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Video Transcript Video 1 showed how friendfeed can be used to post messages and links itself, as well as a lifestreaming aggregator. Now I'm going to show how all the sources that feed into Friendfeed create potential Social Objects. Social Objectivity is the theory that networks work best when they are not just connecting people to people, but people around objects. Hence the great sucess of applications like Flickr and youTube where the conversations are spawned or arise from Photographs or videos. So each item from a feed has a comment option, and also a rating. The social object is the link. Linda asks if this is desirable. Why would you want to have poeple commenting on your blog posts in Friendfeed rather than on your own domain. Good point. Be careful, but is it a conversation that otherwise wouldn't happen? diferent kinds of people - some read RSS, some use bookmarks, some get posts sent by email, and some use twitter, Friendfeed or Facebook to see if their friends have updated. I know because I'm one of them, sometimes. I don't look at my feedreader as regularly as I used to because I'm getting my news coming in from these other sources. So if you turn your back on the social networks, you're cutting off that segment of readers. And they might be the influential ones who will link to your stuff later on, bringing in more of the conventional traffic.

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