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Web Design Company in Chennai Solves All Your Web Needs! (Steppyfrog, 2009) Make room for the fresh and new! Steppy Frog is out to take Indian web design market by storm. A company of young minds with desires sky high, Steppy Frog is all about a fresh take on web design. Right from their name, an out of the box concept of a laid back yet fun loving frog, Steppy Frog aims to bringing a fresh dash of color , charm and innovation to web designing in India. Putting together creative yet viable design, Steppy Frog creates web designs that sweep the Indian and international audiences off their feet. The Company places its prime interests in offering its web design services and other gamut of creative web and branding services to Indian clients exclusively. There are a lot of Indian companies looking out for web design companies who can meet their needs without eating out of their bank accounts. Reliable web design companies who actually create design specifically for Indian audience are hard to come by with everyone trying to be outsourcing partners with foreign companies. Steppy Frog stands apart from the rest in being a web design company dedicated to providing innovative and unique design exclusively to Indian clients. Steppy Frog seems to enjoy this exclusivity and focused drive of offering custom web design services to Indian clients. Steppy Frog understands its Indian clients. They know their needs and understand the capacities and limitations of Indian companies. The company tailors web design services to the specific needs of their clients. They create custom web designs that a leave a mark upon target audiences as being distinct and signature to the Client’s image. Steppy Frog takes into careful consideration who their clients wish to reach out to. So if you’re an Indian company looking to penetrate the foreign market, Steppy Frog is the web design company that will deliver a web design of international standards at rates that cannot be competed with on home grounds. The web designs created by Steppy Frog are carefully planned to balance stunning design with uncomplicated usability. The research and analysis based GUIs (Graphic User Interfaces) ensure that usability is simple and is not crippled by a complicated graphic design. Steppy Frog ensures that all its web designs are effective tools of communication that reach out to target audiences across the globe. Steppy Frog offers a host of other services that cater to all the web and branding needs of a company. Right from logo design to stationery design to brochure design to ecommerce websites to portals, the list goes on; you name it you got it. With other lucrative services Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and thorough web maintenance services, Steppy Frog is a Magic Box of everything that is creative and innovative! With a mission to leave an impressive mark in the minds of clients and audiences alike with their distinctive approach to web design and with a heightened sense of creativity, Steppy Frog is prepared to take on the challenges and take up web designing with a fresh outlook. About Steppy Frog: Web Design Company in Chennai, India Steppy Frog a web design company based in Chennai, India. Steppy Frog was conceived with the purpose of delivering affordable, cost-effective services of international standards to the growing Indian market and with the aim of establishing a name among the giants of the Indian business world. Steppy Frog offers its services exclusively to clients based in India. Offering services across the country, Steppy Frog aims to becoming the national image of distinct and unique web design. The team of professional designers, content writers and programmers has an in depth understanding of the vibe of the Indian market and the interests and choices of the Indian user/ consumer. Steppy Frog focuses its energies on delivering the best services and results to our Indian Clients by ensuring that we have satisfied the end users of the website. For more information please visit: http://www.steppyfrog.com Source: Press Exposure © Copyright 2009 Steppy Frog Design Studio, No: T-53, T-Block, 9th Street, Anna Nagar West, Chennai - 600 040 Tel: +91-44-42026615 info@steppyfrog.com http://www.steppyfrog.com

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