edocr.com customer journey simplified

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Edocr.com Customer Journey Simplified 1. Setup 1. Create your account complete your profile set twitter details 2. Become a customer by claiming your company profile update company profile Subscribe for sales leads Subscribe for CRM automation 3. Configure employee accounts add/remove employees 2. Documents 4. Upload documents add/update document attributes configure publishing options configure lead requirements 5. Distribute documents 6. Interact with documents 7. Join/add Groups and assign documents 8. Run marketing campaigns 9. Use API for auto publishing where it makes sense 3. Return on Investment 11. Monitor ROI Monitor no. of views Monitor popular documents Monitor SEO Monitor sales leads 10. Sales leads respond to prospects private messaging Download sales leads Integrate with CRM 4. Support 16. Consultancy 15. Newsletters 14. Support desk 13. Management of data 12. Training edocr.com Customer Journey Simplified 1. Purpose of this mindmap is to show key actions associated with your edocr.com experience. It does not discuss benefits of edocr.com 2. Actions in blue boxes are currently under development with expected launch on 1st April 2010 edocr.com customer journey simplified.mmap - 07/02/2010 - Manoj Ranaweera

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