Commercial Security Systems Westchester NY

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Commercial Security Systems Westchester NY | Knight Security Professionally installed Camera Systems are more than just anti-theft tools. With networked camera systems, easily manage, monitor, and interact with customers, employees, and suppliers. Remotely Manage Your Business With a professionally installed camera system, save time managing your business on-site and create a productive work-environment. Manage losses, prevent theft, and protect yourself against work-place incidents. Archive Video With a camera system, easily upload video to the cloud. Rest easy that should an incident arise, our systems can provide you with up to a year’s worth of storage! Video Verification With video verification, transform your camera system into a 24/7 security guard. If someone comes onto your property after hours or on the weekend, our trained security professionals can qualify the threat, dispatch police, and even speak with the trespasser. License Plate Technology With license plate software, your camera system can read any license plate driving onto your property and provide real-time alerts when a license plate is unfamiliar with the system. Knight Security Systems Office Address: 62 June Rd North Salem, NY 10560

Protect your Westchester business with Knight leading edge commercial security systems, including video monitoring, remote services and fire warning.


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