3g cellular camera

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3g cellular camera 3G IP Camera is a new video surveillance equipment, which is based on EVDO/HSDPA/HSUPA network. 3G IP Camera is a digital, networked, intelligent professional video terminals. It get so many favourable comments from industry by its powerful features, leading technology and extensive application 3G IP Camera realize vedio digital and networked. Elins knows users can do remote monitoring and centralize management at anywhere and anytime, which can also solve the problem of distance, especially applied in fields like distributed monitor, centralized control and so on. 3g cellular camera can meet user’ needs, provide the human interface software and easy-to-use method of operation, it supports DNS, IE explorer to create the appropriate application for the user. System optimized the network transmission, adapt to different needs of bandwidth. It support the exclusive domain of dynamic analysis and General Dynamic DNS, simple and easy to use, greatly expand the product application areas, which been widely used in public security, transport, water, banking, telecommunications, and education sectors. The IPC100 3G camera is quite suitable for wireless live video monitor. Contact us.

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