Things to trash before the move

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Your entire house doesn't have to come with you during the move! I know sometimes you tend to cling too much to your stuff. But you can't keep certain things forever and while you are moving, it is a perfect opportunity to get rid of the such stuff. De-cluttering is one of the most important things in moving to make your life simpler. Ponder on below general questions: Most important deciding question to ask yourself What was the last time I had used this? If you can't recall when, it is better to get rid of it instead of taking it to man and van. Can this go to the new house? If there is no perfect space for a certain stuff to go in your new home, you would rather get rid of it rather than paying the professional movers to shift it to the new house and then sell it eventually. Does this really hold any importance or its just sentimental? Sometimes we tend to cling to stuff as we don't feel like throwing it away despite of not holding a high sentimental value. For the bedroom: There must be a lot of clothes that seriously need to go away because you aren't just wearing them. Donate them to the needy ones or in some giveaway campaigns. Same goes for the shoes. Sometimes you buy in a rush but you don't really wear them. Don't take such pair of shoes with you just because they are expensive. Think of the usability. If you have some old books which you are never going to read again, get rid of them. They are heavy and hence better if not moved. Check all your bedsheets and pillows. It is a perfect excuse to get rid of some really old ones if you are not using them. For the kitchen: There is some unused stuff residing in the fridge always! You don't need to carry each and everything. A ketchup bottle which is on the verge of finishing can be trashed. See the value of the bowls and container and decide if its worth carrying over or you can buy new. Bathroom: Towels or bathroom supplies that are obsolete can be trashed or donated. That 1$ hand wash bottle can be trashed instead of packing. Such little things can save you a lot of time. Now go ahead and enjoy the move! Its a fresh start so better to start fresh with some stuff wherever possible. For swift house removals, contact Yellow Van Company to hire man and van London.

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