How Resistance Training Gives You A Beautiful Body?

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How Resistance Training Gives You A Beautiful Body? 1 How Resistance Training Gives You A Beautiful Body? Do you want to have a s tronger and more beaut i fu l body? Beaut i fu l , that s igni f ies f i t and heal thy. Beaut i fu l , that a lso means, something that you can be proud of . Then, the best th ing to do is get on your feet and s tar t doing the res is tance tra in ing. But before going ahead, check f i rs t the overv iew of res is tance t ra in ing, how do res is tance tra in ing work , how to lose fat w ith How Resistance Training Gives You A Beautiful Body? 2 s trength t ra in ing, and what are the 5 ru les of res is tance tra in ing to a lways remember. What Is Resistance Training? Res is tance tra in ing involves act iv i t ies that use weights , machines , and even body weight to work out the musc les proper ly . I t i s a lso known as s t rength t ra in ing or weight tra in ing that can be very helpful in achiev ing a hea lthier body. Thi s k ind o f t ra in ing i s usua l l y associated with athletes who need to bui ld up their bodies . Res is tance t ra in ing i s any exerc ise that causes the muscles to contract against an external res is tance with the ex pectat ion of increases in s t rength, tone, mass , and/or endurance. Most people would th ink that when res i s tance tra in ing i s done, the body wi l l grow bigger . Actual ly , i t wi l l not . Res is tance tra in ing i s s imply about increas ing the strength of the body , not i ts s i ze. Thi s can be pract i ced by anyone. I t bas ica l l y bui lds and tones the musc les to g ive the body a better look. How Resistance Training Gives You A Beautiful Body? 3 This tra in ing program i s even very much advisab le to the e lders . The usual t ra in ing programs undertake by the e lders are standing f ree-weights res i s tance or the moderate - intens i ty seated machine tra in ing. How Does Resistance Training Work? A res is tance tra in ing program wi l l inc lude the use of var ious exerc i se equipment and machines l ike the bench press , dumbbel l or barbel l . When the equipment i s used, the muscles of the body wi l l be p i tted against the weight . The cel l s o f the body wi l l then adapt to the extra weight . Thi s wi l l then resul t to hypertrophy or the en larg ing and increas ing of the nerve ce l l s to he lp in the muscle contract i on. How Resistance Training Gives You A Beautiful Body? 4 Before doing any res is tance tra in ing , i t wi l l be best to consult f i rs t wi th the doctor . Th is goes especia l ly for people who have medica l condi t ions or are overweight . Thi s k ind of t ra in ing i s not something th at you can explore on your own. You have to know the proper equipment for the needs of your body. The body must a lso be condit ioned f i rs t before tak ing in the weights . Res is tance tra in ing can a lso be done wi thout resor t ing to the equipment. Do ing push-ups i s one good example. You can do i t jus t a bout anywhere where there i s enough space for you to move. Thi s t ime, i t i s your own body weight that wi l l be p i t ted aga inst the muscles . So , those who are a b i t constra ined in the budget can s t i l l do res is tance tra in ing. Remember , to target push -pul l ba la nce and learn the proper t ra in ing f requency whi le performing res is tance tra in ing . How Resistance Training Gives You A Beautiful Body? 5 Resistance Training with Cardio Using your own body, bands or other methods to provide resistance during exercise will build your strength and muscles which will also burn more fat off your body. The great thing about resistance training is that you can combine it with cardio for increased results. Using simple tools such as bands or workout equipment like the resistance exercise chair. Mixed Exercise: Cardio Plus Strength Training Combined Many exercise gurus have put out videos and programs that combine cardio with resistance training that work extra well. You can typically work out for half the time by combining the two together in creative ways and burn more calories. You can seriously blast fat away with these programs. Cardio Then Strength Training You can also burn fat by doing the exercises separately. The strength training builds muscle, which burns more fat, and the cardio burns fat. How Resistance Training Gives You A Beautiful Body? 6 You can do the cardio and the strength training together or separately. Studies show that it doesn't really matter, other than the fact that when you do it together you can do it in half the time. Burning fat through strength training is a two-pronged effort. You'll need to combine strength training with some sort of cardiovascular exercise for it to be the most effective and to avoid having bulky muscles. But, for long-term fitness goals, this is your fat burning answer. Why Resistance Training Is The Fast Track To Sculpting Your Body Resistance is NOT vain! When it comes to changing your body for the better quickly and permanently, nothing comes close to good old-fashioned resistance training or weight training. The shape of your body is determined by three things: