A Tour to Bhutan – An Experience to Cherish

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A Trip to Bhutan – An Experience to Cherish Are you ready to pack up to enjoy your Diwali holidays? Then Bhutan will be your best bet. Located on the eastern edge of the Himalayas, Bhutan is a Buddhist kingdom which is famous for its monasteries, dzongs or the fortresses and mind- blowing landscapes which include valleys, steep mountains, and subtropical plains. It is located in the lap of Himalayas and is a very quiet and peaceful place, which offers a lot to the tourists. Every year, thousands of people from all over the world visit Bhutan to enjoy its natural beauty and spend some time in peace and tranquility. With wonderful valleys, forests, and other natural attractions, Bhutan is a place you cannot afford to miss out on this Diwali. There are various Bhutan tour packages available which you can avail to visit this wonderful place Tourist Attractions in Bhutan When it comes to points for tourist attractions, there are countless of them in Bhutan. Here is a couple of the most popular of them. Punakha Dzong: Punakha Dzong is the second largest and the second oldest Dzong of the country. It is also known by the name of Pungthang Dewachen Phodrang, which means the Place of Great Happiness, is the most majestic dzong in the country. Punakha is located at a distance of 3 km from the capital Thimpu. Punakha is located between 2 rivers Mo Chou and Pho Chu. A road trip from Thimpu to Punakha in itself is an experience to cherish. Zuri Dzong Hike: Zuri Dzong offers a bird-eye view of the entire valley of Paro. It is the oldest dzong of Bhutan. This place is famous for a cave which is believed to have been used by Buddha for meditation. This is a peaceful place with calmness all around. If you are looking to spend moments of peace and tranquility, then this would be the ideal location for you. If you seek adventure, then you can hike through the Zuri Dzong trek route. Gangtey Valley: The Gangtey Valley is one of the most stunning and beautiful valleys in the Himalayas and is also known by the name of Shangri- La. In a country which is full of mountains and undulating landscape, it is really surprising to come across such a huge valley. It is covered with small hills and you can experience greenery all around it. There is trekker’s hut in this area, which you can use to rest and take some refreshments. This valley is must visit spot in your Bhutan tours. Tiger’s Nest Monastery: The famous Tiger’s Nest Monastery is located on a cliff and it stands above a captivating forest of rhododendrons and blue pines. In order to reach this monastery, you need to climb almost 900 meters up the hill. If you are not comfortable on your feet, then you can hire a pony, which you take you till the stairs of the monastery from where you need to be on your feet. These are only a couple of spots for tourist attraction in Bhutan. Apart from these, there are numerous other places, which you can visit. You would get a detailed itinerary from any Bhutan tour packages. .

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