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NanoFlex Ltd Background NanoFlex Ltd is a high-tech company based on the Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus (Daresbury SIC), specialising in development of high-performance electrochemical electrodes. The company was founded in January 2008, after the concept was proven at the University of Edinburgh. With the R&D stage complete and potential market defined, it is further developing the technology to meet client needs and is seeking funding. Technology description Electrochemical electrodes have a wealth of potential for application in the healthcare sector (particularly in In Vitro diagnostics, such as in blood sugar measurement devices for diabetes), as well as in the environmental sector, for environmental monitoring. State-of-the-art, high-end electrode systems, constructed on a nano scale have proven to perform 1,000 times better than conventional electrodes, giving the potential product a unique selling point. The principle by which electrodes work is similar to one applied in welding: when voltage is applied, the material is impacted with a large force, which produces intense energy, during which material is consumed. When the reaction happens, material ‘moves’ towards the place of reaction due to diffusion, or mass transfer. At the nano scale, this microscopic impact can be applied to the small scale fabrication process in cutting-edge technology. The competitive advantage of the technology is in its robustness (electrodes are embedded in a sheet conductor, and even if a few break, the others will conduct the current) and cheap production technology which allows the replacement of large expensive devices with smaller, cheaper, disposable ones. Collaborative projects Currently, Nanoflex is involved in co-operation with High Growth Programme, delivered through Campus stakeholder Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA), and is working through a marketing plan. The company is also looking into the Innovation Voucher scheme, whereby it could access knowledge from the region’s universities. Why Daresbury SIC? Daresbury attracted Nanoflex because of its unique networking opportunities. Active involvement from the Campus management team, as well as a monthly business breakfast event, has opened up opportunities for the company to cooperate with other companies from the Campus network. Future Plans The company’s future plans include developing technology to a sellable product and gaining customers among blue chip companies and academic organisations.

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