muscle, bone and fat. While there's really nothing you can do about changing your bone structure, there is a whole lot you can do about muscle and fat. This ratio of muscle to fat is commonly known as your body composition. And what is the fastest way to change your body composition? Resistance training. Why is it so effective? Because it builds muscle. How Resistance Training Gives You A Beautiful Body? 7 Muscle is the key to changing your body. While fat certainly gives your body shape, muscle is what gives you the shape you actually WANT! One of the greatest things about muscle is that it burns calories all day long, even when you're lying on the couch. What this means is that the more muscle you have, the more calories you'll burn during the day and the more you'll be able to eat without gaining weight. Sound interesting? There's more. Resistance training stimulates your metabolism more than aerobic training such as cycling or walking. This means that you'll continue to burn calories long AFTER you've completed your weight training session. The calorie-burning effect of aerobic training generally declines rapidly once you stop the exercise. Beginner trainers, who are just starting with exercise, are often under the impression that they should stay away from weight training because they might gain weight before they start losing it. To make things clearer, we are going to use a car as an analogy. Imagine your body is a car, your muscles are the cylinders in the engine, and your bodyfat is the gas. With a four-cylinder car, you only burn a minimum amount of gas (fat). Resistance training and building more muscle is the equivalent of putting more cylinders into your engine. How Resistance Training Gives You A Beautiful Body? 8 As you can imagine, you'll burn a whole lot more gas even while idling! And, just like a car with more cylinders, you'll be a lot more powerful too! The bottom line to you is this...with more muscle, you'll get greater fat loss with less effort. While it certainly is a possibility that you could gain weight before losing it, if you gauge your success solely by numbers on a scale then you're not getting an accurate picture of yourself. Measure your progress by how you feel, how you look, and how well your clothes are fitting, not by which direction the needle on a measuring device is moving. At the end of the day, it is not to say that you should eliminate cardiovascular training from your exercise routine. But, if you are struggling to lose fat and keep it off, weight training may be just the thing you need to lose that fat and keep it off for good! How Resistance Training Gives You A Beautiful Body? 9 How Does Strength Training Help You Lose More Fat? Consider the following: 1 in 3 people are overweight or obese Strength training burns fat faster than cardio, interval training and other forms of exercise Applying those 2 facts, there is a good chance that you may be looking to trim some fat from your body. If so, an understanding of how different types of exercise lead to health and wellness is required. Cardiovascular exercises are those which you can perform for a prolonged period of time. They elevate your heart rate, and keep it up. Dance aerobics, jogging, and running on a treadmill are all forms of aerobic exercise. Interval training requires altering your rate of speed and intensity. You sprint or do push-ups at your highest intensity for 30 seconds, then follow that up with 90 seconds of jogging or resting. You follow that process for 15 to 30 minutes. Strength training requires pushing or lifting weights through space. This could be as simple as curling a set of dumbbells, or performing body weight exercises. Strength training often involves cyclical forms of exercises, performed in sets of a certain number of repetitions. How Resistance Training Gives You A Beautiful Body? 10 The way strength training outperforms other traditional exercises in the fat burning department has to do with Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). Very little of this occurs after cardio exercise. You do burn calories and fat while you are enjoying a cardio workout, but this stops shortly after your exercise is over. Interval training is much better than cardio exercises at burning calories and fat after your workout is over. Your metabolism functions at a higher rate for hours and hours after your interval training session. Unlike many cardio sessions, which can go for 45 minutes or over an hour, interval training sessions are recommended for 30 minutes or less. Resistance training, especially those movements that work multiple muscle groups, is even better than interval training for long-term fat loss and calorie burning. Health professionals now understand that after a weight training session, you can expect to burn calories for anywhere from 24 to 38 hours after you have finished your workout! The long-term weight loss benefits come from a metabolism boost, and the fact that you are building muscle. Muscle burns a lot of fat, even when you are just sitting around. How Resistance Training Gives You A Beautiful Body? 11 As your muscles are repairing over the next day or day and a half after you strength train, they require fuel to