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Engage with Customers using QR Code Generator It’s projected that within two years, more people will access the internet via mobile than a computer. Now is the time for businesses to optimize their web presence for mobile applications. One of the fastest growing areas of mobile-related web is the use of quick response (QR) codes. Therefore, it’s valuable to incorporate a QR generator into your marketing strategy. QR codes are 2-dimensional barcodes which can contain any kind of digital data and can be read by a smartphone scanner much faster than traditional, 1-dimensional barcodes. They were originally developed to track vehicles during the manufacturing process, but the ability to store larger amounts of data led to a rapid spread to other uses in many industries. With the exponential growth of smartphone use in recent years, the potential of QR codes as a marketing tool became evident. The possibilities are just about limitless. They can be used as coupons, for event ticketing, for realty listings, or on book jackets to link directly to the author’s website, to name just a few. QR codes can be used in printed matter to give potential customers direct access to your website. This immediacy is a great tool, because you aren’t dependant on your potential customer getting around to, or even remembering to visit your site. The code should point to the most relevant page of your site, not just to the home page…and more importantly, a mobile-friendly web page. The QR code generator creates the image from the target data and the type of service – website, email, telephone, or sms. There is no licensing fee or other charge that must be paid to the patent holder of the technology. Standardization is being pursued, with the Open Mobile Alliance and Google leading the way. Codes are static, so each destination (web page, email address, or other target) needs to have its own created by a QR code generator. QR codes are originally generated as black and white pixelated image. However, they don’t need to be used in that form in order to work. This is because there’s a 30 percent tolerance in readability, so as long as the key elements are captured, errors won’t be encountered. They can be created from objects and photographed, by using illustration techniques and colors, and can incorporate elements such as logos and mascots. Creative and distinctive QR codes stand out, attracting attention and making people more likely to want to scan through. They’re more memorable, too, and will get people talking. This approach is highly effective as a marketing strategy. You can use the QR code to track where your customers are coming from. This functionality isn’t automatically included by the QR Code Generator, but can be developed separately. It’s worthwhile, because it gives you the opportunity to evaluate how effective your QR marketing really is. You can then adjust accordingly. As a part of your strategic marketing plan, using a QR code generator is becoming essential to engage smartphone users. Users like the interactivity, and it will make you and your product more memorable. In addition, you’ll gain more customers because they can get to your site right away. QR Codes also provide a way to add visual appeal and a distinctive character to your branding. For more information, please contact Wasp Mobile at 1(800) 516 3591, email info@waspmobile.com or visit http://www.waspmobile.com for details on a FREE CONSULTATION regarding your QR Code deployment. Wasp Mobile LLC: 6421 Congress Ave. Suite 100 Boca Raton, FL 33487 Phone: 1(800) 516 3591



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