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Tips to know about the advancement of technology There are greatest opportunities available for human beings in this world. Survival of the fittest has become prominent in this competitive world anything and everything. We have started competing with one another which has not left the family even. Nowadays competition begins from family and found present in every place. In order to develop a competency level we research, study and get exposed to many things. Nowadays our innovation level has gone high because of the massive growth in technology. You need Technology in forefront of course because it has become the be all and end all for everyone of us. How a day will be without technology? Technology has become the blood of a life being without technology is like being without half of our body. Imagine a day without technology, it would be really great because we will have the real life like in the olden days. Now our day begins only with mobile and ends with mobile. Gone are those days we used alarm watches, clocks now everything is mobile. Now anything mobile speaks to you and you speak to mobile back. If you speak about this concept in general it leads to many discussions. Obviously mobile is a real blessing for our lives and people acknowledge it as an important part of life as well. If you ask the millennial and the elderly people they perception about gives a different interpretation which has added the real meaning to your life. Avail the best We are behind technology and we want technology in our life. There are even discussions lingering around whether technology is behind us or we are behind the technology. It is all in our hands to decide what we want. Now the whole world is in your mobile where a single button press gives you whatever you need. You don't know cooking, doesn't matter. You want to know how this medical process been done, it's very easy .Do you like to know the culture of a particular country or a state? No problem, open an application and get to know about anything you want. There are millions of users who use youtube and it is a mandatory one that everybody likes. This is a food for every mobile user. You watch movie, you get to know process, you update yourself, understand the culture and what not.


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