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Amy Lichtenstein Recruitment Expert      Amy Lichtenstein is a recruitment expert who lives in Chicago,  Illinois. Amy Lichtenstein established a market research  recruitment group in 1992, Lichtenstein Research that specializes in  difficult and time­consuming focus group projects. Clients appreciate  Amy Lichtenstein’s ability to produce quality material quickly and  find qualified and competent people to participate in focus groups.  Amy Lichtenstein is always accessible to her clients. With her  company,      Lichtenstein Research, now nationwide, Amy      Lichtenstein is a leader in the recruitment field. About Amy Lichtenstein • Amy Lichtenstein sees the value of using social media to  increase her business, Lichtenstein Research. Using sites such as  LinkedIn, Amy Lichtenstein is able to stay connected with her  clients and the nationwide database of contacts that she has  available to meet her clients’ needs. Amy Lichtenstein keeps in  close contact with her clients to make sure that their every focus  group need is being met. Focus groups that Amy Lichtenstein  recruits are always on­target and have a keen understanding of  the industry they are evaluating. Amy Lichtenstein – Social Media And Recruitment Amy Lichtenstein: Animal Lover When she is not helping clients find the right people for their focus group, you can find Amy Lichtenstein volunteering at several local animal shelters. Amy Lichtenstein’s love of animals is evident in the time and effort she puts toward helping dogs and cats find permanent and loving homes. Knowing that money can only do so much, Amy Lichtenstein also donates her time to local animal shelters. Amy Lichtenstein’s dedication and compassion is not only evident in her professional life but in her personal life as well. Contact Amy Lichtenstein Address: 56 W Illinois St Chicago IL 60654

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