US High Speed Rail System by Alfred Twu

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Special Thanks Amtrak The Transport Politic Wikimedia Commons Florida High Speed Rail SkyscraperPage Forums Southern High Speed Rail Southeast High Speed Rail Larabie Fonts (Good Times font) Ohio Department of Transportation California High Speed Rail Authority Midwest High Speed Rail Association US DOT Federal Railroad Administration Texas High Speed Rail and Transportation Corp. A Production of First Cultural Industries download editable pdf & order prints at Alfred Twu february 2013 Fargo Sioux Falls Green Bay Grand Rapids Spokane Billings Elko Arcata Flagstaff Boise Missoula Bismarck Roanoke Columbia Allentown Knoxville Gallup Wichita Jackson Charleston Santa Barbara Sacramento San Jose San Francisco Reno Omaha Portland Seattle Vancouver Cheyenne Denver Des Moines Tijuana Merced Minneapolis /St. Paul Milwaukee Louisville Savannah West Palm Beach Jacksonville Tampa Atlanta Mobile Talahassee Orlando Corpus Christi Houston New Orleans Birmingham San Antonio Monterrey Quincy Indiana -polis Topeka Little Rock Cincinnati St. Louis Toronto Montreal Ottawa Quebec Pittsburgh Cleveland Columbus Detroit Portland Albany Philadelphia Charlotte Baltimore Richmond Hampton Roads Boston Memphis Nashville Raleigh Charleston Austin Dallas/ Fort Worth Oklahoma City Kansas City El Paso Juarez Albuquerque Salt Lake City San Diego Phoenix Tucson Miami New York Anaheim Las Vegas Los Angeles Chicago Washington D.C. Riverside Eugene Redding Santa Fe Bakersfield Hattiesburg Baton Rouge Fresno Carbondale Champaign Toledo Kalamazoo Green River South Bend Colorado SPrings Chattanooga Macon Bangor Montpelier Pensacola Daytona Beach Port St. Lucie Fort Myers Fayetteville Portsmouth Providence Trenton Rochester Syracuse Hartford Wilmington Tulsa McAllen Buffalo Texarkana Greensboro Greeneville Beaumont Las Cruces Midland Travel Time at 220 mph 1 hr 2 3 4 5 6 Hrs United States High Speed Rail System


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