Barclays Venture Debt Offering

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Financing High Growth Companies Eagle Lab, Manchester February 2019 February 19 1 What Is High Growth? Introduction & Agenda February 19 2 Why Barclays and High Growth Why we want to help and how Venture Debt How is our borrowing proposition for High Growth clients different? What a good deal looks like Understanding our model Transactions Who have we helped so far A highly experienced network of Relationship Directors and industry specialists across the bank A vertical structure allows the team to effectively cover the entire global TMT landscape A pan-Barclays proposition that gives clients access to the Barclays Premier, Wealth and Corporate offerings Barclays has created bespoke venture loan products to support fast growing, equity backed businesses ahead of them reaching cashflow breakeven and accessing our more traditional debt products We currently have a fund of 200m available for venture debtor Series A, B & C High Growth deals as well as some BAU High Growth Deals Our support goes far beyond banking. The Barclays network offers unique opportunities for High Growth businesses to connect with our experts and wider client base, to help them grow and realise their ambitions We hosted over 50 High Growth events in 2016 Our Rise Platform, Barclays Accelerator and Eagle Labs help support the wider High Growth Ecosystem Four Pillars of our Proposition February 19 3 Relationship Management Holistic Funding Pan-Barclays Approach Beyond Banking We're able to provide you with focused support at every step We have dedicated Relationship Directors across the 8 UK regions who have been trained at the Cambridge Judge Business School With out knowledge of the unique challenges you and your business may face, combined with over 300 years of experience we are able to offer a range of solutions tailored to meet your specific needs Barclays has created bespoke venture loan products to support fast-growing, equity-backed businesses ahead of them reaching cashflow breakeven and accessing our more traditional debt products Time Key: Revenue Cash Generation Debt capacity is based upon: Revenues Funds raised to date Scale of business Post-Seed Series A Series B Series C Financing Stages of High Growth Businesses Profit/Revenue How innovative is the business? Is it a disruptor of the market or is it more of "me too"? We look for Innovation to see if the business sets itself apart from its competitors in the market. The people involved in the business. We will look at the founders, the management team, the board, the investors, the non-execs What Do We Look For? PIPE model We'll assess the plan and model, look at the cash position through the forecast, asses it's achievability, and sensitise it. We also ask for Plan B what's the strategy if Plan A doesn't work? If cash headroom or runway is running out, what can be done to cut costs to reach breakeven or positive quicker? February 19 What equity is invested in the business now, and what are the plans going forward? We also look at the investors 5 People Innovation Plan Equity Completed Transactions We have carefully built a proposition to support all segments of the High Growth market, with a selection of debt financing options. Our High Growth portfolio continues to evolve as companies make successful exits or refinance as they mature Our Venture Debt Portfolio

Presentation by Mike Holligan of Barclays

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