repair themselves. This comes from your fat cells, and the process burns calories as well. Choose resistance training over other forms of exercise for maximum fat burning potential. After discussing the processes behind resistance training and its comparison to other exercise programs, below are some principles for you to consider for its success. What are the 5 Rules of Resistance Training? If you're resistance training program isn't performing for you, don't worry because there's a solution. Get back to basics: give your routine a face lift by reviewing these 5 fitness rules. Rule 1: Always Exhibit Proper Posture The most important thing to remember during resistance training is that the proper form will make all the difference. Forget sets and reps, if it's the results you're looking for and your form aren't solid. You are asking for injury, not to mention an inferior workout. Guarantee a shape-shift by using this technique: Stand in front of the mirror with feet shoulder width apart, eyes facing forward. How Resistance Training Gives You A Beautiful Body? 12 Tuck your hips under and engage your abdominals. This will protect your spine and lower back and place your body in the safety zone. Use this technique when performing a lift from a sitting position, as well. Make a mental picture. Train your mind to notice if you are out of alignment by recognizing how this protective, invisible girdle feels around your torso. Soon, you will find your body naturally conforming to this posture. Rule 2: Always Be Aware of Your Breath When performing a lift, always be aware of your breathing. This is especially important if you have considerations with your heart and blood pressure. If you hold your breath during resistance training, you could be placing a dangerous amount of pressure on your heart. Here's a technique to help you breathe properly during a lift. While engaging the lift, inhale through your nose. Continue to take in this long deep breath until you've reached capacity. Then, quickly exhale through the mouth on your exertion. Over time, your breathing pattern will become rhythmic. How Resistance Training Gives You A Beautiful Body? 13 Rule 3: Know the Difference between Precision and Momentum It's often been said that 3 repetitions performed with precision will net greater results than 20 repetitions performed with momentum. This statement demonstrates the difference in the two. Yes, you'll need to challenge yourself and push your body's limits, but swinging weights and using momentum not only looks sloppy, but begets equal results. The answer: A proper lift with a sensible weight will create definition and a sleek beautiful body. Rule 4: Be Aware of Lifting Too Heavy Rule number 4 is a natural extension of the previous principle. Remember, it's important to make strength gains during resistance training and this will happen naturally. However, if you are forcing the lift, you are using a weight that is too heavy. Here's the test: After a workout, you may experience some slight soreness in the muscle. However, if this soreness lasts beyond 48 hours, it may be a sign that you are lifting too heavy. How Resistance Training Gives You A Beautiful Body? 14 As a rule, always aim to warm up and cool down, before and after your workout session. Rule 5: Hydrate Excessively The body is made of 60% - 70% water. Therefore, it is important to hydrate the body before, during, and after exercise as the increased exertion accelerates the rate of water loss. A rule of thumb is to drink at least an 8-ounce glass of water before, during, and after your workout. This will keep the body hydrated. It will also prevent dehydration and undue stress on your kidneys. The Secret Rule: Something else to keep in mind for a safe, effective workout, obtain proper footwear. This should not be taken lightly. Proper footwear will help protect your feet, back, and joints from receiving the majority of impact. As a rule, you should take a constant inventory of your feet, replacing your training shoes 2-3 times per year, depending on its usage. You will know when it's time if they've broken down or feel loose and sloppy. Above all, listen to your body! Be aware of what is trying to tell you. If you aim your awareness toward these rules of resistance training; your body will reward you with a strong, well-formed, and injury-free body. How Resistance Training Gives You A Beautiful Body? 15 Thus, the more you know about resistance training, the more you would be doing it or keep on doing it because you know the solid facts and foundations of this and therefore, your effort will not be in vain. Indeed, the beautiful body you always wanted for yourself will be yours with resistance training to shape, tone, increase in size, have muscles in your body. Of course, it is not easy. You have to give time, dedication, effort, sweat, and everything therein to achieve the beautiful body you deserve. But, as they say, it will be worth it How Resistance Training Gives You A Beautiful Body? 16 How Resistance Training Gives You A Beautiful Body? 17 How Resistance Training Gives You A Beautiful Body? 18 How Resistance Training Gives You A Beautiful Body? 19

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