 | JamieClouting #tedxman typewriters again. That qwerty keyboard is the culprit 02-Oct-09 15:39 | iainbe Next big thing for Childrens website is a change to the interface. #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:39 | MikeNolanLive RT @daveverwer: RT @groovegenerator: £5 bet on a long-winded, BBC-bashing question after Marc's talk #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:39 | herbkim Really hoping the Chuckle Brothers are going to make a presentation at #tedxman. To me , to you! Interactive 02-Oct-09 15:39 | stevieflow Very good talk from marc goodchild.... #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:39 | _davelee Had such a busy afternoon, wish I'd had time to attend #TEDXman, sounds like a really good event 02-Oct-09 15:38 | MarpleLeaf RT @groovegenerator: £5 bet on a long-winded, BBC-bashing question after Marc's talk #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:37 | daveverwer RT @groovegenerator: £5 bet on a long-winded, BBC-bashing question after Marc's talk #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:37 | louisebolotin FFS you dont need to spend loads of sodding time learning about who children are to do conference presentation on them #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:36 | tdobson what children want - instant. interactive, everywhere(on and offline) and in endless supply #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:36 | foodiesarah £5 bet on a long-winded, BBC-bashing question after Marc's talk #tedxman (via @groovegenerator) 02-Oct-09 15:36 | cubicgarden RT @louisebolotin This is all going over my head as I don't have kids #tedxman - agreed. 02-Oct-09 15:35 | JamieClouting "The proliferation of tv channels (and also HDD recorders & online catch up) the shared experience of tv for kids has dissapeared." #TEDxMan 02-Oct-09 15:35 | daveverwer Cbbc: all traditional broadcasting content online without embracing the social factor are all in decline #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:34 | Jenniferogrady This is all going over my head as I don't have kids #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:34 | louisebolotin eBay 4th highest website brand awareness amongst 6-12 y/o #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:34 | MikeNolan @degsy I'm 18 :) and I run DFEY - www.dfey.org so yes, I do fit somewhat in this age bracket. I wish were more young people here! #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:33 | tdobson RT @groovegenerator: £5 bet on a long-winded, BBC-bashing question after Marc's talk #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:33 | foodiesarah £5 bet on a long-winded, BBC-bashing question after Marc's talk #tedxman (via @groovegenerator) Surely not? Think of the children! 02-Oct-09 15:33 | laurenkjones stats stats stats #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:32 | milocreative I think he should really stop using kids and children as works to describe young people. its condescending. tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:32 | tdobson £5 bet on a long-winded, BBC-bashing question after Marc's talk #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:31 | groovegenerator #tedxman @cubicgarden ... Or try to programme his music choices! 02-Oct-09 15:31 | iainbe @stemount I'm at TEDxManchester with the rest of Manchester's population. http://www.tedxnorth.com/manchester09/programme.php #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:31 | tdobson @Jenniferogrady don't think that's what the graph said #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:31 | metaltax @herbkim @cubicgarden reading your tweets, glad #TEDxMAN is going well! 02-Oct-09 15:31 | Jas Now 'networking a hunk' . With thanks #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:30 | mazphd #tedxman @mazphd there you go, all social media degrades to ... The Today Programme! 02-Oct-09 15:30 | iainbe #tedxman bbc claim games console use in decline as going online increases 02-Oct-09 15:30 | Jenniferogrady #tedxman cbbc interactivity 2-way http://twitpic.com/jyl8m 02-Oct-09 15:29 | noveltyshoe interesting talk about about children and what they spend their time doing. bit condescending so far though #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:29 | tdobson Struggling to be interested in kids' net & tv habits #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:29 | louisebolotin #tedxman marc goodchild stats mean 47% DO NOT go online daily I'm surprised by that. 02-Oct-09 15:29 | chrissyhammond #TedxMan "We don't fear failure, we fear being ridiculed for failure" (via @Rd0n) 02-Oct-09 15:28 | coralgrainger @cubicgarden i don't know what it is but yes! maybe its valuable to older generations to whom it isnt obvious but still.... #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:28 | tdobson 