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Manoj Ranaweera 
 2016 Feb 02 Founder story.. How it all began.. PaaS SaaS (Unified Views-as-a-Service) Framework Framework + Apps = Unified View Platform 
 (framework productised) Where are we today… Founded in Dec ’14 
 First 6 months - edocr exit Hired 2nd employee in Jul ’15 Customer development in Q4 ’15 Marketing commenced in Jan ’16 
 Manchester (UK), Sri Lanka Background SMBs IT and Professional Services Worldwide Pipelines 
 (Sales, Recruitment, Fund Raising) Single Customer View 
 (CRM, Accounting, Operations, Support) Unified Interactions (customer and supplier channels) Intelligence (customer and supplier) Products SaaS business model Employee Productivity Unifying everything 
 streamlining workflows M arkets Focus Generate £100m ARR by 2026 or earlier Problem/Solutions Fit Product/Market Fit Scaling Goal Bootstrapping is unlikely to get us there Raising £250k Get traction To Series A Challenge Growth of Marketing Technology Landscape 2011 (#100) 2015 (#2000 companies) 2012 (#350) The Chaos! Re-imagine! Sales Pipeline View Single Customer View Holiday Request and Approval System Spreadsheet Holiday Request Approval Leader in productivity
 a 10 year mission.. Bring only the information and functionality that matters to you from every software system you use into one single highly intuitive User Interface, helping you to make the right decision first time End result: highly productive workforce Contact Manoj Ranaweera 
 manoj.ranaweera@unified.vu +44 7769734491 @manojranaweera @UnifiedVU

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Unifying all your software. Starting with Customer 360º View by unifying customer records from sales, marketing, accounts and support into one intuitive user interface to increase customer lifetime value.


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