A Tour through London’s Best Chocolate Shops

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A Tour through London's Best Chocolate Shops Chocolate is often considered universally-loved food. Rarely will you ever come across someone who loathes the thing? However, in London, chocolate is more than just food. It's an art form. If you are a chocolate lover and wish to have easy access to various chocolate shops, a resident at any of the hotels near Bloomsbury is an excellent option. From super-thick drinks to palate-pleasing creations, there are several chocolatiers in London that have taken chocolate to new heights. Here are some of them: Choccywoccydoodah Pronounced as "Chuckie, wockie, doodad", this chocolate shop is known for its vast selection of chocolate-flavored treats as much as its mouthful of a name. There are a number of chocolate snacks to try here including cakes, bars, buttons, and even chocolate animal cookies. However, what the place is known for the most is a treat called the Choccywoccy Rocky Road. Choccywoccydoodah is located at Foubert's Place in Soho. This is a mile south from Gower Street and can be reached from there on foot. Dark Sugars The aroma emanating from this chocolate shop is quite strong that locals say you'll smell Dark Sugars first before you can see the rest of Brick Lane. Dark Sugars is particularly known for specializing in various chocolate truffle treats. The best of these will include something called an "Irish Kiss" Pipette and a Cinnamon Cider flavored truffle. Dark Sugars is located 3 miles east of Gower Street. It is just south of The Book Club or north of the Whitechapel Gallery. L'Appetit Fou This chocolate shop, whose name is French for "Crazy Appetite", specializes in Belgian chocolate, which they sell in various forms. Their selection of chocolate treats include flavors like caramel, nuts, fruits, coffee, and marzipan. However, they also offer specials such as a ganache infused with Earl Grey Tea. L'Appetit Fou is located at 4 Turnham Green Terrace at Chiswick. This is situated 7 miles east of Gower Street and is accessible by cab. You can also read: Afternoon tea in London: A very special English activity Melt Opened at Notting Hill in 2006, this trendy chocolate shop has its kitchen set up right in the shop itself. This means that customers get to see how the various treats are made right before their eyes. Melt specializes in what they call as "flavor combos" for their treats. As such, you can expect some combinations that sound odd but complement each other well such as marmalade and toast and pistachios with popcorn. Melt is located at 59 Ledbury Road which is 3.4 miles west of Gower Street. It is also accessible from the Tube via the Notting Hill Gate. Artisan Du Chocolat As the name implies, this chocolate shop takes its chocolate rather seriously. As a matter of fact, Artisan du Chocolat takes pride in creating their chocolate from cocoa beans that they grew themselves. The shop's menu changes from season to season to reflect available ingredients. They also have chocolate bars catered to chocolate lovers with special diets such as almond milk chocolate and sugar- free treats. They even have special treats for special days such as Halloween and Christmas. The shop is located at 89 Lower Sloane Street at Chelsea. That is 3.5 miles away from the hotels near Covent Garden in London UK to the southwest and can be reached on foot or by cab.

London has the number of variations available of chocolate and here this guide, helps you to get some of the best chocolate shops to make your tour awesome.

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