53% of 5-16s go online daily, 23 % for more than 3 hours! #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:28 | foodiesarah Indeed, are our SM profiles our digital life stories? #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:27 | Global5ocialite #TEDxMan's best tweet "only clapped to loosen some bbc biscuit" (via @davemee) 02-Oct-09 15:27 | Imran #Tedxman 37% of children have Internet access in their own room 02-Oct-09 15:27 | Jenniferogrady @robeasson With the most sustainable options in those areas, isn't reusing existing space still more sustainable than new builds? #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:27 | saintsal #tedxman do kids really report that they want stuff to be platform agnostic?! 02-Oct-09 15:26 | iainbe More from the beeb... Hope the audience can avoid BBC bashing in the questions #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:26 | alan_hook Finished my work on the MPLE for the day and hotfooted over to the beeb for #tedxman in time for mr goodchild 02-Oct-09 15:26 | samscam What can children tell us about the future... hmm BIG expectation of this talk.... hahha #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:26 | tdobson marc goodchild of children's bbc now at #tedxman he's one of the wise making the move to Mcr. good fact2 start now 'children of the future' 02-Oct-09 15:26 | foodiesarah @groovegenerator well I guess that answers your question about the use of 'new media' is a current term #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:26 | Jenniferogrady Bizarre thought; if our SM profiles don't degrade, will our great-great-great grandkids be able to research what we were up to? #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:26 | Global5ocialite RT @davemee @mazphd #tedxman the daily me, constantly soiled pants, hypersocialanxiety? 02-Oct-09 15:25 | mazphd @foodiesarah keep info coming. living event through twitter on train - v amusing picture. love it. #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:25 | heatherpea BBC's childrens interactive content chap talking at #tedxman about 2 way connections with audience 02-Oct-09 15:24 | bobop Next #tedxman speaker is Marc Goodchild of BBC Children, can't be worse than last one 02-Oct-09 15:23 | louisebolotin #tedxman the 00:1F:33:FE:69:98 BackstageBaby wifi AP is working nicely.. Lock yourself to that one.. 02-Oct-09 15:22 | tdobson Dr Mariann Hardy at #TEDxMan makes some interesting points on the need for a new social sensibility for socially mediated lifestyles 02-Oct-09 15:22 | realfreshtv #TedXman We use social media to experiment with versions of our potential selves, thoughts and ideas. 02-Oct-09 15:21 | overthewire I'm Web3.0 y'all so catch up ;-) #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:21 | devolute just seen my inbox - wow! hello to new followers, guessing ur following #tedxman so will attempt to do good tweet with what's left of day 02-Oct-09 15:21 | foodiesarah #tedxman hmmm... not web2 but web squared 02-Oct-09 15:20 | _davelee @mckjerral Struggling to focus at #tedxman having just seen the top of the current speakers stockings> TAXI!!!! 02-Oct-09 15:19 | RogerCashman Good talk on social media from @madphd at #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:19 | Rich_Clark #Tedxman only clapped to loosen some bbc biscuit 02-Oct-09 15:18 | davemee RT @RealStardotstar: #TedXman I am more than the sum of my social networking activities 02-Oct-09 15:18 | rainycitytales Listening to #tedxman speaker and arguing on email about the irrelevance of chairs being the wrong Pantone. Talk about grounding. 02-Oct-09 15:18 | mercedesccs #TedXman I am more than the sum of my social netwoking activities 02-Oct-09 15:17 | RealStardotstar @mazphd "...should social media degrade?" #TEDxMan 02-Oct-09 15:17 | Imran Building is sustainable. It just depends on the architect, builder, client, materials, mgmt, occupancy & tech (via @robeasson) #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:17 | saintsal @stevieflow pokebook.co.uk is actually the place to be. Poking has reached 2.0 #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:17 | tdobson RT @saintsal: @overthewire I applaude you! #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:17 | thinkingdigital @cubicgarden but she's actually saying blatantly obvious things and dressing them up as "buzz" revelations... :-/ #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:16 | tdobson Web2.0 cliche-fest continuing unabated #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:16 | anti_social @jonmford @ben_cahoona @sapnarella wishing I was at #TEDxMan :( 02-Oct-09 15:16 | ciarancullen BBC not happy with my health & safety briefing during the opening. Luckily @toodrew put the lawyers at ease :-) #TEDxMAN 02-Oct-09 15:16 | herbkim @mazphd tedxman participation as fulfilment of expectation? 