Key Things to Know before Visiting Stingray City in Grand Cayman

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Key Things to Know before Visiting Stingray City in Grand Cayman If you're planning a vacation to the Cayman Islands, stingray city is surely the place you should not miss. Located in the Grand Cayman, this city is a group of sandbars set 25 miles off the shore of the island. It is the famous tourist attraction where you will find a lot of plenty of stingrays. This place let the travelers swim with these magnificent creatures in the 3 to 5 feet deep crystal clear water. These wild creatures wander free in the North Sound. This city is a 25-minute boat ride from the shore, and a wonderful place for couples, families, aquatic lovers, or solo travelers to enjoy. Play With Stingrays Stingray City in Grand Cayman has shallow water that allows the children to stand and play with these beautiful creatures. It is the rare place where the humans interact with stingrays in their natural habitat. You can access the Stingray City via boat tour. These giant sea creatures are so used to humans that they let them touch, feed them, play, and take pictures with them. It is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience unlike any other on the Caribbean. For more thrilling experience, you can try the snorkel tours. Snorkeling At Stingray City Stingray Sandbar is the best place best for snorkeling because the water is only four feet deep. Another one is Stingray City, where the water can reach up to 12 feet deep. So the experts and beginners can get the fantastic dive there. What to Bring? The boar rise from the seven-mile beach is near about thirty minutes. You will need sunscreen, towel, and a big hat for the boat ride. Plenty of boat operators will offer out water for drinking on their boats, and snacks too. What to Expect? When you arrive at the stingray city, these friendly creatures will throng the boat when they hear the motor noise in the hope that they will get tasty food. Stingrays are not aggressive but they can be fearsome sometimes and can cause deadly injuries. But such incidents are rare. But it is better that you handle them with utmost care and love. So, you do not need not to worry about them if you have kids with you because when you enter the water, your guide will advise you how to touch and handle these stingrays. How to Reach? For Stingray city Grand Cayman best tour, you can pick the affordable options like private boat charters to spend a great day with your family and kids. They usually depart from the cruise ship terminal or the main resorts of the island. Most of the snorkeling tours include a stop to Coral Gardens, Starfish Point, and lunch at either Rum, Kaibo Point or at the beach nearby. The duration of trips is between 2 and a 1/2 to 3 and a 1/2 hour. The rates typically begin from $ 45/person including the drinks and lunch. The seasoned guide issues the snorkel equipment and advises you quick instructions before you start the swimming. Stingray city charters Grand Cayman from Cobalt Custom Charters will let you experience this paradise island like never before during your getaway weekend. The skilled team helps you explore the ocean, enjoy a broad range of water sports, and see blue iguanas in the natural habitat. Chartering a private boat to visit the stingrays, Kaibo, and Starfish Point on Grand Cayman also creates unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

If you're planning a vacation to the Cayman Islands, stingray city is surely the place you should not miss.  Visit with family and enjoy the sweet moments. Contact us to get offers on immediately booking.

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