Maid2Match Performed its 500th House Cleaning Service in Brisbane and is Celebrating

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Maid2Match has Just Performed its 500th House Cleaning Service in the City of Brisbane, Australia and is Celebrating Brisbane, QLD – A local Brisbane company, Maid2Match, is celebrating performing its 500th house cleaning service. This is great news for a city that takes great pride in being clean. Through its cleaning services, Maid2Match endeavors to help residents of Brisbane to live in clean homes. The company seeks to make its customers proud of their residential homes. House cleaning is not a favorite task for many Brisbane homeowners and tenants. Maid2Match entered the scene to take this heavy burden off the hands and shoulders of extremely busy residents. Jason Schulz, who is authorized to speak to the media on behalf of the company, says “we are a small team of highly motivated individuals whose goal has always been to help our customers enjoy living and resting in clean homes.” Jason goes ahead to explain that “our customers are our cleaning partners. Providing the 500th house cleaning service would never have been possible without our cleaning partners. The services we provide make families happy while keeping their homes clean. We understand the hassle associated with cleaning homes, hence our pleasure in doing it on behalf of the residents of Brisbane who appreciate the value of clean homes.” The number of house cleaning companies that emerge only to disappear within a short time is astounding. The fact that a single company can provide these services for the five hundredth time is impressive. Customers need a reliable company to hire when they want their homes to receive professional cleaning services. Depending on an unreliable company often leaves many homeowners depressed. Unreliable companies lead to waste of time, money and other resources. Performing the same service more than 500 times takes exceptional abilities and dedication to the task at hand. Offering these services without compromising the quality of work done is commendable. In this regard, Jason is justified in saying that the company’s commitment to ensuring Brisbane residents live in clean, fresh and well-maintained homes has made it possible for them to achieve this milestone. Maid2Match has been providing the house cleaning services since 2014 when it was established. Since then, the company has been providing wide-ranging services to residential homes in Brisbane, QLD. It focuses on all parts of a residential property. It cleans kitchens, wet areas or bath and other areas too. You can find all information on the areas or types of services the company provides by visiting its website. Achievements are worth celebrating all the time, especially when a company with a reputation worth protecting is the one behind them. When the services are available at fair and affordable rates, every single achievement that makes customers keep requesting the same services repeatedly is worth celebrating even more. Brisbane residents, homeowners and tenants are happy with what Maid2Match does to have hired the company for the 500th time. Therefore, visit for more information on the types of house cleaning services worth expecting from Maid2Match whenever you hire them. Feel free to get more information by contacting its media liaison officer on Facebook. Other avenues you can use to reach out to the company include phone calls and emails. You may also write and send a letter to the company. About Company Maid2Match Press Release Contact Name: Jason Schulz 323 Sumners Road, Riverhills 4074 Brisbane, QLD Australia Phone Number: 1800207686 Press Release Contact Email: Website:
Maid2Match recently reached a milestone in it's effort to be the number 1 domestic cleaning service in Australia. And is now celebrating.



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