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All You Need to Know About Installing Intercoms and Its Benefits An intercom or intercommunication device is a technologically driven voice communication system. These devices are generally used in offices, hospitals, schools or colleges or even at home as well. You can communicate anyone inside the room or premises with just a simple push on the button. Now there are more advanced intercoms are available in the market, which can be controlled using your Smartphone. With this fine invention, you can strengthen your security and communicate with each other in different rooms without using regular phones. Now you can add a best time attendance system as well, which will automatically note the time of the employee’s arrival. But all of these will be possible if you have some knowledge about intercoms. Here we are going to discuss that in the simplest way possible. ❖ Benefits Easily reach anyone Imagine you are in one room in your office and you have to send a message to another room. You can simply use the phone, right? Yes, you can but there will be no assurance that the phone will be picked. They could be busy doing their work. Intercom eliminates that problem. The recipient could easily respond just by pressing the button and the message will be received. Handy in wide announcements With normal phone lines, you can make a wide announcement. You have to call them differently. By installing an intercom system for office, you can easily send out messages to everyone at once. Even in case of an emergency, this will prove to be a very good investment. You can easily sound the alarm but that might create panic. With the help of the intercom system, you can describe any emergency situation by keeping everyone calm. Video calling Some intercoms are now available with video options as well. If you want to show any file or some discussion you need to do face to face, this device will be very helpful. Security measures It is a great way to advance the security in your office or home too. Intercoms can be merged with the surveillance system. So, you can easily monitor every corner of your area. If somebody enters in some restricted space or even in cases of emergency, the guards can inform them about the situation. ❖ Guidelines for buying This is a onetime investment if can be done carefully. You must consider a few factors before installing this facility to your home or work premises. 1. You must know your budget and your needs. There are intercoms available at different prices. All of them have several usages. Research about the brands and the system as well to get a broader idea. 2. There are several systems are available. Although accessibility is the same for almost everyone. Still, you need to understand its basics. 3. You should buy according to the area you want it to cover. If you are running a small office with 50 employees, you must buy it according to that. But if you want to install in a huge office building, your requirements will be different. 4. The design of your workspace or even in your home matters how the sound will travel. So before buying, ask some companies to visit your space to suggest you the best systems and places as well. As this is a matter of security, it is highly recommended to consult with the reputed companies only or if it’s a new company, do a thorough back check. 5. Check the power supply if it can take the load. Check for the warranty of the device as well and talk to the companies about it very clearly.


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