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An easy guide to large Banner printing UK- Colour Guide Banner printing services produces exciting colours in an alluring array of products ranging from simple, basic business cards to their most sought out product – banners , to boards and everything else, that is printable. But would you simply just accept their colouring efforts, without knowing why? Without knowing how they come to the stunning ends results and vibrant colours from basic grey scale of colours? Not only do they use a state-in-art equipment base by employing highly qualified designers, they are also aware of all the best printing techniques in the market. RGB additive colour model effectively mixes green, blue and red lights to produce the vastest variety of colours one can think of. This technology that they implement is one that is followed and used in all electronic devices and computes. But obviously the printer cannot use light like a computer to print the colours on paper – hence their most prized – INK, works well for large format poster printing too. The banner printing industry makes use of CMYK colours – C- Cyan, M- Magenta, Y- Yellow and the K- key – black. This again can be played around with to produce millions of different colours, hence creating unique personalised banners UK every time. Guide to the Fonts While you would love to get creative with your fonts in your laptop, with of course the kind of variety available; But usually when these documents are transferred to another computer the fonts are lost due to lack of its availability universally. For fonts you might fancy but might not be available commonly. They can easily solve this problem by embedding the original documents containing the correct fonts used. They also simply convert the text into a graphic representation by converting the text into curves, which is probably the most effective way to achieve the ultimate end result. If your files are saved in raster formats like – png, jpeg, etc. the fonts then become part of the image itself. And almost all pictures off the web and readymade posters are found in these formats. Though the downside to making curves is, that late on editing is not possible. Getting the Resolution right The poster that you created might look spectacular on your laptop screen but might get completely distorted after printing, due to pixilation which would give your large banner printing UK – banners a rather boxy look. Mostly because your computer screens that display the image in 72 to 100 dpi (dots or pixels per inch) after printing might be converted to 300 ppi. Only after you’d zoom in to 400% would you realize of the unwanted details. This problem is much easily resolved by simply changing the options while saving to a png or jpeg file and always – always selecting the minimum to be 300dpi and the compressions settings to maximum. And for any more information you can easily catch them on their helpline numbers.

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