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Hidden away down a secluded Medina alleyway, Nomad marrakech best restaurant brings a touch of Mocrrco elegance and refinement to the bustle of the Marrakech old town.This is a reinvention of classical gastronomy in which the core flavors of Moroccan cooking are interweaved with innovative techniques and cooking styles.The large terrace is often packed with pre party cocktail drinkers in the late afternoon, and has welcomed many a famous face to its luxurious surroundings.The small menu adds contemporary tweaks to North African staples such as a spice-packed Tunisian lamb brik filled pastry etc.  


About Nomad Marrakech Restaurant

Restaurant Nomad is one of the finest dining restaurants where you can stay and have fun. Once you get out of your boxed lifestyle and visit us, you will find your daydreams turn into reality.


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