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Common Musk Turtle Tampa Bay Turtle & Tortoise Society, Inc. Galapagos Tortoise Monthly Newsletter March 2020 Issue Meeting Date: March 14, 2020, starts at 7:00pm. Guest speaker: Marc Cantos with The TurtleSource. Misc Notes Please update your email information with Ralph Till at We only use this information for club business and it helps for club members to stay up to date on any last minutes changes that may occur. It will also help ensure that you receive your electronic copy of our monthly newsletter. If you would like to submit an article or pictures to be published in the next upcoming newsletter, please email it to Kim at Please submit by the end of the month to be published in the next month’s newsletter. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the officers listed below: Elected & Appointed Officers President - Ralph Till 727-515-7443 Vice President – Mark Randall Treasurer/Membership - Ralph Till 727-515-7443 Secretary/Public Relations - Kim Illum Newsletter Editor – Mark & Kim Illum Facebook Coordinator – Ralph, Mark R & Kim New Website under construction: RALPH'S RAMBLINGS Hello Everyone, Just when we thought the Florida weather would co-operate, BAM! it drops down to super cold temps again. I trust that everyone has taken appropriate precautions to protect their turtles & tortoises from the cold. Last month we had Dr. Jeff Goessling as our speaker. His topic was the Conservation Ecology of the Gopher Tortoise and I want to thank him for what I thought was an excellent presentation. Thank you Jeff. Repticon Tampa was a couple of weeks ago, instead of having a table we (Mark Randall & Myself) helped the USARK team with donations for the first auction held to raise funds to combat some of the proposed changes in Florida reptile laws. If you recall, at last months meeting the club suggested that we donate some funds for this cause ($300.00). We also donated a large Zilla 40gal Turtle Tank Kit that was left over from our auction. This sold at the auction for $175.00, bringing our total donation to USARK, FL to $475.00. It was hoped that the auction would generate at least $15,000, but thanks to the generosity of many it exceeded $30,000. Thank you members, and I can assure you that these funds are being used properly. I'm going to continue to ask members to contribute to our newsletter with a short article about your own experiences with your turtles or tortoises. These short articles can help, not only yourself, but others who may have not yet experienced something that you have. The idea is to share so that we all can learn. This months speaker is Marc Cantos, owner of the TurtleSource in Ft Myers, Fl. Marc has one of the largest and most efficient turtle/tortoise breeding facilities in the country. His presentation, "Tips & Secrets for the Breeding and Care of Turtles and Tortoises" is a must see. It contains over 600 photos and Marc masterfully guides you thru them. You'll not want to miss this opportunity. See you all on Saturday evening, March 14th 2020. Remember that we'll start promptly at 7:00 Ralph Till Re-Cap from last month’s meeting Last month’s guest speaker was Dr. Jeff Goessling. He is a professor at Eckerd College in St Pete and his presentation was on the Conservation Ecology of the Gopher Tortoise. Upcoming Club Speakers April 11, 2020 – TBD May 9, 2020 – TBD June 13, 2020 – TBD July 11, 2020 – TBD August 8, 2020 – TBD September 12, 2020 – No speaker, this is our annual auction October 10, 2020 – TBD November 14, 2020 – No guest speaker, this is our annual election night (current members only) December 12, 2020 – No guest speaker, our annual Christmas party (current members only) NOTE: If you would be interested in doing a talk, pls contact Ralph Till at for additional information. Upcoming Club Events Upcoming reptile shows Repticon Kissimmee – May 23rd & 24th 2020 Repticon Tampa – June 13th & 14th 2020 – volunteers needed Repticon Orlando – July 25th & 26th 2020 Repticon Sarasota – August 1st & 2nd 2020 Daytona National Reptile Breeders Expo – August 20th – 23rd 2020 Repticon FIRE show – September 5th & 6th 2020 Repticon Kissimmee – October 24th & 25th 2020 Repticon Tampa – November 14th & 15th 2020 – volunteers needed Repticon Orlando – December 5th & 6th 2020 Turtles/Tortoises Videos 12 Most Unusual Turtles: Funny tortoise/turtle compilation: Sea turtles 101: Turtles/Tortoises in the News Speak up for Florida’s wild turtles: iXng0Ksdwu5tBEU1Q2?fbclid=IwAR2UxjY1TIV4- MqKkrjeT9kmxYMNsPEuJBYXiB3GDgWsRtfkCBK1MLwjtho Why a turtle/tortoise’s shell is so important: function?fbclid=IwAR0OBoKpABcceKrWXoIApS9HQ9ZT9cb6Z9EcJ9Wsu6v0Etcf50_UiF_rG8A Man buys turtles from food market and sets them free: crosspost&utm_medium=social-fb&utm_content=link&utm_campaign=arron-culling- turtles&utm_term=9179986&fbclid=IwAR2iIsWvOWh_pT9OC_z1z0cRNgTBrm8neypQlGZE5Td6M6 fdu0p8aagBiH4 Kidz Korner Turtle/Tortoise Tender Tales (rescue stories) I did not do a rescue story this time. I wanted to share some of the statics from Central MS Turtle Rescue for everyone to see the amount of turtles/tortoises that can come in. Our official 2019 stats have been tabulated. We took in a total of 489 turtles and had an 88.58% survival rate after the first 24 hours. Many more stats, including the number of different species, male to female ratios, and final dispositions can be found on our website below. 