Bad Responses to Getting Dumped

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Bad Responses to Getting Dumped Learn how to really get your ex back with techniques that have a track record of working. Though your first, knee-jerk reaction after being dumped is to try to pull your ex back by begging, constantly texting, crying, and showing them how sad you are that they dumped you, it might surprise you to know that doing the opposite is by far more effective. That's right, leave your ex alone to actually experience the breakup. This is how you make your ex miss you and want to get back together with you. Though it is not an absolute guarantee that it will work because your ex is human and not a math problem, your chances of getting them to want to come back to you are much higher. Plus, you show maturity, dignity, and strength by refusing to force yourself back into their life when it appears that you are not wanted at the moment. Give your ex space and allow them to miss you if you want your ex back. It might become difficult at times, but it gives you the best chance to get back with the one you love. Via:

This infographic shows different responses that people have to breakups. Though these are the most common, they are the worst responses that someone can have who wants to get their ex back. These types of responses feel like the right thing to do but actually push away an ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend even more and make a reunion or rekindling even less likely.

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