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Welcome to Customer Service Support What is SBCGlobal? The SBCGlobal is the network access given by AT&T the organization which later got converged with another organization "Southern Bell Company". The "Southern Bell Company" later incorporated the Yahoo company additionally in it, for giving the astounding Email service that is the thing that we today know as the "SBCGlobal email account". What Does Stand For? is an online domain name. It might be in your email address or in the email address of someone you know. SBCGlobal email addresses were issued by SBC Trades, an association in the past known as Southwestern Chime Company. SBC converged with AT&T in 2005, and the joined association is known as AT&T. How to do the SBCGlobal Email Server setting by the automatic way. For applying this process you need to click on the "Apps" option. After that, you have to choose the "Settings option", and then under the account section, you have to add a new account. Once done, you have to enter the email and the password, and then you have to click OK. The configuration process will get started automatically. If this automatic method of configuring the SBCGlobal server setting could not work for you then you should try the manual way. SBCGlobal Email Server Setting SBCGlobal email login may not work for you till you don't do the SBCGlobal server setting in all respects effectively. You may state that the SBCGlobal Email Server Setting is the foundation of the SBCGlobal email login. SBCGlobal Net Email Server Setting If you want to receive the emails in SBCGLobal email login service without any hassle, then you must fill the IMAP setting correctly in the SBCGlobal Net Email Server Setting. The IMAP requires you to fill port number, Server address, user name, and password. Contact Us 1-833-323-1333 232 5th floor, New York, NY 10005, USA


If you are the newbie to the SBCGlobal, and you don’t know how to do the SBCGlobal Email Server Settings then you can read the instructions here on

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