2019 was an amazing year, and we took in more turtles than any year before. 2020 is already on-par to be even busier than last year. Thank you to all of you who are along for this crazy ride with us! Regards, Christy and Luke Milbourne Central MS Turtle Rescue Please visit our website to see more of the rehabs we currently have or if you may need additional information about re-homing/adopting a future pet, please visit: Also like us on Facebook: Upcoming Plant Shows The Green Thumb Festival in St. Pete. I couldn’t find a flyer for this. St. Petersburg's annual Arbor Day Celebration, the Green Thumb Festival, brings together plant and flower lovers, as well as, individuals and families looking for a fun weekend activity. With more than 120 garden, plant and flower vendors and exhibitors, the annual event brings the community together for a weekend of fun. Date: April 25 and 26, 2020 Time: 9 AM to 4 PM Location: Walter Fuller Park 7891 26th Ave. N St. Petersburg, FL 33710 Classified Section You may place your animals, items, services that you have for sale in the club’s newsletter. Ads will run month to month and you must renew it for every month that you would like. Ads are free to up to date/paid members, or $5.00 per month ($8.00 for 2 months) for non-members. Adoptions Looking to re-home out your reptile? Place a free ad for any reptile that you are looking to adopt out (free ads are for reptiles which does NOT have a re-homing fee). Advertising Rates 1/8th Page = $8 per issue or $75 per year (savings of $21). 1/4th Page = $11 per issue or $100 per year (savings of $32). 1/2 Page = $16 per issue or $150 per year (savings of $42). Full Page = $25 per issue or $225 per year (savings of $75). Pricing includes art/graphics/color, however you send the advertisement will be published in our electronic newsletter. Please email over the Classified/Adoptions/Advertisement info by the end of the month to: Kim at All payments for advertisements should be sent directly to: Moccasin Lake Nature Park c/o Tampa Bay Turtle & Tortoise Society, Inc. 2750 Park Trail Ln. Clearwater, FL 33759 Smelt Feed & Pet Supply has gracefully offered to give us a $15.00 gift certificate each month for our monthly raffle. Stop by their store and see what they have: 4116 East 7th Ave. Tampa, FL 33605 Other Herp Societies The Turtle & Tortoise Club of Florida – Orlando Chapter Meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7pm Location: Oakland Nature Preserve, 747 Machete Trail, Oakland, FL 34787 Suncoast Herpetological Society Inc. website: meets on the 4th Saturday of the month at 6:00pm. Location: Moccasin Lake Nature Park 2750 Park Trail Ln. Clearwater, FL 33759 Central Florida Herpetological Society website: meets on the 4th Sunday of every other month at 2:00 PM but you want to be there between 1:00 - 1:30 PM for parking Location: Orlando Public Library, Downtown Branch, Anderson Room 3rd Floor, 101 East Central Blvd Orlando, FL 32801 Calusa Herpetological Society website: meets on the first Thursday at 7:00 PM Location: In the Iona house at the Calusa Nature Center Jacksonville Herpetological Society website: meets first Wednesday of every month at 7:30 PM Location: Museum of Science and History (MOSH), Museum circle, Jacksonville, FL Membership and Newsletter subscription form Annual membership fee: $20.00 per year, and the membership includes: - Electronic Monthly newsletter sent to your email address - Free Classified’s in newsletter (members only) as well as low cost advertisement rates. - Annual Auction, Christmas Party, and Office Elections - Monthly Meetings in an indoor classroom setting that consists of the following: - Different guest speaker each month - Raffle Prizes - Info about upcoming events/reptile shows/field trips/etc.. Date/Time: Meets the 2nd Saturday of every month at 7:00pm Meeting Address: Moccasin Lake Nature Park 2750 Park Trail Ln. Clearwater, FL 33759 Complete the form below and bring it with you to the next upcoming meeting or mail it along with payment to: Moccasin Lake Nature Park c/o Tampa Bay Turtle & Tortoise Society, Inc. 2750 Park Trail Ln. Clearwater, FL 33759 Check one: _______ New Membership _______ Membership Renewal Name: _________________________________________________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________________________ City, State, Zipcode: ___________________________________________________________________ Email: _______________________________________ Phone#: ________________________________ NOTE: We would never sell or trade your information. This information is strictly for club use only. Answer Key

Tampa Bay Turtle & Tortoise Society

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