02-Oct-09 15:16 | davemee Struggling to focus at #tedxman having just seen the top of the current speakers stockings 02-Oct-09 15:16 | mckjerral I move that "etiquette" henceforth be pronounced "etty-ketty". #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:15 | suitov #tedxman I wonder if we could start the rumour that social media causes hives and so parents must stop kids using it 02-Oct-09 15:15 | groovegenerator the thing about web2.0 is that its name is actually selfhumouring about itself. but at #tedxman is taking it seriously.... hmmm 02-Oct-09 15:14 | tdobson @ mazphd more involved social participation all good but where's the opportunity? #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:14 | iainbe @mazphd #tedxman the daily me, constantly soiled pants, hypersocialanxiety? 02-Oct-09 15:14 | davemee TEDxSheffield & now Manchester are the 2 TEDx's w applause for the vids :-) RT @overthewire: #Tedxman I clapped in applause of the video 02-Oct-09 15:13 | herbkim @overthewire I applaude you! #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:13 | saintsal I am SO going to become a Social Media Analyst. I have all this old rope I need to shift. Think of all that cash... #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:13 | metaltax Isn't 2.0 a passé term now? #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:12 | ThreeFourNine #tedxman gah getting lecture on how to use social media. Yawn. All here know how to use it. Dull dull dull. Give us something new 02-Oct-09 15:12 | louisebolotin @cubicgarden YAY free drinks!and yes the wifi points must be taking a hammering - its temperamental #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:12 | tdobson she sounds like she knows a lot, but she seems to be just name dropping #facebook #twitter etc etc #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:11 | tdobson @tdobson #pokebook is where it's at I heard #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:11 | stevieflow awesome...@mazphd and I have been tryin to catchup over coffee for months...so closest we get is as audience/speaker :) #TEDxMan 02-Oct-09 15:11 | Imran TEDx is really good so far. Wouldn't want to be a speaker on after an official TED talk tho #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:11 | sapnarella Social media = the abridged guide to everything now? #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:10 | saintsal Dr Mariann Hardey @mazphd onstage now talking bout her research into social media etiquette.. http://bit.ly/16JiS2 #TEDxMAN 02-Oct-09 15:10 | herbkim I still think it's wierd watching a ted talk at tedx. It has a 'look at what you could have won' feel to it. #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:10 | alisonmealey Dr Mariann Hardey @mazphd onstage now talking bout her research into social media etiquette.. http://bit.ly/16JiS2 #TEDxMAN 02-Oct-09 15:10 | thinkingdigital sodding web2.0 #tedxman social sodding networking RRrrr complete socialmediabollocks 02-Oct-09 15:10 | tdobson @RogerCashman there's a selection of free drinks at the palace bar after #tedxman, would be a mistake to miss out 02-Oct-09 15:09 | cubicgarden Sorry, I didn't come here for a talk about bloody social meeja. Is that the only thing we have ideas about? #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:09 | jonthebeef What's yatzer? #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:08 | ThreeFourNine @helenkenna would have been nice! At #tedxman tedx Manchester at the BBC 02-Oct-09 15:08 | m8nd1 Dr Mariann Hardy talking about social media etiquette and our social information online #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:08 | bobop #tedxman now speaking Dr Mariann Hardey social scientist on being a social media-oholic and the long tail of social media 02-Oct-09 15:07 | louisebolotin Should be interesting a talk on social media etiquette #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:07 | ThreeFourNine #Tedxman I clapped in applause of the video speaker. 02-Oct-09 15:07 | overthewire #tedxman Social media analyst up next. How do you qualify for that job title? 