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Time Warner Telecom There are many reasons why businesses are making the switch from TW Telecom to Tierzero. Maybe it's because we always answer the phone when our customers call 24/7. Maybe it's because we offer proactive monitoring at no extra charge. Or it might be because we don't charge for routers and installation like some providers do. TW Telecom Customers are taking their business to Tierzero It could also be the fact we are a local provider that is built like a big phone company using the latest, state-of-the-art telco equipment. Some of them have switched because we have been providing high quality phone and data services since 1997. No matter what their reasons for switching from TW Telecom, our customers stay because we treat them with the respect they deserve. Tierzero has been in business since 1997. We make it a habit of asking our new customers why it is that they've chosen tierzero over the many other providers offering the same service, and the number one answer we receive is that they are tired of getting bad service from their previous provider. Many of them are referred to us by our current customers who have experienced similar bad service from their previous provider. Telepacific is one of the names that come up quite often. We offer the same products as Telepacific for the same price or less. The thing that sets us apart from them is our obsession with offering the best customer support in the business. If you ask our customers, they would say that we succeeded. Telepacific Communicat ions We answer the phone and we never close. Being there exactly when you need us is our idea of good customer service. We're staffed 24/7 with friendly knowledgeable people who can handle your request when you need it. Call Us At - (213) 784-1400 Website - www.tierzero.c om

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