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Tableau – A Necessity for Business Intelligence Industry Published on - Tableau, developed by Tableau Software, is the most powerful and fastest developing data visualization tool being used as the preferred choice in the global Business Intelligence Industry. It simplifies raw data into an easily understandable format making the data analysis fast and accurate. The interactive visual analysis empowers you to answer complex business questions with deep insights in to the subject. Powered by patented VizQL technology, Tableau provides powerful analytics that help you decide fast and right. Indeed, it is the most secure, powerful and flexible end-to-end data analytics platform that allows to consume data via desktop, mobile, browser or application. Different Tableau products present comprehensive solution to your diverse concern for interactive data analysis. Tableau Desktop: Tableau Desktop over interactive dashboards helps you uncover the hidden insights. It harnesses user’s ability to spot the visual patterns quickly as well as to identify everyday opportunities. You can connect data on premises or in cloud environment whether it is SQL database, Big Data, spreadsheet, or the cloud apps. The new release of Tableau Desktop 2018.2.10 on May 21, 2019 makes it more powerful must have skill for the aspiring data analytics specialists. Tableau Desktop certification training, scheduled for two days, is available at three different levels: 1. Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction -- Provides enhanced ability to develop comprehensive interactive dashboards and workbooks. 2. Tableau Desktop Level 2: Intermediate -- Provides enhanced ability to apply advanced calculation methods to solve the complex problems. 3. Tableau Desktop Level 3: Visual Analytics -- Provides enhanced ability to create data visualization solutions for processes performance improvement Tableau Server: It extends the value of data across the entire organization. It empowers you to explore data with more freedom in a secure environment without limitations of wizards, chart types and pre- defined questions. Tableau Server certification is in high demand because of its easy deployment, simplicity in scalability, excellent reliability and robust integration. Tableau Server Administration certification can be had by completing a two days training at any accredited training partner for Tableau. As the global ‘business intelligence and analytics market’ is expected to grow up to $22.8 billion within next 2 years, it is a powerful career booster for software developers, system administrators, data scientists and analysts, business intelligence professionals; reporting professionals, visual analysts and project managers. Tableau Advanced Analytics with R: Tableau Advanced Analytics with R offers the best BI experience. It helps your customers to ask complex questions and get meaningful answer. It is trusted for its premium offerings that drive more engagement, better stickiness and additional revenue by finding the new earning opportunities through reliable data monetization. Tableau Advanced Analytics with R certification can be had by completing a two days training. It is a must have credential for the experienced Tableau users interested to move their career fast on Tableau roadmap. Takeaway: Certified business analysts are going to shape the future of not only the IT service businesses but other businesses also in non-IT domains in noteworthy ways. Tableau’s natural language capability provides a meaningful, fast and easy way to analyze and interact with data. With the growing dependency upon data analytics, businesses are looking for certified data analysts; Tableau certification make you stand out of rest because of its global acceptance and reputation.

Tableau, developed by Tableau Software, is the most powerful and fastest developing data visualization tool being used as the preferred choice in the global Business Intelligence Industry.

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