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Beaches to Visit in Mozambique Mozambique is blessed with a beautiful flora & fauna; the beauty multiplies itself with the alluring beaches of the country. Mozambique's 2,500 km of Indian Ocean coastline is mainly made up of empty, palm-fringed, sandy beaches where luxury hotels and lodges in Mozambique cater for the most discerning traveller. With the multiple beaches, the country is surrounded by water all over the corners, offering a simply superb lifestyle and exotic hang out locations. 1. Savanna Beach, Beira Beira is the second largest city in Mozambique, capital of Sofala Province. The city which was once a playground for the white and rich Rhodesians is now the main attraction for the tourist, people will discover a beautiful but crumbling city by the sea with great food and hospitality. Savanna Beach (20-30 km out of town) ask around if someone is going. You could venture and take a chapa heading in the direction. You have to take a little boat across to the beach, worth the effort. Water is cleaner than Beira and waves are better. Good fishing. Simple restaurant with nice atmosphere. 2. Pemba Thinking of a home away from commercialization and all that city hassle? Come to Pemba and discover a life in peace. Far away from the noisy fields and the vehicles honking along, find a place right in the lap of nature with a historic surrounding to take you on a journey to the rich culture. The shores of the sea may feel relaxing and peaceful, while you have an amazing opportunity to get the sea facing houses for sale in Pemba and the absolutely delightful weather to compliment a wonderful stay. Apart from just chilling out on the beaches and relaxing your senses, there are many other things to do for having a pleasant weekend! With 425km’s of coastline, Pemba’s biggest attraction are its diving and snorkeling. It’s a fantastic place to see a wide variety of multicolored marine life, and while the coral reefs make the beaches tricky to swim off, they make for interesting dives! With diving schools operational in the area, it’s the ideal place to get through your swimming talent. If you’re already a pro, you can opt for a diving safari, and have the experience of the mesmerizing marine life. 3. Inhaca Island Just 30 miles out in the Maputo Bay, lies a wonderful retreat- Inhaca Island. The place is surely not worth missing at all if you’re out for Maputo, it is a natural paradise of breathtaking beaches and coral reefs, away from the mainland. You can easily reach this stunning island via plane or ferry and find distinguished accommodations suitable for any budget. Midst the raw beauty of white sand beaches, tropical birds, and marine life, the accommodations in Inhaca Island are surely the first choice for divers and snorkelers in Maputo. Inhaca Island is a sheltered gateway flooded with yachts, sailboats and cruise ships all around, that fascinates tourists to seek out a tropical break in the crystal waters from the busier cities. These boats also carry some really good options for food, snacks, and drinks, so if you get hungry on your way to Inhaca Island, don’t worry, you won’t get starve! 4. Ponta De Ouro Mozambique, the country known for its rich Portuguese culture and pristine beaches is doing rounds in the global news. With a niche for development, the country is offering endless opportunities to the investors and house buyers from worldwide. As compared to other developed nations, Mozambique is visited by a very less number of tourists making it one of the best places to spend some quality time while relaxing on the beaches with less crowd. Tourism is one of the major industries in Mozambique and supports its economy while offering a lifetime experience to the travelers. 5. Tofo Beach When our minds are full and we long for a break, the beach and the blue sea is the first thing that pops up in our minds and takes us to a soothing nostalgic destination. Experience the blissful things tingling down your spine for real by paying a visit to the pristine beaches of Mozambique. Holidays in Tofo Beach are quite same yet different at the same time as the beach has everything that you can expect from your tropical vacation but with some extra tranquility and calm. The beach is never crowded thus you can experience a euphoric time while lying on the sand and facing the sun.

Planning to visit Mozambique here is list of beaches you must visit in Mozambique, Mozambique's 2,500 km of Indian Ocean coastline is mainly made up of empty, palm-fringed, sandy beaches.


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