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Everything You Want To Know About Digital Marketing Digital Marketing is a field where the scope is wide but the competition is immense. Hence it is important that every major aspect is ticked in order to create a buzz online among online visitors. In order to know everything about Digital Marketing, we must first go through the basic factors that helps in building up the website and content for the website. These factors are pillars of digital marketing that brings in the web traffic in the first place. The Basic Building Blocks For Digital Marketing: A Guide To A Well Optimized Website Building a website is the first step to enter into the vast premise of Digital Marketing. Here are the basic building blocks that you must take note of with respect to designing your optimized site. Keywords Choosing your URL Titles Meta-Description or snippets Image optimization Internal and External links Keywords Keywords define your site. To relate to your audience what exactly your site is about, you use keywords. Google's algorithm actually calculates the "keyword density" of your site in order to rank it. Nowadays, key phrases hit bigger with online audiences, so the focus has shifted there. Choosing Your URL This is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing which comes to play while designing your website. After you have thought of a well optimized keyword based name for your site, you must decide on the domain URL. Also, while Google indexes your page as per the genre of your site, your URL is one of the prominent factors. Titles Your site content is defined by the titles you choose. They are the first factor that catches the eye of an online audience. If the title looks interesting, the viewer will surely go through the content. The trick of using titles is to use the keywords or a catchphrase that will formally introduce the purpose of your website or content to the audience. Meta-Descriptions or Snippets Search Engine Optimization focuses primarily on content in order to rank a site. Thus the summarizing content or meta-description is an important indexing criterion. Meta-descriptions or snippets are basically formed using the keywords in order to relate the content in short. A part of the meta-description usually shows up in search results making it easier for the online viewers to get a fair idea of the content. Image Optimization To make a content interesting for online viewers, visual approach is the best. Therefore the images used should be well optimized in order to index the site easily. For optimizing an image there are various aspects to be taken care of like the Image title tags and the "Alt text" for the image. The image title tags and Alt text should use keywords in order to relate the exact purpose of the image and its relevance to the content. Internal and External Links The internal links are what helps proper organisation of a site by linking an important term or tag to another part of the same site. External links are the links which guides the online users to a site from an outside site. Internal links improve the navigation within a site thus making it more user friendly. External links are responsible for building up the brand name of a site, by adding additional value and information. Both the kinds of links are equally important in order to rank a site as Google's algorithm takes links into prominence. Important Points To Remember About A Successful Digital Marketing Campaign Make Sure Your Website is Compatible With Mobile Phones Statistics show that 70% of the traffic for a website come from mobile data usage. This indicates that a large amount of time is spent on mobile browsing of various websites. In such a scenario it would be the best to optimize your site so that it can be navigated smoothly in a mobile phone based on platforms like Android or IOS (for Apple devices). Google keeps updating its algorithm and the latest one gives high preference to sites that are well optimized for viewers using mobile phones to browse. Networking In Your Local Area Local search is generally a feature that automatically accepts the location of an user and displays relevant results. This means that the local businesses are highlighted first. Google is now ranking sites which is local search optimized higher than others. Thus a digital marketer must follow these steps in order to enable local search engine optimization. A local SEO consultant will be able to tell you more about this. Relate the existence of your business to the local network by putting it up on local search directories. Put all your contact details like Name, Address where business is located and contact number. Create local listings in various nearby networks by using the same pattern for writing you name, address and contact details. The more the number of listings that you create successfully, the greater will be your local audience base. Once that is established, you can easily build up on a bigger platform. Using YouTube as a Successful Marketing Platform Video Marketing is perhaps the best way to attract online viewers as it has both audio and visual appeal that relates the purpose of a website in an interesting manner. Apart from this the time factor also counts. The complete details in a short time span is what the audience demands and only video marketing can fulfil this. Make sure the images, infographics, moving animations and content are well optimized in order to cater well to your audience and bring in more views, shares and subscriptions. Using Paid Ads In Social Media Platforms Paid Ads are one of the most effective methods to gain online audience at an exponential rate as these ads show up first in Google's search results. Digital marketers can also use these ads in a social media platform in order to attract viewers. For example Facebook being the biggest platform for social media marketing, using paid ads there can gain your site a huge audience base. Moreover, an website is automatically optimized if its link is displayed on Facebook as they have a set of excellent guidelines for ads. Similarly you can use other social media platforms like Instagram for increased publicity. The analytics tools used in social media platforms helps a digital marketer fine tune all details in the website. Google Map Review - A review on Google map really helps in getting more leads and conversion. Just by throwing some money in hiring a good SEO consultant, can get you real results.


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