02-Oct-09 15:07 | laurenkjones back to normal conference mode - tweeting and blogging what comes next at #tedxman coming up better living 2.0 with Dr Marianne Hardey 02-Oct-09 15:06 | foodiesarah @louisebolotin I am not at #tedxman and no chance of a beer today! Our next event is on the 8th Oct. http://www.nwstartup20.co.uk/sep09 02-Oct-09 15:06 | ManojRanaweera RT @ThinkingDigital: We're watching Alain de Boton here #TEDxMAN http://bit.ly/FOLfA 02-Oct-09 15:06 | centralstrata We're watching Alain de Boton here #TEDxMAN http://bit.ly/FOLfA 02-Oct-09 15:05 | herbkim We're watching Alain de Boton here #TEDxMAN http://bit.ly/FOLfA 02-Oct-09 15:05 | thinkingdigital #tedxman @ManojRanaweera if you're going to the pub after, do say hi, would be good to meet at last 02-Oct-09 15:05 | louisebolotin Wondering why @RogerCashman is still here... #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:04 | metaltax #TedxMan "We don't fear failure, we fear being ridiculed for failure" 02-Oct-09 15:03 | Rd0n @foodiesarah are you coming to our next event on the 8th Oct in Manchester? #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:02 | ManojRanaweera #tedxman anyone fancy a pint? 02-Oct-09 15:02 | RogerCashman Watching @alaindebotton talk at #tedxman. What an absolute tit 02-Oct-09 15:01 | RogerCashman Internet speak FAIL .vs FTW #tedxman 02-Oct-09 15:00 | ThreeFourNine #tedxman, the wifi is in heavy use. We may add a another few access points to the mix 02-Oct-09 14:58 | cubicgarden #tedxman Alain de Botton entertaining, and recycled. Still not much evidence of technology, design and aren't these ideas shared in his ... 02-Oct-09 14:57 | iainbe Watching @alaindebotton Ted talk at #tedxman. I have his autograph 02-Oct-09 14:56 | steverg @Jenniferogrady hi it's the last TEDx of current TEDx tour so no current plans tho I'm sure they'll be in demand for other events #tedxman 02-Oct-09 14:56 | herbkim Seen both TED videos, both pretty good ones #tedxman 02-Oct-09 14:56 | ThreeFourNine Wish I could be at #tedxman - putting the finishing touches on the Festival of Learning website instead (www.festivaloflearning.org.uk) 02-Oct-09 14:55 | acrim Apparently a revolution is on the horizon at #tedxman Could be a 'where were you when...' moment! 02-Oct-09 14:55 | ClaireTennant http://twitpic.com/jyh6a - Sarah hartley being interviewed at #tedxman 02-Oct-09 14:55 | doggyb #tedxman wants the soldier pic from the gatekeeper section of sarah hartley talk 02-Oct-09 14:54 | st_eve_mcqueen #tedxman blinded, blinded by the spotlights burnin my retina 02-Oct-09 14:54 | st_eve_mcqueen @Jenniferogrady If you invite them I'm sure they would come although they would probably need to do a different preso #tedxman 02-Oct-09 14:54 | julianlstar Not having much success with #tedxman wifi or should I say BBC wifi. Shouldn't be surprised really! 02-Oct-09 14:53 | mistersnappy bumped into @daveverwer @toodrew michael sparks and the TEDxLiverpool team during the first break at #TEDxMan :) 02-Oct-09 14:53 | Imran Maybe as flash mob not a polite question over coffee RT @overthewire: #tedxman Somone just asked me storm the stage with them. Answer: No. 02-Oct-09 14:53 | KatePickering In case you haven't seen I'm live tweeting from #TEDxMAN over at @MikeNolanLive. 02-Oct-09 14:53 | MikeNolan #tedxman wants the soldier pic from the gatekeeper section of sarah hartley talk 02-Oct-09 14:52 | st_eve_mcqueen Oooohhh, I've seen this one. #tedxman 02-Oct-09 14:52 | leanda Will some of the speakers from #tedxman be used at other tedx events? 02-Oct-09 14:52 | Jenniferogrady Mi Bax started hurting me...back pillow needed from I'mGettinOld.Com #Miranda #SATC #TedXMan 02-Oct-09 14:51 | portonovo2mcr 320 is pretty hardcore! #tedxman 02-Oct-09 14:51 | ThreeFourNine #tedxman wish I had brought a manbag too 02-Oct-09 14:50 | pjlythgoe #tedxman oops slapped wrists for @charliemorley over fire joke 02-Oct-09 14:49 | Jenniferogrady Weeeeee I'm on the #tedxman screen. Hello everyone! 02-Oct-09 14:49 | mistersnappy Watching 6 BBC guys clambering around trying to figure out why the sound is going up and down at #TEDxMan heehee! 02-Oct-09 14:49 | mohsin http://bit.ly/tedxmanny #TEDxMan 02-Oct-09 14:48 | suitov #tedxman Somone just asked me storm the stage with them. Answer: No. 02-Oct-09 14:48 | overthewire Apparently they have better coffee at the tory event #tedxman 02-Oct-09 14:48 | jexner That's it. I'm going to g0atse this whole room #tedxman 02-Oct-09 14:48 | devolute http://twitpic.com/jyg6q @mofgimmers just realised the auditorium can see them #tedxman 02-Oct-09 14:48 | mckjerral I enjoyed Phil Grffin's talk at #TEDxMAN new builds vs restoration / reuse of buildings re sustainability 02-Oct-09 14:48 | francesbell Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday dear @steverg, Happy birthday to me #tedxman 02-Oct-09 14:47 | steverg #tedxman 320 on flight control! BOOM!! 02-Oct-09 14:47 | andybuchan Having to leave #tedxman half hour early to get back for World Firework Champs Final tonight on Blackpool prom! Priorities wrong?! 02-Oct-09 14:47 | margelicious Ooh, famous for 140 characters #tedxman #gianttwitterfall 02-Oct-09 14:47 | qmacro @alasdsir53 where are you? #tedxman 02-Oct-09 14:47 | coralgrainger #TEDxMan If you read this you are a ballbag 02-Oct-09 14:47 | phingersphil #TEDxMan is on the big screen 02-Oct-09 14:47 | JamesMonaghan Naughty, bad @Mofgimmers #TEDxMan - http://moby.to/2w2ews 02-Oct-09 14:45 | CheShA RT @suitov: @mofgimmers Up next, David Cameron on RDF triples



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