How to choose a jacket protect you from rains and snows

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How to choose a jacket protect you from rains and snows Winter weather is cold, but with rain and snow. You have to choose a jacket not only keep you warm and comfort, but also protect you from heavy rains and snows. Do you know how to choose a waterproof jacket? You may said that i love north face jacket or other brand jacket. You might think that's waterproof jacket the stronger the better. I think, choose what kind of jacket depends on the weather conditions you live in. To select a jacket suitable for the weather conditons you live in, you must to understand the two words - waterproof jacket and Water-resistant jacket. It seems that waterproof jacket and water-resistant jacket serve the same purpose from the literal meaning. But there is some difference in waterproof jacket and water-resistant jacket. In generally, waterproof fabric can repel about 40 psi of water pressure. It is made of three layers, keeping outside moisture from getting to your skin. gore-tex fabric is the main waterproof material. Such as north face waterproof jacket made from gore-tex waterproof fabric. North face jacket can keep your body dry in harsh environments. What is water-resistant jacket? Water-resistant jacket just can repel about 3 to 5 psi of water pressure. Water-resistant jacket provides limited protection from water pressure. Polyester and nylon is the main water-resistant material. The water-resistant jacket can get wet in heavy rains and snows. It just can can handle moderate rain, snow and sleet. Womens north face jackts venture series is classic water-resistant jacket. Waterproof jacket is more expensive than water resistant jacket. To select the appropriate waterproof jacket can help you save money. Therefore, If you work under the most extreme weather or environment, waterproof jackets are a good choice. They can protect you from heavy rains and snows. Water-resistant jackets can help you keep warm and dry in light rainfall and snow. It is ideal for day-to-day wear. Now, do you know how to choose a suitable jacket protect you from rains and snows?


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